Ch94- Make out

Everyone is busy with the arrangements for the wedding to be held today. David is in their house and is preparing for his wedding, along with his mother Geneva, and his son, Jacob.

Since Geneva apologized to them, she has recovered from her grandson Jacob. he always borrows the child from them. At first, Mariane was hesitant to lend Geneva to their son. But when he saw a grandmother's love for her grandson and a sign of sincerity in asking for forgiveness, he allowed her to borrow his son. And now they can't stop the grandmother from spoiling the child to buy toys and food.

“Mom, you can go now. But can you bring Jacob with you to the venue? I have something to do here first.”

Geneva frowned as she noticed David was taking deep breaths as if he was confused and restless. He was even pacing back and forth as he was feeling nervous.

“Oh-okay. Are you sure you’re okay, son?” she asked worriedly.

“Y-yeah, Mom.”

Geneva raised her brow while scrutinizing her son in disbelief. “I thought you
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