TC Ch93- Rude reporters

After David announced his marriage to Mariane in a press conference, the media did not stop Mariane. Everywhere Mariane goes, there are paparazzi who are following her and she even beat a famous actress because she is always in the news. Even their son Jacob can no longer attend school properly, because of the reporters and the inquisitive parents of his classmates.

One day, Mariane and Kim went out to the Salon to pamper themselves. Because it will be three days before the wedding of the century happens. Mariane and David’s wedding. But as soon as they come out of the said Salon, the reporters suddenly popped out and started asking them questions.

“Ma’am, can I request your interview about your upcoming wedding with a well-known businessman, David Cruz?”

“Excuse me. We don’t want to get interviewed.” Kim interrupted them, but the stubborn reporters didn’t listen and continued asking Mariane some questions.

“How does it feel to be married to a David Cruz?”

Kim tried to cover up Maria
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