The Convenient Valentine

The Convenient Valentine

By:  Nite Lucent  Ongoing
Language: English
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Haven Miles has her life determined. She has a stable job and a wonderful man by her side. James Cross, whom she looks forward to getting married and grow old with. What could possibly go wrong?

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20 Chapters
The bright light from the sun had peeked into everyone’s life. Just like any other mornings, the roads were filled with the early birds jogging, and shops opening.In the background played a song from the late 80s along with a light breeze syncing with it. Young people barely listen to any classics. But she does. Haven Miles.Haven Miles was a 25-year-old, working as an editor at a publishing company. She was a young lady with a seemingly lean figure and had wonderful assets which will make her look outstanding among the people with loads of artificial. Haven was too pure to anyone’s interest. She believed in simplicity and led her life in the same way.Haven is the only child for her parents. They live in Chicago and Haven in New York. She moved to the new city when she got the job. After all, it was her dream job. She loves stories: written, read, and watched. She just loves them. Period.Haven had woken up early today since it was a very sp
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Haven stood near the doorway, dumbstruck. She didn’t know what was happening to her! She got back to her senses when someone shakes her by her shoulder. She looks at him, expressionless.James, her boyfriend of 3 years and lover, was having early morning sex with his colleague on his bed. Haven couldn’t believe her eyes. She hoped this was a bad dream.He downright cheated on her.Haven looked around his room. Their clothes and accessories were discarded everywhere on the floor. The woman, Ashley, with whom her boyfriend was having sex with, was still on his bed, naked. She made no efforts to cover her bareness.“Haven,” James whispered.Haven turned to him and said one thing, “We’re done.”She left his apartment immediately grabbing her bag. He could only follow her until his door because of his nakedness.All the tears she had held until she came out of his place, rolled down like waterfalls
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“Stop crying, Sweetheart,” Mrs. Morgan tried to calm down Haven.Haven had been crying since this morning when she came across a situation where she had to tell Mrs. Morgan everything that had happened yesterday.At first, Mrs. Morgan didn’t believe what Haven said. Because the James she had known was a totally different man. He loved Haven and had plans for their future. This was abrupt.“He hurt me, Mrs. Morgan. I loved him so much,” Haven cried.Mrs. Morgan handed her a tissue to wipe her tears. That’s what she has been doing since morning. She couldn’t stop this young girl crying herself to tiredness.“I know, Haven, you loved him. But what can you do now? The milk has been spilled, it’s gone. Unless you want to…” her words were cut off. “No… no way in hell I would be with him again.”“Fine, then. Move on from him.”Haven had fresh te
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Waking up to someone banging on your door isn’t ideal for anybody. It’s the same for Haven.She opens the door to an overly dressed Olivia. Olivia had worn black jeans and a flashy top matched with sneakers. Hair neatly styled and make-up, up to the mark.While Haven wore her flower printed pajama that was wrinkled every inch and hair nested and cocooned.“What’s your problem?” Haven asked, sitting on the couch, drawing her knees up to lay her head.“You.” Olivia pointed at Haven, walking inside.“What?” Haven asked slightly annoyed and confused.“You said you will be at work the next day. Now it’s been a week since you walked into the office building. I almost thought you died or something happened again,” Olivia said, pinching Haven’s cheeks.“Aw… don’t do that.” Haven rubbed her cheeks.“Come on. Let’s go out at
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“Haven?” Olivia called.“I’m fine, Oly. Don’t worry. Just drop me to my home,” Haven replied and leaned onto the car window.Now they were in their car, going back home. After the revelation from Ashley, Haven was dumbstruck. She couldn’t process what she had just heard. Even Olivia was left speechless. Neither of them thought James would even say that about Haven to anybody.Olivia felt extremely bad for Haven for going through all of this shit. She had nothing to mak
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Haven stood in her closet with the only towel draped around her body. She was confused about what to wear. It was her first time visiting a BDSM club. She had no idea what to expect about the club. She only knew she wants to know about BDSM and indulge in it and spice up her sex life.At last, after digging her closet for half an hour, she chose a solid black fit and flare dress. She did her makeup pretty bold and matched her look with high heels. She looked into the mirror. The girl in the mirror looked so much unlike her. But that didn’t matter to her now.She turned around and walked out of her house.
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The bright sun peeked into the room and onto Haven’s face. She opened her eyes slightly and looked around the room. She felt like she wasn’t familiar with this environment. She was quick to get up and take down her surrounding.A sudden flash of yesterday night’s events came to her mind. For a moment, she thought she had a one night stand with the man with whom she had left the club.But she was fully clothed. So that didn’t make sense to her. Why would anyone dress up the girl with whom he had a one night stand with?
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The night after they exited the club.The man dragged Haven out of the club despite her whining for another drink. He knew better. She was drunk already and he couldn’t risk anything.The bouncer from earlier noticed them and smiled at the man. “Such a brat.”The man smirked and replied, “Yup!”He dragged Haven to his car and made her get ins
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Haven’s anxiousness was over the bars. She couldn’t contain her mixed emotions. After reaching home, all she did was mess up things. Spilled milk on the shelf and grill meat over the heat and changed curtains upside down.Haven completed the cooking part around 7:30 PM. She had prepared green chicken, fried rice, and some kebab.The next thing on her agenda was to get ready. Again, she had messed up by applying excess mascara. And had to redo her makeup. She wore a light pink knee-length dress and light m
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The more Haven tried to resist Lucas, the more she drowned in his touches. Lucas had snaked his arms around Haven and had her completely straddling him. They were still on the couch.Lucas broke the kiss and looked at Haven. She was a mess already. Her pink dress had wrinkled and rolled up to her upper thighs and her hair was disheveled.Haven was gasping for air. She had never kissed someone like this before. Not even James.
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