The Assassin's Surrender VIIII

The Assassin's Surrender VIIII

By:  Jeanette Rico  Completed
Language: English
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Connor is one of the Confradia’s top hackers. At twenty-four he’s living the life he’s always wanted. So what if he has feelings for one of the most infuriating women in the world? Five years ago, April was rescued from a house of horrors by one of the top Confradia Assassins, Micah St. Clair. Her life changes forever when Micah’s family adopts her. But when she discovers that the kids she was rescued with are being killed, April will find herself fighting for her life and finding a love she never thought she’d have. Read the Assassin’s Surrender and learn how Connor and April’s lives are going to change forever.

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This was another amazing story in this series! Will there be anymore? About Logan and Val, or dragon or phantom or anyone? Definitely not ready for the series to end yet! lol amazing job author 😊
2021-07-17 22:23:26
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Jennifer Curtis
loved the book..but curious how many are there??
2021-07-01 04:31:02
26 Chapters
Chapter 1: Drowning
Chapter 1: DrowningApril              "…is that what you want? Do you want me to cut his throat?" The man calls out as he holds one of the boys suspended from the ceiling. Bile gathers in my throat, and my tiny body shudders as I see blood run down the child's battered body. Eyes wide, I let the tears run down my face and swallow my sobs as the man slides the gleaming blad across the boy's cheek. Blood trails down his cheek with every stroke. Crossing my skinny arms in front of my chest, I let my soiled tresses fold over me like a blanket. My heart beats rapidly against my flat chest as I wait for him to make the final cut.              I know that I should close my eyes, but he won't let me. There will be consequences if I do. Don't get it twisted; I'm not worried for myself. In fact, it would be sweet relief i
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Chapter 2: Clear
              Connor              “What the fuck, Declan, can’t you aim your damn gun somewhere else? This equipment is expensive.”              Micah throws his head back with a boisterous laugh and slaps me on the back as he and my brother wipe the blood from their gear. Declan sneers in reply as he places his weapon back into its rack.              Glaring at my brother, I place my gun next to his and slip off my bloodstained t-shirt and armor. It’s six in the evening, and I’m feeling incredibly irritable from lack of sleep. We had just gotten back to the office after dealing with a target.            &nb
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Chapter 3: Reveal
April              “What the fuck were you thinking, April!” Micah yells out as he paces back and forth within the confines of my small apartment.              Once they processed my information, the cops called Sophia, who in turn called Micah because she couldn’t leave their daughter Ali home alone.              I don’t think I’ve ever seen Micah as angry as he was the moment he walked through the precint doors. I guess it’s because I might have promised not to get in a fight the last time that I was arrested.              As we make our way out of the precint, Micah silently seethes. I cringe at the face of his disappointment. I hate that I’m ruining e
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Chapter 4: Not a girl anymore?
Connor              What the hell just happened? I ask myself as I walk out of the door. Did I just almost make out with April? I adjust my fly, seeing that I have a boner, and continue to follow her heart-shaped ass. And what an ass it is. Jesus, not in a million years did I expect to see April when I knocked on Jaxon’s door. And I definitely did not expect to mistakenly get a peek of her naked breasts and ruby nipples from inside of her loose top.              All I know is that as soon as I did, my cock hardened, and my mouth watered. Fuck, she’s nineteen! I repeat in my head in hopes that it will cool my libido. I mean, she’s legal, but just barely. Damn it!              She doesn’t look back as she walks ahead of
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Chapter 5: Sometimes, the past is not gone
April              It has been two days since Connor dropped me off at home and, I have yet to get control of my emotions. He’s so damn sexy and infuriating at the same time.              Thankfully, the bruises have faded, so I can go back to wearing crop tops.              As soon as I walk into Sweet Perfect, Maleah gives me a concerned frown. “Hey, April, how are you? I forgot to ask about Micah bringing you home the other night.”              I nod my head. “I’m fine. I just got into a bit of trouble.”              Her brow furrows with concern. “Oh, okay. Is there anything I ca
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Chapter 6: Stop thinking about it
Connor              Taking April home with me is such a huge mistake. However, as I look at her in her little pleated skirt, tight Sweet Perfect shirt that molds to her perfect breasts, and knee socks, my brain can’t help but shut down and let my dick make my decisions for me.              It doesn’t help that she’s wearing pigtails. Pigtails! It’s like she reached into my wildest dreams and pulled out my wildest fantasy. When I was thirteen, I saw one of Britney Spear’s music videos and fell in love. In the video, she was wearing a school uniform, and my tongue nearly fell out of my head. It’s just something about a hot girl in a pleated skirt that gets me riled. Now I know why Gideon reminisces on the first time he met Jade. Apparently, Jade attended an all-girl college that required her to wear school
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Chapter 7: It’s not over
              April              Connor’s bed is extremely comfortable, but I might as well be sleeping on top of a pile of stones, considering I can’t fall asleep. Seeing that sleep is going to evade me, I turn on Connor’s mounted television. The thing is huge. It pretty much takes up the whole wall.              As I’m flipping through channels, the news comes on. At first, I don’t make anything of it until one of the newscasters begins discussing a homicide. I wouldn’t have made a big deal about it if the person's name didn’t ring a bell. Heart pounding wildly, I listed as the gorgeous reporter discusses the death of Billy Darbin              This is Ellen
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Chapter 8: Not good enough
Connor              “Why are you here?” Micah asks, his eyes narrowed with suspicion.              I give him an incredulous stare. “You asked me to give her a ride.”              He doesn’t reply for a moment. Instead, he continues to gaze at me as if assessing me for something. “Look, Connor, because I respect your brother and your work ethic, I feel I should give you a warning.”              I arch a brow and cross my arms in front of my chest, waiting for him to continue. Micah has always been a straight shooter. However, I’m still stunned by what he says next.             
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Chapter 9: Lose-Lose
April                            I look at my buzzing phone and roll my eyes with annoyance when I see an unknown number. Taking it in hand, I tap ignore and let it go to voicemail. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been getting these phone calls, but no one responds when I answer them. Instead, I hear someone’s deep breaths sifting through my ears. No thanks!               I’ve also been seeing some weird shit around the outside of my apartment. There was another bloody doll on my doorstep a couple of days ago. I just don’t know what to make of it, so I ignore it.               Looking up, I hear the ring of Sweet Perfect’s hanging doorbell, warning me that someone is coming in.   &
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Chapter 10: Can I interrupt
Connor              Damn, damn, damn! I can’t believe I just did that. I scream in my head.              Rushing to my car, I sift my fingers through my hair and blow out a couple of deep breaths. My heart feels like it’s about to burst from my chest, and my pants feel uncomfortable. I look down at my zipper and curse the fact that even though I came in my pants, I’m still hard. Every part of me rebels at the thought of leaving when what I really want to do is go back in there and slide into her tight, warm depths.              Fuck!              I berate myself as I drive back to my place. It’s amazing that even beneath the freezing cold water r
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