Chapter 57 - The Final Battle (PART ONE)

Alex's POV

"Hel...Help?" She stuttered, conflict reigned in her gaze, questions, worry, and blatant confusion. Her eyes drifted between us, trying to take it in, her hand plastered against her chest as she asked again, " want my help?"

See, even she is surprised.

"It's Frank," Nikolas said, her wide eyes went to him, "This is gonna include him knowing that you're still alive, but don't worry, it's safe, I wouldn't do anything that would put you in danger."

Her legs moved her backward, the force of the news hit her a little bit. She seemed to regain control when she looked at me and lightly shook her head, "I still don't understand."

I found my voice again and said, "He has my daughter," I swallowed hard, "And we can't find him, we think...well, Nikolas thinks that if he knew you're alive, he'll show up and that will take us one step closer into finding her." I explained, emotions pushed at my chest and I carried on, "If you don't wanna do this, no one is gonna force you, we-"
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goodnovel comment avatar
Wtf is wrong with her?!?! Jesus her “protection” is just whole lot of pain wrapped in selfish choices.

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