Chapter five - Will the past repeat itself again

Cara's POV

"Katherine." I said, my voice came low.

I was so afraid she heard what we said.

Her eyes flicked from me to my Dad's retreating figure, "What was he doing here ?" She asked.

Did she hear anything ?

Oh god, I hope she didn't.

I licked my dry lips; I didn't know what I should say.

Should I lie ? Again ?

At my silence, her eyebrows pulled together, she inched closer, "I heard you tell him that you hate him." She said, her hand traveled to my arm, "Is he bothering you again?" She added sympathetically.

Oh, so she didn't hear everything.

I hope so.

I shook my head and forced a smile, "It's nothing." I simply said.

She probably got that I don't want to talk about it, so instead of asking further she just inched closer and wrapped her arms around me.

I hugged her back, my hold tighter than ever as another heartbreaking realization dawned on

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