"I thought I told you to bring her home!" Kasan boomed.

"She is home,"  Kenley replied, a lopsided grin on his lips. Without much restraint on strength, he pushed me forward and my body collided with Kasan's. I looked up at him and indeed, his strict demeanour and fierce ebony eyes still caused a stirring in my core...damn. What I'd give to have him fu-

No, no, no! What I should be thinking of is why he's MY house, not fantasizing about what I want to do with him! Ugh!

I shook my head to rid myself of the highly unnecessary thoughts floating in my head and quickly shuffled two steps away from him, my eyes taking the opportunity to run over his figure.

Okay, so it definitely isn't the time to fantasize about such things, not when he looks like this.

A rifle was resting on his shoulder...that I have no problem with since it only made him look badass and sexy. However

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