He's A Lunatic But I like It

"Mom, for the last time...I'M GOING TO BE FINE! There's absolutely nothing to worry about." I rubbed the back of her hand and plastered my best smile on my lips, yet the worry didn't seem to leave her.

"You don't know what you're getting yourself into. He's not someone to-"

"Mom!" I cut her off, dropping her hand and pinching the bridge of my nose in irritation. I really should've left before she woke up like Kasan had insisted, but I was so determined to defy him that I refused to do so. Now, I regret that move.

"Do you still not get that I'm a full grown woman now? I can take care of myself," I moved to stand, but for the third time since she woke up, her hand reached out and grabbed unto my wrist, obstructing me from leaving.

I looked down at her arm then back up to her face. "For fuck's s-"

I pressed my lips together when the door was suddenly pushed open and Kasan trailed inside, his joker grin on his lips and his rifle still in hand. Maybe he

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It’s crazy

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