The Dragon Rider Book 2 + 3

The Dragon Rider Book 2 + 3

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Book two of the Dragon Rider series. After the sudden attack on the compound and the betrayal of my dearest friend, we are forced into hiding as King Toban's army sweeps through the land. Aurora is missing and the new Dragon Riders are being taken hostage by Toban, and with the book gone, I'm left in its place. Secrets are being exposed and families torn apart, and as the Kingdom falls around us alliances must be made with those who once defied us. The war I wished that would never happen has started. I must choose to save those around me, or myself. Book 3 I need to save Aurora. But with the Red Moon staying, those without power are now in danger. With Toban holding Aurora captive and the land of Athena being taken over by Anna's Rogues, I learn that this isn't my only worry. Markus is back and stronger than before, and with his new strength, the life of my friends comes into jeopardy. I must choose to save my Dragon, or the ones that have become my family... Or suffer from the Red Moon's curse, Death.

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21 Chapters
"I'm sorry." He whispered as a tear fell from his eyes. Frowning up at him, I tried to speak, but the air in my lungs left as the feeling of something sharp entered my stomach. Gasping in shock, I watched as Markus pulled his hand back taking the sharp object out of me.Staggering back, I looked down at my stomach. Blood oozed out of the wound, coating my once crisp-white shirt with red. Placing my hands over the wound, I looked up at Markus.Standing by his side was Anna, a victorious smirk on her face. "Well done, my love." She whispered.Turning his face to Anna, he bent down to kiss her."Fall back!"Present day:The pain was the first thing I could register. It felt like my insides were being pulled apart as bile travelled up to reach my throat. Gritting my teeth, I tried to focus on anything but the pain I was feeling. The last thing I could remember was the searing pain in my stomach, as the one person I truly loved stabbed me with his sword.Markus.Opening my eyes, I squinted
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Throw Back:The sight of Anna at the tree line had William staring in shock. She didn't look to be hurt, and his frown only deepened as he watched a smirk form on her lips. General Mains had dashed over to her, shouting orders for someone to get the healers even though she seemed fine. It wasn't like he didn't care for his sister, he did but something seemed different about her.Gripping the sword strapped to his hip, William looked around the tree line. Something didn't seem right to him. Sliding his arm through Abagail's grip, he laced his fingers with hers. The air was deadly still, and no sounds could be heard apart from those of General Mains' voice. As he watched his beloved sister, a chill ran down his spine at her next action. Grabbing the small dagger on Mains' hip, she swiped it across his throat effectively cutting open his neck. Blood oozed out of the wound drenching his once crisp white uniform, red.Tightening his grip on his sword, William turned towards his men as the
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"How long must I wait till she wakes?" A voice boomed.Frowning at the tone I tried to open my eyes, but my body wouldn't listen. The sound of rushing feet followed by hushed voices, entered the area adding to my frustration."My King, she has lost blood she must rest." Spoke the same girl from the morning. Taking a sharp breath, I heard the man hiss under his breath."Then patch her up and get her healed." Sighing, the lady moved closer to me. Placing her hand over my wound, I bit back the need to scream as a hot searing pain shot through my middle.Taking her hand off my stomach, I heard her sigh. "We have run out of the healing water from the cave, my King.""Then get more!" He boomed.Groaning from the loud voice, I pulled my head to the side. All I wanted to do was sleep, was that so hard to ask for? The voices seemed to be too loud for my ears to handle, as I tried desperately to shut out the sounds. At my sudden movement, someone gently grasped my chin."You're awake?" The voic
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Once the wound was wrapped once more, I thought back to what William had said. Would Markus do this, and if so why? What was in it for him, and who wanted me dead? I had so many unanswered questions and I knew only one person would be able to answer all of them. As I gazed at the roof of the white tent, I wondered what he'd be doing and if he was healthy.Frowning at my thoughts, I closed my eyes. "Why am I worrying about someone who tried to kill me?" I whispered.I knew the answer to it though. I still cared about him. Even my own heart would beat faster at the mere thought of him, but yet now I didn't get excited when I thought of him. I used to spend all my time with him, but now the thought of being near him sent fear through my veins.Turning my head to the side, I gazed at William's sleeping form. He looked so tired. His once-styled hair was no more, and his skin now tanned as if he had spent too long in the sun. Under his eyes were dark circles and to anybody else they would f
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Throwback:Running beside the lake just on the outskirts of our village, Markus my closest friend, ran toward the river before crouching low and throwing some of the water in my direction. Squealing from the cold water that hit my exposed skin, I stopped in my tracks to frown at him."That wasn't nice!" I yelled. Folding my arms over my chest I continued to pout.Smiling mischievously in my direction, I watched as he slowly bent down to cup some water in his hands. Slowly unfolding my arms, I backed away as he came closer to the water. "Markus Dwell, if you value your favourite sword I suggest you put that water down."Shaking his head, I watched as his smile reached his eyes. "Sweet Abagail, it seems you have a little bit of dirt on your face." Running towards me with a loud cheer, I quickly turned around heading in the direction of our village."Abagail, you won't get away from me!" Laughing, Markus jumped over a fallen tree.Smiling to myself I rounded a tree. Bending down I picked
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Bursting through the tent, I took a deep breath of fresh air. I felt suffocated almost like someone had their hands around my throat. Letting out the air in my chest, I staggered my way through the crowd of people."Abagail, wait!" Shouted William from behind.I couldn't stop for him, if I stopped now I would break down. All the memories I had with Markus were flashing in my mind, almost suffocating me. I felt like I was being stabbed all over again, but this time it felt like it would kill me. Gritting my teeth I hissed as I felt a tear fall from my eyes. I could hear William shouting as he was catching up to me, and even in my weak state as I tried to run it was to no use."Stop!" He shouted. Gripping my arm, I was pulled into his chest."What?" I whispered. I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was go back to my tent and sleep.Frowning, William stepped closer. "You loved him?"Sighing, I felt my anger grow. "Is that really why you stopped me?" Turning to him, I frowned."Answer the
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"I think we should talk about this, Abagail." Stated father.Rolling my eyes, I leaned back in my chair. The meeting had gone on after my little mishap, and the riders all agreed that moving the camp was important. Talios had gone on to explain we had stayed in this camp for about four months now, and if we wanted to stay undetected by Toban then we needed to move.Although I wasn't keen on the move, I knew to protect the people travelling with us we had to go. William wanted to send all the surviving people to another haven not too far from here, whilst the soldiers and riders made their way to the new camp. I agreed with him. Doing this, if we were caught no innocent lives would be taken.Leaning back in my chair, I gazed across the table at my father. He looked clean-shaven, his hair tied back. Letting out a breath I hadn't realised I was holding, I tilted my head as I gazed at him. "There's nothing to talk about with you. All has been said.""Not about your mother." He said.Frown
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Unknown POV:"Is it done then?" Mumbled the King.Sitting in the throne room on his black metal throne carved like a dragon, King Toban gazed out at the hundreds of Rogues before him. All of them were down on one knee, their heads bowed in respect to their king.Standing in front of him was Anna. She wore a floor-length black dress, her blond hair pulled back behind her shoulders. Lowering her head in respect, she nodded. "Yes, My King."Smiling, Toban spoke, "Very good." Standing from his throne, he moved towards her.Her eyes darted around the room, anywhere but his face. Toban noticed this, causing his lips to twitch. Standing behind her, Toban ran his hand along her bare collarbones. Humming under his breath, he moved his head near her neck, his other hand fisting her hair. With a harsh tug, he pulled her head to the side.Groaning from the sudden action, Anna's breathing quickened. She would be lying if she said she wasn't afraid. The man before her held so much power, and with a
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Placing my hand through my bow, I let the heavy metal rest on my shoulders. My stomach burned at my actions, causing me to grit my teeth. The wound wasn't healing, and without any healing water, nothing would help. I'd slowly get worse. Bending down I was careful to not open the wound further. Healer Marry had come in the morning to check the wound, and just by the frown on her lips, I could tell it wasn't looking good.I remember her talking in hushed voices with William and my father about being out of healing water. What this healing water was still had me confused. No one had mentioned where it came from, or what it was made out of. For all I knew, it could've been some ploy from the healer to gain our trust before my death.Shaking my head, I grabbed my small haversack. After our little ordeal with Markus, William was adamant we leave right away. The surviving villagers were sent to another compound that was heavily guarded, the area even to me unknown. Once I had everything I ne
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As the sun started to rise in the sky, I watched the clouds start to turn a beautiful shade of pink. The land of Athena looked so peaceful at this time, and if you were a traveller you wouldn't know of the horrors that had been going on. A few of the small villages we passed were all destroyed. The huts that once covered the lands, were now a pile of ash. I could only pray that those who lived there all made it out without injuries.Gently grasping my wrist, I turned my head to see William gazing down at me with a far-off look. "We need to land. We can't fly the rest of the way."Nodding I turned to gaze at Torren. He had been flying beside us all the way, much to Talios' anger. During the flight, Talios tried to push Torren out of the way with his dragon, but Torren refused. His eyes would stay glued to mine, almost like he was afraid I would disappear. It broke my heart to see him like that. The Torren I knew was gone. I couldn't imagine what he had gone through because of Markus.T
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