The Fairy's Dragon Guardian

The Fairy's Dragon Guardian

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Forced into an arranged marriage that ended in divorce, Oliver and Crystal are reunited by fate as guardians of the world. As they work side by side to preserve harmony, old wounds resurface, but so does a newfound understanding of each other. Through shared trials, they discover the possibility of a love that was never given the chance to blossom.

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52 Chapters
Chapter 1: Can’t Be Bothered
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 1: Can’t Be BotheredIt was spring. The flowers in the field bloomed with the spring wind. Birds started to get out of their tree houses and greet the spring sun. Land animals walked out from the woods after a long time of winter and bathed in the spring sun.The curtain hanging by the window was swaying with the early spring wind. The sunlight passing through the glass window illuminated the figure sleeping by the bed. It was a sunny morning.On the table beside the bed, the phone rang. The woman on the bed was awaken by her ringtone. Her fingers gingerly reached out for her phone. When she did, her flexible finger slid through the screen and answered the incoming call without looking to see who the caller is. She put it on her ear but remained closing her eyes.“What do you want?”Her morning voice was a little hoarse. The caller on the other end of the line cleared his throat before answering.“I’m at the airport. Come pick me up.”The woman grun
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Chapter 2: Sign the Divorce Papers
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 2: Sign the Divorce Papers Crystal’s POVI put down my phone and stepped on the accelerator. The flow of traffic today was bearable than the last few days. Maybe because the holidays were finally over, and people had gone to their normal routine. As I waited for the red light to turn green, I saw the huge LED screen on a building playing the news.[Reporter: Hot issue! Star model, Snow Ivory, was seen with an unknown man, who was said to have visited the shooting location of her debut drama. With the HD quality of the circulating photo, many speculated that the man must be the secret lover of the model. On the other hand, the model had yet to make a statement about this news.]I pulled my gaze away from the screen. It was the same picture Cody sent me. What did I even expect? Being in an arranged marriage, it wasn’t surprising that he went to look for another woman as soon as he arrived in the country rather than his wife. Such is life.Creak~As I
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Chapter 3: Long Time No See
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 3: Long Time No See TEN YEARS LATERCrystal’s POV“Queen Fae, the latest report stated that the enemies are quickly approaching the borders of this world. Several attacks were recorded in different cities and the casualties are increasing. That is why, the Chief especially asked for your appearance in the meeting today.”I massaged my temples. My headache is exhausting me.I received the same kind of report for three consecutive weeks. At first, I thought that it was only a simple attack of the dark forces, but hearing that they are already launching an attack means that they don’t have the intention to retreat this time.I took the report from my aide and read its contents. Stated here is the Chief’s wish to meet with the seven heads of the immortal realm for a meeting scheduled this afternoon.I turned to Sarah, my aide and a pure-blooded water fairy, “Prepare the car and we’ll leave right away after I finish this last document.”“Noted, Queen Fa
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Chapter 4: The Dragon King?  
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 4: The Dragon King? Crystal’s POV“Queen Fae. Queen Fae? Crystal!”“Oh? Ah. Ahem.”I hurriedly pulled my gaze away from that man and cleared my throat.“I was calling your name many times, but you seemed to be not listening to me. What were you thinking?”“I… I was thinking about what this meeting is about.”I hurriedly told Lumara that and hastily sat down on my chair. For some reason, I feel hot all over my body, adding that same suffocating feeling from ten years ago.‘What is this feeling?’I placed my hands on my thigh and pinched myself.Come on, Crystal. That’s years ago.I kept telling that myself, but this feeling of something strangling me on my neck won’t go away as soon as he made his appearance inside the room.The Chief walked toward his seat, and so the man behind him. The Chief was beside that man, and that man was sitting beside me.I heard the Chief’s cool voice echoed inside the meeting room, “Now that everyone’s here, let’s sta
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Chapter 5: A Frenemy
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 5: A FrenemyOliver’s POV Ten years – it was enough for a person to totally forget about another and start anew. It was long enough for feelings to fade, such as resentment and love. But is it really?Under the dim lights inside the meeting conference, I didn’t expect to see her again. After ten years, she had become the Queen Fae while I the Dragon King. We are moving in the same world again. I noticed her as soon as I laid my eyes on her.No matter how much time had passed, it won’t matter as I could easily recognize her. There was something unique about her, that’s why I couldn’t help but open my mouth when I saw her bit her lower lip.‘I want to bite it.’It was luscious red, like the plump cherries ready to be picked.I approached them when they were about to leave, but she seems to act like she didn’t know me. I raised my eyebrows when I saw her crossed her arms on her chest as I continue to talk with the Phoenix Queen.‘Jealous?’I tapped my
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Chapter 6: Mighty Seven
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 6: Mighty SevenCrystal’s POVIt was Friday, the day I will meet the people included in the investigation team. Strangely enough, I feel nervous all of a sudden.‘Is this because I will meet Oliver again? No, no.’I shook my head and tried to erase any thoughts about him. Clearly, I was feeling bothered by our meeting again after ten years, which was so not me.When we were still married, I used to be nonchalant about him. And now, I can be just as nonchalant as back then. What the hell am I doing?“Queen Fae, the car is ready to go.”“Hmm, thanks. I’ll be back at night, so prepare a hot shower for me once I’m back.”“Noted, Queen Fae. Be careful on the road.”Just as usual, Sarah is a very polite child.When I was crowned as the Queen Fae, Sarah used to be a small child who followed me everywhere I go. But now, she grew up into a beautiful lady and I couldn’t be prouder of her. Although she’s only eighteen, she is doing her job as my aide perfectly
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Chapter 7: Got Lost in the Road
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 7: Got Lost in the Road Crystal’s POV“My plan is for us to set to this village as soon as tomorrow. I hope that everyone can agree with this arrangement.”“That is a good plan, Dragon King, but we also need to prepare to leave. Isn’t that too soon?”“I understand that you all are surprised as this was our first-time meeting as a team. But we can’t put on hold such an important thing. The whole world is at stake.”Oliver took out a paper map from his bosom. Why is he so old-style? Everyone around the table looked at him with raised eyebrows. Even Nayara, the mermaid princess who wasn’t that used to land, took out her phone and searched for the GPS map. While Oliver looked at his map, we were looking at the GPS map on our phone.Is this because he was said to be in a seclusion for more than a decade? That makes sense. Even when we were married, he only used his phone to call me few times a year.‘Why did I remember that again?’I blinked my eyes a
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Chapter 8: I Know You’re Exhausted
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 8: I Know You’re ExhaustedCrystal’s POVShort after Oliver arrived, we bought tickets and boarded the plane. However, there’s only one thing I’m bothered with.I understand that the seats were arranged by the Chief for the meeting, and we were seated next to each other in the restaurant two days ago because we have higher ranks than the other inside the room. But even until here inside the airplane? This is too much to be a simple coincidence.I took a deep breath. Is fate playing with me?I turned my head to the left and Jethro was looking at me with teary eyes. What’s with this kid?“I want to sit with Queen Fae, but it was already taken when it was my turn to choose the seat. I’m so sad.”“…”“Good for you, Dragon King. You get to sit with the Queen Fae.”I let out an awkward laugh. He made it look like Oliver purposely chose this seat and didn’t let Jethro take it.Oliver cleared his throat and shot him a glance.“We will be in the plane for an
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Chapter 9: The Village part 1
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 9: The Village part 1Crystal’s POVIt was already two in the afternoon when we arrived at the said village. Since it was located near the forest, I could feel the dense magical energy coming from its direction, adding to the humid air around the area.We first looked for a restaurant we could eat at and thankfully, even near the forest, there was a small noodle house. The owner was amicable and was smiling at us ever since we came.“Please come in, come in. It has been a long time since people came to our place.”After offering us a seat near the window where the biggest table was located, the owner of the noodle house pointed to the menu board.“Dear guests, what do you want to eat? Everything here is made from natural ingredients.”Jethro grumbled by the side, “Do you have some chicken?”“Yes. Roasted, braised, stewed, grilled or fried?”Surprised, Jethro asked again, “You really have them all?”“Of course.”“Then I’ll have stewed chicken, with l
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Chapter 10: The Village part 2
The Fairy’s Dragon GuardianChapter 10: The Village part 2Crystal’s POVWhen we got down from the second floor, we saw a crowd of people outside the motel.“Who could have done that to Manny? He was a good person.”“Please let his soul rest in peace.”Lumara nudged at me and quietly asked me, “Did someone die?”“We’ll see once we get to the front.”Since there was a large crowd of people, it was hard to squeeze through.As soon as we saw what the crowd was looking for, my blood went cold, and shivers ran down my spine. Who could have done such a heinous crime?There was a person lying on the ground. He was covered in his own blood, so it was difficult to recognize him. It looked like someone purposely dumped him on the road and make a scene.Oliver, who was checking the corpse, stood next to me and handed me a handkerchief. I looked at him, with eyes asking him what I should do with the handkerchief.He shook his head and gestured ‘let’s talk later’. I nodded my head.A few moments l
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