The Fugitive Luna

The Fugitive Luna

By:  Britanny Sails  Ongoing
Language: English
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Freya unknowingly becomes involved with the Lycan King, Alpha Orion, and this causes her life to take an unexpected turn. A single night of passion leads to a desperate search, as Orion seeks to claim Freya as his mate. But their newfound happiness is shattered when a murder occurs in Moonstone Haven, and Freya finds herself at the center of a deadly accusation. With the weight of a death penalty hanging over her head, Freya and Orion face so many challenges. Both are plagued by secrets that threaten to tear them apart forever. A vengeful witch curses Orion, rendering him heirless, while unknown to him, Freya is pregnant. Freya and Orion must confront their true selves and unravel the mysteries that bind them. Will love conquer all as they defy the odds, rekindle their connection, and defy the curse that could bring an end to Orion's reign?

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69 Chapters
Chapter One
The Drunken Maiden~Orion~ "Do you have to wear this assassin's attire every time we visit a tavern? Especially this one!" Gabriel exclaimed, his hands picking at pieces of meat as he voiced his disapproval. "Gabriel, you should know better than anyone that this is my favorite haunt, and I quite enjoy the rum here. As for the cloak and hood, it's to avoid those persistent women who seem to flock towards me," I replied with a hint of annoyance. "You can't blame them, my friend. If I were a lady, I would have fallen for you long ago," Gabriel said, winking mischievously. "You must be out of your mind. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. Eww," I retorted, making an exaggerated face of disgust. Gabriel, my best friend, is a simple yet fun-loving guy. We have been inseparable since we were twelve years old. His father was the former Beta of Moonstone Haven, a position now held by my cousin, Tristan. Despite being a powerful werewolf, Gabriel always chooses peace over violence. That
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Chapter Two
One Night Stand~Orion~ This lady who had caught my attention stumbled and laughed, her eyes fixated on me as if searching for a secret I held. The way she squatted childishly, trying to catch a glimpse of my face, amused me. "Uh, is he really an assassin?" she slurred, unable to contain her laughter. "Shhh... I won't tell anyone, I promise." With a finger pressed to her lips, she continued to giggle uncontrollably. Amused by her antics, Gabriel decided to play along. Putting a finger over my his lips, mimicking her gesture. "Shhh... Don't tell anyone," he whispered, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Were they making fun of me? The thought crossed my mind as I observed their behaviour. But the amusement in their eyes hinted that their intentions were lighthearted. Suddenly, a young lady with blonde hair and a petite frame rushed over, clearly concerned. "Freya! Oh my... I am so sorry, please. She was with me just a few minutes ago, but when I turned around, I couldn't fi
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Chapter Three
Shame and Pride~Freya~ "Where am I and why am I naked?" I wondered aloud, my voice trembling with both confusion and embarrassment. This was not good. I almost screamed when I turned around to see a man by my side, completely unclothed and with his back turned towards me. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks—I had slept with a stranger. Panic and shame washed over me, knowing how scandalous it would be if my father found out that his daughter ended up in a strange man's bed. As the sharp pain throbbed through my head, I felt lightheaded from the excessive drink I had consumed the previous night. I had indulged myself despite Emelda's pleading and warnings. Where was Emelda now? Did she abandon me here with this man, or worse, did she betray me and sell me out? The anger boiled within me, and thoughts of confronting her filled my mind. She had some explaining to do. Without wasting another moment, I hastily gathered my clothes, refusing to look at the man still lying on the
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Chapter Four
Uncontrolled Yearning for Her~Orion~ Four days ago, impatience consumed me as I realized the drunk maiden had vanished in the middle of the night. There was a sinking feeling that I might never lay eyes on her again. But that wouldn't deter me—I was determined to find her. Our night together had been something special, a spark ignited by a one-night stand, a night of unbridled passion. To my surprise, I discovered that she was a virgin. Knowing this, I felt a sense of relief and security. Unlike many of the promiscuous maidens that surrounded us, she was pure and untainted. But with her extraordinary beauty, a flicker of jealousy crept into my thoughts—other men would surely covet her, and I couldn't bear the thought of losing her to another. It was the heartbeat my father spoke of, the one that resonated deep within me. From the moment Freya spoke, to the moment we danced, and finally, when we made love—each passing second intensified the rhythm of my heart. I dispatched some of
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Chapter Five
Murder in the Fort~Freya~ I sat on my nuptial bed, contemplating the whirlwind of events that had unfolded in my life over the past two weeks. It felt as if I had been swept away in a dream, where everything had transpired at a breathtaking pace. From that fateful encounter with Alpha Orion at the tavern to his subsequent visit to my humble home, and now, here I was, wedded to him. I am his wife, his mate. The ceremony had been grand, a joyful celebration attended by Papa, Emelda, and Klaus, who genuinely reveled in my happiness. However, the presence of my stepmother and Sophia was a mere obligation, their disapproval of our union unmistakable. But they could no longer hold sway over me. I was finally free, unshackled like a bird. Uncertain as I was about what awaited me in this new life, I couldn't help but feel it would be a vast improvement from the torments I endured at home. Despite the apprehension that gripped me, I couldn't deny the flicker of hope within my heart. Alpha
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Chapter Six
She is the One for Me~Orion~"Alpha, we have fixed the ship. Though there is no gold on board, it seems the pirates have carted away with the gold." Seth comes into the room addressing me after he nods his head to show respect."What pirates? Are you serious right now? Are you saying this not to piss me off? Because If you are, then stop because you are pissing me off even more. You all know who the pirates are damn it!" I yell at Seth.I told him to leave because I wanted to be alone.I was so angry. This incident had made a new groom who was supposed to be a happy man leave his new wife and mate back at home just to attend to this stupid emergency.I am here suffering the damage incurred on my men and my ship. Just when I had finally succeeded in making Freya mine. I was happy and looking forward to having another time with her alone. The thought of us together was heavenly. Just the two of us!What I feel for Freya is magical and powerful. I can feel it. After that night at the ta
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Chapter Seven
The Bad News~Orion~It's been twenty–four hours since I've been here. We still haven't found the men missing aboard the ship. I had already decided that if the situation remains as it is, I'll give it until the end of today to see what happens. Whatever happens, I'll be leaving tomorrow at first light.The impatience was building up more and more. I had to go be with Freya and perhaps while I am home and happy, I can have enough time to think about how to deal with Alpha Kane for creating this mess. He had hindered me from spending a special time with Freya on our wedding night. I am pacing around my room, I feel like just closing my eyes and finding myself at home. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would act in such a way because of a woman–one I just met. I'll swear that for me to behave as such then I might be under the influence of something or might have brain damage or probably I was cursed. No wonder Gabriel still doesn't believe that something is wrong with my head.Y
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Chapter Eight
Protecting His Luna~Freya~If only I wasn't in the room at that moment maybe I would be able to prove my innocence. But whatever I say will only make things worse.And not to mention that my sister was the one who called the guards on me. I know she doesn't like me. But I could not believe she would go this far. You know you are doomed when your family decides not to support you in times like this. Sofia was so nice to me that nightly knew it was a facade and the next moment she was handing me over to the guards. She didn't see me kill Hannah, so why would she do that to me? Only my father and Klaus had come to visit me, then Alpha Orion's mother. I could tell from the look in her eyes she had her doubts, she knew I wouldn't do something like that but at the same time, she looked disappointed. "I didn't do it. Believe me, I didn't. She was lying right there already stabbed to death when I got to the room. " She only looked at me pitifully when I said this to her and she left. My o
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Chapter Nine
Taken Away From Him Again~Freya~Surprisingly, Alpha Orion had told the maids to arrange a bath for me and a delicious meal. He truly is my lifesaver. I was so famished. The scraps of grains and crumbs of dried bread given to me in the prison were something I could not eat. Thinking about the prison made me sick. "Thank you," I told Alpha Orion softly after he offered me a bowl of hot broth. He told me to drink it as it was nutritious and would help me get rid of the cold. I looked like a ghost in prison. "Drink up before it gets cold." He whispered, pulling the blanket over me tightly. I still do not know why people see him as dark and ruthless. If he was all those bad things he would not be so sweet to me. They were all wrong. They hadn't had a chance to know him. I am no one, I had nothing to give this man but yet he treated me with love. "Why are you so nice to me?" I asked him, raising my eyes to meet him but I quickly looked down because his gaze was like he was looking righ
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Chapter Ten
Hard Decision~Orion~"You fool!" I yelled immediately I reached Tristan's chambers hurling the door to his room open."Are you crazy? What did you do? Why didn't you inform me before doing what the elders asked?" I hauled Tristan."Alpha calm down, please. I was only following orders and doing my duty. It's not like I want her there too?" He said defensively."Oh really, and you couldn't wait until I returned huh? I was only gone for a minute. Whose side are you on anyway?" I replied to him, waiting for an answer. I had to get my answer because Tristan was becoming annoying lately. He is my cousin and my Beta for crying out loud, he is supposed to be on my side. But he was acting the opposite!He has always been one to fear and respect the council of elders. Unlike me, I did respect them but I do not fear them. Rather they should be the ones weary of me! I had left Freya still sleeping when I took off to see my mother. I planned to go back immediately. Last night before I dozed off,
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