Chapter 1



Third Person's POV

The royal servant come

"Your Majesty, King thranduel and Prince belegurth rhacael of Váriê Kingdom has arrived"

the king theiodon sighs and his face becomes serious as he hears the guest has arrived and says.

"Let them In".

"Yes, your majesty" the royal servant replied and bowed to the king as he excused himself.

The king and prince of varie kingdom entered. King theiodon then immediately give them warm welcome.

"Welcome, my old friend, I haven't seen you for ages!" The king thranduel replied.

"I agree my friend it has been ages and now it is time, the time has come my friend!", king theiodon.

"Yes, my friend now's the time and I haven't told my girls yet" and he sighs.


Princess Vidorwen Wendia's POV


"Ummm...where is my sister?" I ask my chambermaid.

" Princess Arphen is in her chamber, your highness" she replied.

"Tell her I'm coming" me while choosing my dress to wear.

"Yes, your highness" she immediately replied and bowed and left.

I have to tell my sister about an arranged marriage that I heard why our father would do this?!!!, our kingdom has no problem why would he negotiate with the other kingdom. AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE?!!!, I can't believe it!.

"Your highness, your sister, princess vindorwen is here" her chambermaid

"Let her in!, My gosh wendia I'm sleeping you know?" The daylight is making me sleepy (yawns) and she got back to her bed.

"Come on, Saphire there's something I have to tell you, so stop Sleeping!!!" I shouted at her and she stuck her face in the pillow,

"What? (Sleepy face)Shoot!" (With her eye) she held her head up from the pillow with her one eye close.

"Listen, Saphire, a rumor saying that there will be an arranged marriage happen, which means one of us is getting married, DROP THE MIC!," and I imagine that I drop the mic hahaha, I wake her up completely. Shhh dont tell them that i visited the mortal world

"The Fuck?!, Wendia, is this true?! Wait...." she paused.

"What? Did you hear? Something?" I ask

"Shh...I heard father talking to someone, they say that they have been planning this marriage thing since we were kids and today is the day they announce it later. I can hear father is frustrated" she paused and continued.

"Hmm...ah wendia, I am sure the two of us won't agree to this but we have no choice but to decide which one of us" and she silently thinks.

"Any ideas little sister?" I ask

"Well...this could be silly wendia, let us play a game just one round and the loser will be getting married, isn't this fair enough wendia?" She suggested with her evil grin on her face.

"Okay fine and what game is it?" Asking in annoyance. "*Hehehe* let's play rock, paper, and scissors!" She shouted proudly like a child and I reacted with foul words, "No, fucking way! this is ridiculous saphire! Really?!" She glared at me and I had no choice. "Now can we play big sister?" She teased me and an annoyance written on my face "Fine!, this is so childish" I surrender to this childish sister of mine.

"Rock!, paper! Scissors! Shoot!!!" Both of us shouted in sync and the victory is.....

to be continued.......

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