The Genesis
The Genesis


In the place of another world, seven kingdoms were created, to take care of balancing the life of the world and the life of the ordinary living people. The Gods choose seven worthy disciple to go down earth.

Each disciple we're given seven elements of earth, each holds a very powerful core and source of life to the world.

Over a thousand years, the seven disciples contained the order that gods have given, peace and balance.

But for some unspeakable reason, the seven kingdoms from another world got un-united and their start the chaos and unbalanced to the earth, to the living unto the whole world, Which cause the consequences.


The kingdom of prosperity and the beholder of the universe. TÁŪRÂ is the one and the strongest of the 7 kingdoms, they sign an alliance into the kingdom of "Verya and Varie". The other kingdoms cut ties their connection for some reason and so the three kingdoms are the only remaining kingdom who negotiate and help those in need.


The kingdom of boldness and enhanced horseman, Had tied alliance to the kingdom of TÁŪRÂ and the kingdom of VÁRIË, have the most prosperous city and the strongest building structure out of the 7 kingdoms. There born the strongest and powerful knight. This kingdom holds the power of storm, lightning, and distraction. The guardian of the unicorn realm and beholder of the storm.


The kingdom of light and air, "CÁLÄ", a key keeper to the tree of life. This kingdom used to be warm, welcoming, carefree, full of life, and joy but one indecent ruined it all. When the prince and the queen died, Since then The king of CÁLÄ became manipulative, arrogant, and selfish, CÁLÄ changed, and the people, even the environment got to change. The king of CÁLÄ builds madness and becomes crueler, upon losing everything he treasures the most but when he thinks it through, his wife still leaves him something. His only daughter and that's when the king wakes up from the darkness. He decided to forever close the gate of the kingdom no one must enter or go out and form ties outside other than their kingdom. The king isolated his kingdom from all other kingdoms and cut ties to all of them. To protect the only light left into his life his daughter and to protect his daughter from him becoming a monster.


The kingdom of justice and fairness, these are the clans who won't tolerate unjust and cruelty behavior. Their clan is also titled "A Poisoned Flower" for they're beauty and charm can kill and make you lose your senses.


The kingdom of noble hunters, the beholder of water. "QUILDE" they can heal themselves, they're the only kingdom who have given a will and raise as a healer, they're clan is a strong build noble hunter and fighter. For no reason this kingdom stops connecting and having ties to the other kingdoms, like the kingdom of CÁLÄ, they close their gate and cut ties to anyone. They've been quiet and silent for centuries now and no one bothered them.


The kingdom of dragons and the beholder of fire. ÖLCÁ, the second most powerful kingdom of all other kingdoms. Like the two kingdoms, this kingdom also cut ties and stopped connecting to the outside world. For the other kingdom treat their dragons as monsters and slaughter them like a pig, the king of ÖLCÁ tries to slowly let them understand the purpose and the use of dragons to the other kingdoms but they won't tolerate him instead they continue harming and treating their raise as a monster.

The king had enough, he became arrogant and selfish, he cut ties to all the kingdom, closed their kingdom gate, and isolated their kingdom from another kingdom after the Kingdom of CÁLÄ incident.

The treatment made the king feel so insulted and be little so he set his kingdom to quiet and out of harm but once the other kingdom set the fire of threat again he won't hesitate to ruin them all in one swing of fire.


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