Chapter 2



Princess Vidorwen Wendia's POV

"Ah!... HAHAHA I win! HAHA! I win! Im the winner!!! You're the loseeeer Saphire Arphen Eclipsaaaaa~   HA!...HAHAHA bleh..." I shouted and teased her with my devil laugh HAHAHA her face is so priceless HAHAHA

"I am so unlucky during DAY, Fine! (Bored look) It's me then, so can I sleep now?" She said to give up.

*knock to the door*

Someone interrupted

"My apologies, your highnesses the king expecting to see you now, both of you" the servant.

"Oh great! I can't sleep AGAIN!" Saphire shouted in annoyance


Princess Saphire Arphen's POV

Now we're here (yawn) in the throne room. The servants opened the doors and announced that they were here (yawn). "Your Majesty, princess vindorwen and princess arphen is here"

"Father (bows) you're expecting to see us?" Wendia and I bowed late. I yawned. "What's up father?" I ask with a bored look " I have something to tell you, It's about your duties as a princess", Our father, the idiot king hushhh!!! Don't tell him that Hahaha me and my sister mind talking

" You mean, about the marriage thing, right?" I ask (bored look) "You knew?! How?" Father shooked. "Uhmmm...someone whisp (yawn)" I replied "Huh?" Father is still an idiot hahaha "What she meant father is... the wisp" wendia explained in a whisper.

"Now what? (bored look) " I ask, "Oh I forgot girls, this is my old friend king thranduel and his eldest son prince Belegurth of Varie kingdom" my father.

"My friend, they're quite charming, this beautiful daughter of yours gildeon" king thranduel in surprise.

"Good day! Princesses of Taura Kingdom!" King thranduel

"Same to you too, your majesty " wendia she pokes me secretly to speak up.

"Yeah, same, same king duel (yawn) Cool~..." and my sleepiness attack's me (sleepy).

"So which one of them gildeon?" King thranduel asked my father before my father answer I speak.

"It is me (yawn)" because I lose this fucking game of mine and wendia

I heard wendia giggles

"Ahem...okay then, princess arphen of TÁŪR kingdom and prince belegurth rhacael of varie kingdom are now officially engaged" father announced officially?!.

"Your highness, it is my honor to get engaged with you (bows)" prince bele Whaaaaaat?

What the fuck is this?! Why are we having a slow-motion moment?!

he is so familiar

his eyes, nose, lips

when I see the whole face of his, I realize why he is familiar. HOLY MOTHER OF BREED! It's FUCKING HIM!!!, the man I loved five years ago, this is so fucked up now!.

As the wind blows I hear its whispers then I remembered the words he let go 5 years ago


"Saphire I love you to the moon and back"

"what should I do without you saphire my love"

"I'm just right here, I will never leave you, I promise"

"I love you"

"I love you saphire no matter what"

"I love you too rhacael"

He hugged me like there's no tomorrow and suddenly he fades slowly until I realized he disappeared

[flashback ends]

to be continued.......

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