Chapter 3


Princess Arphen Saphire Eclipsa's POV

As the wind blows I hear its whispers then I remembered the words he let go 5 years ago


"Saphire I love you to the moon and back"

"what should I do without you saphire my love"

"I'm just right here, I will never leave you, I promise"

"I love you"

"I love you saphire no matter what"

"I love you too rhacael"

He hugged me like there's no tomorrow and he suddenly fades slowly until I realize he disappeared

[flashback ends]

As I see him it suddenly flashes to my mind the words that he promised to and yet he disappeared like that leaving me with his sweet words that I keep a question to myself if these words are real 5 years I kept waiting for him, I kept waiting and waiting for him to come back at me until I gave up, I keep telling myself that his long gone and moving on And now he suddenly showed up like there's nothing happened between us.

He looks at me. I panicked, I mean in my eyes gosh!He's still gorgeous. I miss his black eyes (dreamy) saphire! Snap out of it! You are over with him five years ago (startled) I look at wendia and ask for help. She just laughs at me and my father too, great (Piss off).

"Ahem!, sorry for interrupting the moment, your highness, unfortunately, my sister, princess Arphen wants to sleep right now, But! You can have her tonight, meet her at the royal garden". Fucking sly sister you!!! Argh..!!!. (Piss off)

"She needs beauty rest now for tonight, okay?" Wendia whispers at prince rhacael.

THE FUCK? DID HE JUST BLUSHED JUST NOW? Justice!!! I mean the fucktard who cares!.

I rolled my eyes

"Now will you please excuse us, your highnesses?" Wendia

"Father, I am going to sleep now bye~...(yawn)" I am sleepwalking.

"My apologies of what my daughter, princess arphen (deep sigh) behavior thran, she's just like that when the sun is up" king theiodon explained.

"It's okay, gildeon at least she's okay about the arranged marriage" king theiodon smile understand replied.

"Belegurth, Ummm son?" He called his son but the prince is having deep thoughts.

                                                                  -ARPHEN'S CHAMBERS-

                                                         Princess Arphen Saphire Eclipsa's POV

"Mr. pigeon please deliver this message to her at ***" I tied the scroll at Mr. pigeon feet

(Pigeon sounds) in response

"So edosa aittito, A fiste tin aspida mov an sas prostatefsei, pigahete kui asftasei stotaxidi tov" I cast a protection spell.

"Now off you go now Mr. Pigeon, byeeee" then Mr. Pigeon flew away.

"Who's that?" Shet is wendia

"Oh, Hi sister!" I was surprised and worried.

"Who are you talking with?" She asks out of curiosity. "Oh it's just a pigeon asking for help" I replied calmly. "Okay, I better get dressed now the sun is almost down," she said and left. I sigh in relief.

"Almost...I must be careful" I whispered to myself while looking to the sky where Mr.Pigeon flew to.

to be continue...

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