The Heartless Billionaire and His Innocent Nanny

The Heartless Billionaire and His Innocent Nanny

By:  C.M. Reynolds   Ongoing
Language: English
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If I don't get a job in the next forty-eight hours I'm going to be forced to go back home. It isn't an option after what I endured to escape. But with my options increasingly limited by the second, I end up at the mercy of a heartless man who doesn't want me. Brooks I want her. It's why I can't hire her. She's innocent and too damn naive to be in my vicinity. But she is the only one even remotely interested in something more than my name. She is also the first one who makes me want to consider giving it to her...

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39 Chapters
Chapter One- Wrong Place, Right Time
Virginia's POV   “If I don't come up with a new place of employment by tomorrow, I'll be forced to go back home.” I confessed with my dominant hand raking through my chestnut waves. The very idea of crossing back over those four state borders back to Indiana was anything but enticing. But it was a realization I was beginning to have to face or risk homelessness.    “You can't go back, Ginny…” As if I needed the reminder. My wrists and throat still ached from the binds from the last night in that Godforsaken trailer. My feet still throbbed from the race I made to that police station after years of talking myself out of it. My soles barked even more when I understood nobody was going to help me as they all owed him somehow. Because of it, I was trapped and used whatever strength I had to get on a bus in the nick of time before he
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Chapter Two- By Default
Brooks' POV   An Hour Ago   “You need to make a decision, Sir.” I cocked my jaw at the obvious.    For weeks I'd allowed these pointless resumes to climb this high on my desk. I left the selection process to my current assistant whose exhausted exhale explained yet again why I needed to make the choice. But each interview for either position proved that the only thing they really wanted had been my name.    Instead of asking about the job as my assistant or the expectations as a nanny, they inquired about my interests that were anything but appropriate. They were kicked out of my office shortly after. There had yet to be a single candidate that came close to supporting either of my two loves. 
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Chapter Three- Coincidence
Virginia's POV   In eight hours I would have enough money to make rent. I just had to get over being treated like a doormat to keep from being homeless. Of all the side jobs I had, this one made the most money in one night. It was not ideal to say the least, but it was efficient enough for my inconsistent bank account.    “Holy Coyote Ugly!” Aimee teased on the other side of the phone as I fixed the halter top behind my neck and looked into the mirror. I suppose it was an accurate comparison and not too far from the truth. Because even if this gig wasn't based on morals, it gave amazing tips.    “I might bring some friends by-”   “No!” I knew that this meant tips I didn't deserve as Aimee went above and be
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Chapter Four- Stipulations
Brooks' POV    I was just supposed to be going for pizza. Extra pepperoni and cheese. Instead, I turned the corner from Landon's favorite pizzeria and found her. Dressed like…it was hard to pin just what exactly she was wearing as my attention came to the way she clutched at her chest and rested against the wall in complete distress. Similar to how Landon could look in the beginning of his attacks, I couldn't help but zero in on her, no matter how badly my feet may have wanted to just slip back into my car and finish the distance home. But I owed it to her to return the favor for what she had done for my son. Maybe after paying that debt I could stop thinking about her.    “Miss Valentine?” The surname escaped before I could stop it, her porcelain doll eyes were harboring a sea of emotion behind her damp lashes. It twisted
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Chapter Five- Offers and Offensive Behaviors
Virginia's POV    The home office was a stark contrast to the rest of the icy condominium. It was warm with its mahogany walls and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves perfectly lined with law books and other intellectual literature. A single desk sat at the far wall with a leather chair behind it, a single picture left for decoration that I predicted held Landon's smiling face inside the sterling frame. A couch rested by the window set halfway throughout the room, almost incognito from the fallen curtains that hung behind the Chesterfield. It could be considered welcoming if not for the upset man standing at its center with clenched fists.    “You'll stay here. The only thing expected of you is to protect and entertain Landon. You don't bring anybody else here and anything you need will be delivered to you when necessary.” His wor
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Chapter Six- Fine Details
Brooks' POV    She was supposed to be here at ten o'clock on the dot. Instead, I ended up thumping my pen over the extensive contract as if it were a pair of drums and paced my office before ultimately pacing the space around the short desk.    The anger lasted for only a short time before the questions began to take its place. Maybe the night before startled her. After all, I'd never raised my voice to anyone like that, especially someone who spoke about Landon with such careful worry and care. It's what made me react in such a way. Her care for him made me want to allow her into parts of my life I didn't allow anyone but my son. Some parts I didn't even let him.    Eventually that rage for her lack of punctuality faded into guilt for how I'd treated her. It
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Chapter Seven- Moving Day
Brooks' POV There were many mornings in my life I wishedI could stuff myself deep into my comforter and become embedded into the mattress. Not even for sleep but to simply evade what was coming that day. Today proved to be one of those days from this hangover that was evident from my own karmic actions. But it wasn’t the thunderous pull of my head turning against me that made me want to shuffle myself into oblivion, but for the thirteen drafts of an embarrassing email I thankfully had enough sense to keep from actually sending. Although I couldn’t piece together the details of a single one without the words becoming a haze of desperation and broken pride, I knew it was enough to know I couldn’t face her. I was thankful I kept her at a distance and made an ass of myself. It meant that the notifications on my phone wouldn’t be a reason to worsen my headache-
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Chapter Eight- First Day Tensions
Virginia’s POV   “I need to get me a hot single dad to move me into his condo.” Aimee teased as I set my phone on the pillow of my new bed while I began tucking my few clothes away for safekeeping.    “You literally have more money in your bank account than he does, I’m sure. And don’t you have that guy you’ve been talking to?”   “He’s a boy compared to Brooks Callahan. Besides from the way you describe him, the whole brooding thing does it for you.” I quickly quieted her voice and looked over my shoulder to the open bedroom door.    For the last few hours as I began to ‘make myself at home’ as he muttered to do since we both came inside, I could hear him throughout the house. It was infuriating in the sam
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Chapter Nine- Seven Days
Brooks’ POVThose goddamn lace panties were my fucking ruin. She wasn’t even under my roof for twenty-four hours and I beat my cock twice at the thought of her inside, or outside, of them. The first time had been in the shower after I managed to stare at her over emails, creating a scenario in my mind that I would be able to peel them off of her. I left with a blank expression, rushing myself bare enough for access, and came so hard on the shower wall that I nearly blacked out. The second time was in my office after standing across from her in that hallway with that little attitude. I thought about snapping the fabric of those panties clean off of her hips and reddening the skin beneath with my handprint before taking her until she learned to keep her smart mouth shut. The more erotic vision of how I’d silence her with my aching cock is what led to that self care session after they’d both fallen asleep. But for just a second I thought I heard her. My vision wa
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Chapter Ten- The Date
Virginia's POV  Shouldn’t you have butterflies on a first date? The nervousness of wanting to make a good first impression as you hoped it was the stepping stone for what could be your forever one day? This was what I fixated on as I applied the final details to my aesthetic. Soft curls pulled into a tight bun with tendrils falling around the curvature of my cheeks. A subtle lip but dramatic eyes were perfected after two tries, and Aimee’s virtual help, as I used what was left of the perfume she had given me for my last birthday on my pulse points. But I was anything but excited.  He seemed like a nice guy, checking in on me and Landon since the incident nearly two weeks ago. But I couldn’t find even a flicker of excitement in my body. I would rather have slipped out of the dress, run a bath, and submerged myself beneath the bubbles while escaping t
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