"Hello?" They heard Connor call, and by some unspoken signal, both Maddy and Myra rolled out the bed, leaving Mark under the covers. Maddy sat down on the bed and Myra walked towards the door.

"In here," She said.

Connor appeared in the doorway with a bundle of clothes in his arms and handed them to Myra.

"Give us a minute. We've just cleaned him up, and we'll get him dressed."

The Scotsman nodded and turned away, closing the door behind him.

"Right, you," Maddy said firmly, hauling back the covers. Myra tossed a pair of dark blue jeans to Maddy and dropped a hooded jersey and sneakers on the foot of the bed. She came around to the other side of it.

"Sorry about this," Mark said softly, now feeling a little embarassed at his nudity.

"Shut up, Mark," Myra said briskly as she helped Maddy maneuvre the trousers round his feet. Mark had to roll onto hi
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