The King Alpha's Mate

The King Alpha's Mate

By:  jengreyy  Completed
Language: English
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He is the Prince of the Royal Pack,a wolf in his human form. His purpose of arriving into the small town is to find his human mate. A mate he is not so eager to see,but being bound by his duties to his father and his pack he gets ready to take her.What his not ready to face is the feeling that hit him when he found her, his human mate.Carmela is just a simple girl and saving for her college is the most important thing in her mind. When suddenly one day she was kidnapped! And her abductor was the most handsome man she had ever laid her eyes on.His golden eyes devour her,his chiseled face she could just stare for the whole day. And when she had a glimpse of his six pack abs Carmela would have lost it. But what's up with all the growling and the whispers of the word "mate" is?How would she deal with her fate when a group of wolves told her she’s the future King Alpha’s Mate.

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user avatar
Suzy Williams Kozi
great book!!
2023-04-06 06:41:52
user avatar
I love this story!
2022-07-12 02:58:22
user avatar
Adogu Nancy
it a very nice book to read, I could not stop reading it. I'm waiting for book 2
2022-05-21 22:13:48
user avatar
Christine Obioha
the novel is really great but what about book two
2022-03-20 02:05:33
user avatar
Read it, Loved it! ...... Made sure to follow the author to get her next book on this app.... And I'm absolutely happy about it .............. Really great work ............
2021-10-22 01:20:56
user avatar
Good plot.
2021-07-31 00:27:34
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Courtney Blair
Love it! Had a great suspenseful storyline full of love.
2021-07-28 13:49:17
default avatar
Marilyn Norton Blackett
It was too short
2021-07-22 07:40:44
default avatar
Ida Sapian
2021-07-10 12:38:24
default avatar
Sarah Trevizo-Wong
8 out of 10. It is a good read
2021-07-05 11:40:31
user avatar
Lovely book
2021-06-10 07:40:49
user avatar
Peggy Anderson
very much enjoyed and look forward to the next one
2021-05-26 03:12:13
default avatar
Maria Nixon
I enjoyed this book ...
2021-05-25 09:46:19
user avatar
Jennifer Berryman
I can't wait to find out what the king and queen have and how Jasmin and zero find love
2021-05-21 06:21:22
user avatar
Sarai Ortiz
loved the story can't wait for the next book
2021-05-15 06:31:38
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60 Chapters
Chapter 1. Arrival in Town
"This is it Alpha".Matias made the black Mercedes halt in the front of a two story mansion with a large veranda on the upper floor. The huge steel gate looks old and rusty and it is wide open welcom
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Chapter 2. Meeting “Her”
"Good morning Alpha!Jack is quickly greeted by his house cook when he arrives at the dining table to join his pack of six wolves including Matias for the usual breakfast. The cook is standing beside
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Chapter 3. The Alpha
*Jack's POV I think i have lingered too much in the city,glancing at my watch it's almost eleven. I have just an hour drive going back to San Augustine,so when i reached the boarder i decided to passed by the Diner. The road is dark and empty but I don't mind,my wolf eyes can see clearly in the night and my bentley is running smoothly. 
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Chapter 4. My Handsome Abductor
*Carmela's POVI woke up feeling really good and warm,the very soft and comfy velvet pillow under my head have made my sleep safe and sound.I stretched my legs a little and snuggled inside the warm c
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Chapter 5. He’s The Alpha Prince
I saw a beautiful woman with a baby in her hands in her face is a picture of beauty and love,i turned my eyes and looked around then i noticed the luxurious place that we're in is full of babies things. From the hand-carve baby cribs and rocking chairs up to the glamorous baby dressers.She is there sitting in what seems to be a very huge bed with sumptuous beddings and luxury features that only fits royalty.The room is also filled with gold decors  from it's walls to the ceiling and a marble polished floors.
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Chapter 6. Detained
*Carmela's POV*I look at Maleficus with my eyes wide and teary but I don't think this old man is going to let me go. As he looked back at me with his eyes void of any emotions. I glanced around and saw the small wooden bedside table with a porcelain led table lamp. He might be an old man than can see the future or wave magic tricks but if i can outsmart him, i might have a way out.
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Chapter 7. Her Family
*Jack's POV* I went out of my room with a heavy steps, today I needed to find her family and tell them about their daughter being my mate. I am not a savage as to just take her and leave this place, i know the rules of the treaty so the world would remain in peace. My family might be the strongest of the wolves and our pack is the mightiest but we follow rules just like everyone else, no exemptions. 
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Chapter 8. Human and Wolf
*Carmela's POV* I walked in to the big bathroom of his room and as I stepped inside i looked at myself in the mirror. Aside from swollen lips and slightly puffy eyes I've got nothing more to complain. I look the same as always, my black hair a bit messy from the bed but my cream color skin is still flawless. I turned my eyes around and I can't help but admire his huge masculine bathroom. It has a modern sink and a luxury shower, with an oversized tub and a beautiful vanity. But all the soaps and shampoos are for men.
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Chapter 9. My sister
After that brief unpleasant encounter with Alpha Jack i stayed in the room waiting for the time when my family would come just like he said. I am anxious that my father would do something about my frightening situation. He's a hunter and i once saw him with a group of men fighting for the same purpose. But I don't want him to get hurt, I've seen how strong the Alpha is. In that vision that Maleficus showed me.
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Chapter 10. The Dinner
*Jack's POV*My patience is being tested as i sat in the dining table's chair waiting for my mate and her sister to come down. It has been minutes since i sent Gemer to fetch them from my room. Her f
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