Chapter 3 Mu Zhanbei, You're a Bastard

It was as if time had stopped!

Gu Anran's hand trembled. Li Ye was equally confused, but he was also worried about the cut on Eldest Young Master's neck.

Only Mu Zhanbei's blank expression remained unchanged from the start.

He cast a casual glance at the two men who were still in a frantic search outside. His cool thin lips moved slightly, and he uttered one word. A word that both Gu Anran and Li Ye could not believe. "Drive."

"" Li Ye was once again bewildered. Did the eldest young master feel threatened by the future young madam?

However, Eldest Young Master was almost a God-like figure in Beiling. When had he ever felt threatened by anybody? Furthermore, someone had held a knife against the eldest young master's neck. It was as if they tried to dig their own grave!

Gu Anran could not think clearly. When the car drove out of the hotel's carpark, her grip loosened, and the eyebrow razor slipped away from her fingers.

The eldest young master caught the eyebrow razor with a flick of his long and graceful fingers. Then he chucked it away.

"Where do you want to go?" The man's voice was ineffably nice. She did not think she would ever get sick of it. His deep and low husky voice continued to draw her closer.

Anran grabbed the lapel of his shirt subconsciously. Her body felt too warm, and she could not handle the heat as she slowly lost the battle with her consciousness. Despite that, a thought lingered in her mind as she drifted in and out of awareness.

"Mu Zhanbei…" Her breathing got heavier, and her voice got even more hoarse. "I don't… love you, never ever… going to fall for you, you bastard!"

Li Ye was startled when he heard that, and his hands jolted. The car teetered and almost overturned.

It was the night of their engagement party, and that seemed like such a spiteful comment to have come from the mouth of the future young madam.

He knew that the eldest young master agreed to the arranged marriage to fulfill his sick grandmother's wish. However, was that not too harsh of the future young madam?

Nevertheless, it was apparent that the future young madam was somewhat inebriated. Perhaps she did not even realize what she had said.

Mu Zhanbei's dark-inked eyes narrowed as he studied her crimson-blushed face. "I'm a bastard?"

Why could he not recall if he had done anything to warrant that slander from his fiancée?

"You're a bastard." Gu Anran bit her lips as a dark cloud formed under her eyes. He could see the wretchedness, grief, and despair in them.

"Why do you treat me like this? Mu Zhanbei, you p*ick. Why?"

Her hands balled into fists, and she started to hammer them on his chest.

Mu Zhanbei clasped both of her hands, but he did not say anything. Suddenly, the young lady raised her head and watched him with her teary eyes.

Her face puckered, and she made a disheartened face. "Mu Zhanbei… I'm uncomfortable… um…"

Her pitiful face would make everyone wonder if Mu Zhanbei did something terrible to her.

Gu Anran felt dizzy. After a moment of anger, her body finally reacted to the drug.

She felt hot and itchy. It was as if countless insects crawled all over her body.

She leaned on Mu Zhanbei.

His eyes darkened, and he seized her shoulder with both hands before he pulled backward and away from his body.

He did not utter a word, but the 'thousand-year-freeze' coldness in his eyes was deeply intimidating.

Gu Anran shivered subconsciously. It was cold, but she felt as if her body was engulfed by flame. Even the cold air could do nothing to put out the fire.

Time passed, and the onset of the drug in her body got stronger. She could not see the person in front of her clearly. So she stretched out her hand and tugged the collar of his shirt.

"Eldest Young Master, it seems like future Young Madam… is not quite right." Li Ye was still behind the wheel as he stole a look from the rearview mirror while he drove.

Mu Zhanbei looked at Gu Anran. That young lady had put her legs over his lap while he took his attention off of her.
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