The Luna's Betrayal

The Luna's Betrayal

By:  Hummingbird  Ongoing
Language: English
9 ratings
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Helen was the Luna of the Oden pack who finds herself enticed by the allure of power. However, in her quest for dominance, she unwittingly betrays her Alpha mate, unaware of the grave consequences that await her. As Helen delves deeper into her pursuit of power, she finds herself caught in a web of deceit, betrayal, and unforeseen challenges. With each step she takes, Luna's world crumbles around her, and she begins to realize the true cost of her actions. Will Helen be able to redeem herself, or is she doomed to suffer the devastating consequences of her betrayal?

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Nonny Wise
Good reads
2023-07-17 05:49:56
user avatar
Daily updates from now! Sorry for the hiatus
2023-07-13 00:21:38
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Debbie writes
nice work Author, your book is just wow, happy to have stumbled into this
2023-04-29 16:25:00
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Jessci Molly
nice work author
2023-04-26 15:11:02
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Slow burn very good!
2023-04-26 10:25:08
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I Gulp Air
highly recommend!
2023-04-26 05:56:45
user avatar
Thank you, Sasina
2023-04-04 00:00:08
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its a good dialogue, the beginning is mostra promissor
2023-04-03 07:45:48
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Humming Byrd
Interesting story, with great dialogues and cliffhangers. Please keep updating, I want to know what later happened after she caught the Alpha together with the Omega.
2023-03-31 16:50:30
31 Chapters
1: Mated To The Alpha
~ Helen~ Marshall quietly sneaked inside our residence. I sighted him, and our eyeballs met, causing us to smile. I walked toward and sat beside him, clutching his hand, a gust of scenarios running through my mind. "Will the Alpha clan accept me? Will I be able to play the role of a Luna perfectly well if eventually, I become the Luna? What if his family rejects me because I come from a low-profile family?" All this was lingering on my mind when I felt a soft, caring tap on my shoulder, which sent a sharp jolt in my spine. "Free your mind, Helen; I know you've started thinking again of our fate as mated wolves despite coming from different family backgrounds. Me coming from a royal family doesn't guarantee I must marry into a royal family," Marshall enunciated. His words sent a pleasant shiver down my spine. "I'll disown anyone who tries to put asunder in our union; I'll kill them if they try such a thing," he added. I felt like a princess at that moment, though I always do whene
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2: Suspicion
~Luna Helen~ A week after the incident at the Zulu lake, Rick approached me, reminding me of how much harm the Alpha had done to me but I shrugged him off for the first time, I can’t do anything that would lead me to leave Oden's pack because of my position and the pack’s dominance and grandeur, which are dreaded by other werewolves in another wolf pack. It was the festive season of our pack, and a few days before the festival, Alpha Marshall ordered the entire pack's werewolf youths to go and set up the venue. The entire Oden werewolf youth is seen gathered in a coordinated manner. The Alpha stood to address them and let them know the reason behind their summons. "The great Oden youths!" The Alpha echoed. "Great!!" The werewolves chanted. He hops while addressing the audience: "You all know we're already in our festive season, and the festival will be held in a few days to come," he declared. "So it's time we arrange the place where the festival will take place" The Alpha decl
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3: Temptation Of Sin
~ Marshall ~ "Yes, that's why I'm the Alpha and will remain the Alpha of this great Oden Pack. It had not been three years since I became the Alpha of this pack, and see how famous and mighty this pack is becoming" I gloated. Immediately, I felt something going on in my room. I rushed in and discovered my room had been ransacked, but I encountered no one. "Did I search for anything before leaving this room?" I became flabbergasted, but could not recall looking for something that would lead me to ransack my room without it being arranged in order before departing, perhaps the person had run out of my window on hearing my footstep. I was startled at how possible it was for the person to come into my room without being held by one of the combatants. I left the scene to my throne, but the thought of the incident kept lingering in my mind, which led me to call for the beta. "Sebastian! He ran to me immediately to know the reason for the urgent summoning. "I figured there was no reaso
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4: Caught In The Act
~Marshall~ I was so lost all this time that I could not say a word concerning her question. I stood still, admiring her beautiful body, then she headed directly toward me. It seems the gazing was not enough for her, she held my hand, swaying her curvy hip, and uttered something I could not understand. "This girl might be up to something," I mumbled. We stared at ourselves, precisely at our eyeballs. I was stunned because I never imagined her being so corrupt and seductive. My penis was already out of control, it stood like a staff, and I could feel the bubbles of semen below my pelvic region. The urge to have her in my bed increased, but I could not take the lead because she took the position to seduce and go to bed with me. She noticed the erection of my cock, and she started to body touch me, fondling my cock. The sensation made me lose my senses. She brushed on my bulging trousers with her hips, slightly exposing her fresh lap so that her pant could be seen. I left a slight
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5: Indictment
~Helen~ I entered the room after Marshall, and I had the most shocking moment of my life, seeing the omega lying naked on the bed and the Alpha half-naked. I was astounded at what I saw. The female omega did not seem to have guilt about what she had done. "Marshall, is this what you have been doing with all these random female Omegas in the pack?" I bluntly stuttered. He stood still with his mouth wild open and could not utter a word, perhaps he is still confused about how he encountered Kim at the door, only to be followed by me immediately into his chamber. Aysel, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying the incident. She lays on the bed with an akimbo posture. I thought of strangling her with my bare hands, but I knew Marshall wouldn't let me do that. He would protect her. A thought ran through my mind, and I shrugged off the idea. "Strangle her! Helen, you are such a powerless Wolf, I regret being your wolf" Kyla arrogantly said, infuriating me. "Helen please, I can explain
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6: Cruelty
~Helen~ I was amazed because the Alpha might be telling the truth, but the scene I saw did not seem like a prank or setup. His honest looks worsened my worry, and I accepted his apology, albeit not really from my heart. My rage began to calm down on seeing him apologizing incessantly. "I think he knows what he is doing, it's a setup, and you caught him half-naked while the Omega was completely stripped off. That is how he fools you after he has committed a lot of atrocious behaviors." Kyla retorted. I huffed and uttered: "I have heard you mate; you can leave now," I told him, warding off what he was trying to say. He became relieved to hear what I called him. "Thank you for accepting my apology," he joyfully said. "It is ok," I replied. "Honestly, I don't know what came over me today; I did not lay with her, but...' "You don't need to talk about that anymore; it's passed." I interrupted him, not because I had truly forgiven him but to prevent him from disturbing me with
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7: A set-up
~Rick ~"This is how we will destroy him and know if he will still be in this pack to look for someone to exercise his nonsense authority," I told my mom, who has been listening to me. After the incident with the Alpha, I have been thinking of a way to pay him back. Since he got a mind and ordered the rogues to disgrace and torture me in public in front of those wolves with no rank, if not for the Luna that came to my rescue, no wolf would have any atom of respect for me after seeing me being tortured. "Rick, I don't think that is a perfect idea for revenge; leave the case to me, and I will handle it, okay? Have you forgotten who gave birth to you? I will confuse him, so he will regret knowing this wolf pack." She smirked. I smiled, looking at her trustfully. "So what strategy do you have? Since the Alpha clan is full of trained warriors and Omegas, I thought it would be difficult to do anything that would result in going to his house for any mission," I suggested.She gazed at me
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8: Stealing The Pack Staff
~Rick~ "Sebastian, what causes the noise in there?" I asked the beta, who stood like a German shepherd dog, if he knew anything about it or if something went wrong between the Alpha and his Luna before we came with our mission. I tried my possible best not to look frightened to him, albeit he almost noticed it. "Let's go check, Rick; something might be happening in the Alpha chamber. This noise does not relate to quarrels between couples," he replied, frantically holding me on my wrist and trying to rush in there. It dawned on me that karma has come to pay us a visit for our evil deeds. Our evil cup is full. Following him to the scene would not benefit the Drake family, but instead, it would engage me in the problem. I withheld my hand forcefully and said, "Please, Sebastian, I wish to go with you, but since last night I have been suffering from diarrhea, which makes me use the restroom frequently. So please let me go before it disgraces me here right now. I fibbed, trying to rema
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9: Arrest
~Helen~ The tragic drama occurring in the Drake residence even made me feel pity for Drake and Rick. Selena had just destroyed the excellent reputation of Rick and his innocent husband. Yes, that was my thought for him until that very moment. I never knew Drake could be an evil demon, a vile demon; yes, evil is an understatement. I sighted him in his corridor; he stood still, patiently waiting for our arrival. I did not expect to see him but rather Rick, who is always at home doing only what he knows, leaving his duty as Gamma. The troupe was already filled with rogues. We were fewer when we left the clan with Selena, but we got filled with peeps that joined us on our way to the village square. "Who would not like to know the reason behind the abusive words towards the gamma mother?" We never planned to drag her, but she was very stubborn that she refused to answer some questions the Alpha was asking her. The Alpha ordered the Wolfs to decrease the chants immediately after we arri
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10: Attempt For Rescue
~Rick~ I ran out from my hidden place when I realized they had left, but I didn't anticipate them going with my dad. "Who knows if mom mentioned him as part of the deed; she may have probably mentioned my name also." I snapped, already shading tears without awareness. My dad hardly stands up for himself in minor cases in which he's innocent, let alone this major matter he is guilty of. I ran pitifully after them and came to a junction, where I got confused about which way to follow. The worst part was that I never knew where they had gone. I was in a dejected state when I smelt a familiar scent drifting past my nostril as if the person behind it was coming towards me. "Oh, this scent seems not to be an ordinary scent," I murmured, turning to follow the right direction, and I saw Aysel. "Mate!" my wolf exclaimed. This made me realize the scents I perceived were not ordinary. "Wow, I've finally found my mate!" I retorted. I was overwhelmed with joy, forgetting the incessant anxious
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