The Outcast Hybrid Luna

The Outcast Hybrid Luna

By:  Hawtsaus  Completed
Language: English
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CONTENT WARNING! This book may contain depictions of sexual assault, suicide, explicit intimacy, and dark content! 'You smell so good, divine. ' He drawled out the words, dipping his nose on the side of my neck. The warmth of his breath fanned the skin, raising goosebumps along the area. My back ached when he latched his warm mouth on my skin, sucking hungrily. I lifted my hips up, attempting to add more friction between us. The rest of the people faded, mind body and soul focusing on our man. 'Please don't stop. ' I pitifully begged when he kneeled down, putting a distance between us. 'Ssssshhh love, soon baby. ' He purred,  guiding two fingers in my eagerly waiting mouth. *************** Scarlet Baranov has lived all her life without a wolf as an outcast and a slave under the leadership of one cruel Alpha, until one night, his abuse goes beyond the bounds. Determined to preserve the tiny bit of her dignity left, Scarlett flees, only to wander into the territory of the most notorious alpha in the were community, whose hatred for rogues runs deep in his tainted veins, Alpha Jaxon. Having turned rogue after her escape, scarlet faces a torturous death in the arms of Jaxon, who is scared by his painful past. She suddenly finds out that she is mated to the very man who swore to kill her. Rejected and accused of conspiring with her former alpha to finish Jax off, Scarlett finds out that the events that led to her escape had borne a bitter fruit of unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. Everything is different from what it seems, submerged in twisted turns, secrets and past sins that Jax and Scarlett must uncover. Will Jax be able to look past his hunger for blood and the pregnancy?

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Dawn Cochran
Second book review: I don't know where to begin. Basically, it's just a similar repeat of the first book, just every other chapter are sex scenes. The punctuation and grammar are atrocious and need to be edited. It's not worth it to spend money on.
2023-10-20 22:17:19
user avatar
Ayoya Gado
loved it so much..
2023-10-07 07:12:06
default avatar
I enjoyed reading this book. Can't wait to read book 2!!
2023-09-09 02:09:41
user avatar
This book is SO good!! I am on the 2nd book and the story continues to get better with each update! I can't wait to find out what happens next.
2023-04-30 00:37:24
default avatar
Good goodgood
2023-02-25 06:43:19
default avatar
Great book! Worth the read for sure
2023-02-20 12:49:14
user avatar
The erotic scenes are just on another level. Well written, so many twists and turns,
2023-08-07 10:41:44
user avatar
Essayplus writers2021
A perfect start to this book. I love it
2023-03-19 22:15:03
default avatar
Traci Gomez
Really good story!
2023-06-19 04:40:35
221 Chapters
Chapter 1
Scarlett's POV'Please. ' I hoarsely whispered, attempting to raise my shaky hands to block the first splatter of rain. It started like a whisper, but soon it was falling down on me intensely. A sheet of heavy dark clouds had since occluded the moon and the stars. As the drops increased, I pushed myself faster, my body sliding on the wet grass. I whimpered yet again, the large bite on my heel stinging as the cold water poured down on me.'Please.' I was all alone, but I still had a shimmer of ephemeral hope inside of me. My enfeebled hands clutched on the slippery grass, while I used the only strength I had left to push my entire body forward. I struggled to stretch my numb fingers, but they put up a little resistance. I couldn't see clearly, not because of the down pour, or the darkness but because my eye lids struggled to stay open in the dark. My head pounded with every little movement, the extreme ache dizzying me.I tried harder, to pull myself from the grass covered road side, to
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Chapter 2
ScarlettI attempted to move, to stretch, to find a little comfort on the damp floor, but every single position proved to be too much for my rigid muscles. The little space was pervaded with repugnant stench of stale urine and rotten meat. My nose wrinkled, attempting to control the amount of the foul air that seeped into my lungs.The space was dark all the time, I couldn't tell how long I had been there. I couldn't even tell how I got there but I had a feeling I had been knocked out cold, because the last time I was in a better room. My head spun as my eyes stung with the excessive ammonia in the musty room.If I had known I would end up locked in a foreign territory, I wouldn't have escaped. I only wanted to be free, to enjoy my life away from the vile beings but seemed fate had another plan for me. I leaned back on the cracked wall, shutting my eyes briefly as my whole head pounded mercilessly.Even through the loud throbbing, my mind took me back to my former living conditions. Th
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Chapter 3
ScarlettMy eyes blinked open, a loud scream leaving my mouth as I thrashed on the hard floor. I whimpered, a fire spreading along my muscles as they were forced to stretch without a warning, reflexively. A bad dream, except now that I was awake, I knew it wasn't a dream but my reality. It felt so actual and that is when everything came rushing back.Cane and his friend, the two guards, the people that were placed outside my cell to occlude my escape. The same two vile men that wanted to force themselves on me. An image of my legs being pried open flashed before my eyes, followed by increased heart palpitations.The weary feeling of being held down, trapped on the hard concrete washed over me yet again. I relived it all over again, the helplessness, the constant begging. I wiped a sheen of sweat on my forehead with the back of my hand, ignoring the burning feeling all over my body.I had gone through too much in my pathetic excuse of a life to break down now. I massaged my temples to e
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Chapter 4
Alpha JaxScarlett was pushed by Cane through the door, with a tight grip on the back of her neck. She wobbled inside, her eyes glancing around the room, starting from Jasper, to Thierry my gamma and finally to me. Her two green orbs swirled with disgust as she briefly looked at me. I could see her nostrils flaring making my lips stretch upwards in a smirk.Her dress was tattered all over, exposing her dirty stained skin. Her hair was a mess of knots on her head, in need of a thorough washing. I continued my brief inspection, taking in the obvious swelling under her green eyes. Her back was bend, her tiny hands clutching her stomach tightly.Cane pushed her on the metallic chair, but not even once did the girl wince. I had hidden admiration for her despite how hard I tried pushing it away. She had tolerance to pain and I couldn't wait to see how far she would keep up the act. I broke rogues in this very same room, I maimed them, reduced them to nothing. I reminded them how useless they
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Chapter 5
Scarlett'No! ' The beast of a man sneered holding me by my neck, his claws digging into my skin. There was supposed to be pain on the punctured skin, but all I felt was electric tingles dancing across the parts his skin came into contact with mine. My wolf purred on the inside, enjoying his touch, but the bond couldn't fool me.Normally, I would have been shivering from the cold, but I felt warm. My clothes had shredded during the shift, but Thierry had been kind enough to drape a jacket over me.I felt half complete now that my wolf had finally surfaced. I felt like a totally different woman. Every single sense of mine was heightened, my vision was more clear, I could pick up sounds even as far as outside the chamber. Silas had insisted I didn't have a wolf, that I was weak, spineless and didn't deserve to have one but now, I knew I was normal.'You, a rogue, my mate? ' He let go forcefully, standing up with his strong muscular arms flailing in the air. I recoiled further on the wall
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Chapter 6
ScarlettI hadn't heard from Alpha Jax for what seemed like days. I was back in my cell, with no contact with the outside world. I hadn't slept a second, thoughts running in cycles inside my brain. I had jumped from a frying pan inside the fire without knowing.I shook my head, massaging my temples weakly. An heir, he wanted to simply use me to his own benefit and get rid of me. Didn't the bond affect him even in the slightest? Was his wolf comfortable with him playing around with a goddess given gift?I screamed my frustrations, the answer to my questions tasting bitter on my tongue. All my life I had passed in the hands of monsters like alpha Silas, but Jaxon was the worst of them all. Cruel in ways I had never seen before, the over 6 foot man was a force to be reckoned with, and unfortunately I was on the receiving end.'The alpha wants to see you. ' The sound of keys dangling filled the silence in the cell as Cane unlocked the door. I didn't wait for him to forcefully pull me up,
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Chapter 7
Alpha JaxSomething grisly, unfettered took over my system. My wolf stood rooted, pushing over, attempting to break free. I could smell fear from every single one in the room. The sheer power that emanated from me threatened to pull them down to their knees.PregnantThe word was at the tip of my tongue, burning, demanding to be let out through every possible way. I looked at Scarlett as she shook in my arm, her lips trembling. I pictured her beneath a man, relishing in pleasure as he took her over and over again. Possessiveness and jealousy filled me, my wolf demanded the information.'You couldn't fucking wait for me? ' I demanded, series of growls passing through my throat. Deep and animalistic, they reverberated around the entire room.'Please. 'She whispered, trembling, tears filling her eyes, streaming down her angelic face. She couldn't fool me though, with the results from the doctor, she was anything but angelic.'That is not the answer! Who the fuck touched you Scarlett? '
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Chapter 8
Alpha Jax I paced on my office hardwood flooring, the material creaking under my combat boots. My right hand tapped on the front of my thigh as I chewed on the inside of my cheek. There was something about Scarlett, something that stopped me from murdering her on sight. I ignored my father's raised eyebrow as he scrolled through his phone. 'You know you won't kill her right? ' He nonchalantly asked, picking up a glass of water from the black oaken table. 'She is a trespasser, she will suffer the same fate as the rest. ' I ground out the words, running my right hand through my hair. 'It takes you roughly an hour to get rid of rogues Jaxon...She has been here for more than a week. I can see the hesitation clearly written on your face. ' I sighed, lacking words to fire at him because he was right. 'I heard what happened yesterday. ' He spoke after a minimal silence, chugging down the clear liquid. 'Even more reason to get rid of her. ' I muttered, the reality sinking in my mind yet
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Chapter 9
Alpha JaxMy fathers words kept ringing inside my head with loud unending echoes. ' lose her forever... you will become the one thing you despise the most...’ It was a non ending cycle of his voice disrupting me to my core. Two nights of struggling to find sleep only proved the credibility of his utterances. The man didn't speak a lot but when he did, only sense emanated from his mouth.Those words had my heart racing frantically and wolf going ballistic inside of me. It was yet another night of wanting to sleep but my body working hard against me. I rolled over and over again on my king sized bed, attempting to find a suitable sleeping position. The beast roared in the inside, scratching and pushing, wanting out to go out to see Scarlett. I remained on the bed, adamantly holding my wall up my brain to avoid shifting.'You know she is ours. ' My wolf growled, sending his thoughts to mine. I could feel my human side becoming weaker as minutes passed by, my wolf wanted nothing but to hol
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Chapter 10
Scarlett 'No, please no. ' My whispers echoed in the damp dark room. I attempted to shift, to drown the pain by shutting my human side. My wolf refused to relent, howling on the insides with her neck bared. Everything in my life seemed to be floundering out of control. I had no idea what day it was, what time it was and how long it had been since Cane dragged me back from the office. 'No, no, no. ' I muttered repeatedly, refusing to believe that I was with child. Conceived through an atrocity, against my consent, how could I carry such a child? I hated Silas with every single cell in my body. My blood boiled thinking about the man who had simply decided to ruin my already wretched life, completely. The child was innocent, but how was I supposed to overlook the monstrous act that led to her creation? I stepped back until my heated back got into contact with the rough concrete wall. I was a shivering mess, my fingers felt bigger than usual, frozen, despite the heat that I felt. As if
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