Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I materialized all three of us to my house. We set Haven in one of the guest rooms and left the dagger in her chest while we decided just how to go about this. When Haven comes back as a Human, she was going to be pissed.

She would have no powers. She would start to age and have to learn to live her life as a Human. I didn’t even feel one bit bad for her either, especially after knowing all of the shit she stirred up. A Human life would be fitting for her.

I decided we should go talk to my brother Raziel first before we did anything. That way we could see if the Human town along the edge of the Wolf pack bordering his lands would even be a good fit for Haven to begin with.

Katrina agreed, so we materialized to my brother's front gate. Katrina gasped as she took in the sight of Raziel’s home. It was similar to mine. So similar, that you could definitely tell we were brothers. “It’s majestic, isn’t it?” I said to Katrina. “You guys are definitely related.” She replied.

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