Chapter 49

Chapter 49


It had been a week since Ramses went into his coma after we severed the tether. I still had hope that he could come out of this. I knew healing would take time, and in his own mind there may have been a lot more damage than we expected.

I had no idea what was happening inside Ramses’ mind, but I hoped he was able to fix it. We had never done anything like this before, and so we honestly had no idea what to expect.

I was extremely grateful for Rowen. He stayed with me this entire time, never leaving me alone. I knew he didn’t want to stay, he wanted to cut ties with me the night Ramses went into his coma. But once he didn’t wake up, Rowen couldn’t bear to leave me alone.

I don’t think I could ever repay him, honestly. The week was spent mostly stressing about Ramses and how to help him heal. His brothers visited every couple of days to check on him, and try and heal him but it didn’t seem to work.

Their type of healing worked on the body, not the mind, apparentl
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