The Runaway Wife and Her Tabby Cat Prince

The Runaway Wife and Her Tabby Cat Prince

By:  Mildred Rose  Completed
Language: English
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Delta Hart once ran away to keep her children safe from their abusive father. However, she ended up running into the arms of a billionaire bachelor. The catch was that... he would rather work on their private army than their billion-dollar company. As the wife of the CEO, she took post as a proxy and decided to run it the way she wanted. Now that her baby daddy lurked to enact vengeance, Delta made use of everything she had gotten to get rid of him for good. It's just that her true lineage might be a big hurdle for her happily-ever-after.

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105 Chapters
Is This is Hostage Situation, Mr. Colton?
The noon sun was almost at its peak, but Delta was still running across the streets. She held her worn-out blue coat against her body that cold day, and her breath huffed as she made her way to where the people were. The inauguration of the new building was scheduled today, and she might just make it if she ran faster and evade the incoming people better.“Over there! Don’t lose her!” A man pressed on his ear microphone and ran off to intercept her. At his words, seven of them emerged from the thin crowd Delta just passed.“Oh, no… there’s more of them today!” Delta huffed as she glanced behind her. She didn’t need to see a uniform on them to know which men were chasing her.She then looked up ahead. When she saw a pair of men moving furniture into an alley, she picked up her knee-length skirt and held it to her waist. Then she leaped across the long table like it was just a simple hurdle. The moving men grew shocked, but they were trampled by three men who were chasing Delta.The wom
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Take Everything on Your Own
Delta took a deep breath, but she coughed out from the pollen. Before she stepped into the podium to read the cue cards, she made sure to dust her face and hair. She also turned to pat the pollen off Wolfram, secretly taking the cue cards the man gave her. For some reason, Delta found herself faced with a lot of microphones and cameras. It even felt like the people’s faces morphed into machines.She glanced at the cue card and made a quick skim at them. Then she smiled sweetly as she began with her task. “Greetings, people of my dear city. On behalf of Mr. Colton, let me show our gratitude for your undying support and patronage to Colton Industries…”“…Mr. Colton… I didn’t hear about you having a wife before.” The speaker went to whisper to his boss’s son. “What is her name?”“I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve seen her.” Wolfram hid his frown at the sweetness shown by the strange girl who ran into him.“But didn’t you say she is…?” The speaker was taken aback. However, when Wo
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Only Other Person
The door broke down as the man fitted himself through it. The children hugged their mother, and Delta only used her lithe body to protect them. She would take out her stun gun, but a single charge wouldn’t bring down a big man like that.However, the big man retreated and stood at the side. A man in an expensive suit walked in from behind the big person. He had long dark hair tied in a ponytail and hidden behind his collar, and his eyes were as green as Delta’s. The most defining feature of his face was the ugly scar on his cheekbone.“Delta, just stop. You’ll only get yourself hurt if you escape again.” He shook his head at the defiant look on her face. He then moved his head to meet Eine’s gaze through the gap under her mother’s arm. “Oh, are those Foxley and Eine? They look really cute.”“Carolus, please pretend you didn’t see me here.” Delta took a deep breath and glanced at the other men the man brought to fetch her. “You don’t have to take me back.”“Are you crazy? I’ve been doi
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I'll Dance with You
When she figured that a bigshot came to collect her and her kids, Delta had a feeling she would soon find that strange man looking to keep her as a captive. However, she didn’t expect Wolfram to buy off even the oranges from her humble stall. He was even eating them to attest to their quality.He then gestured for the woman and the kids to come closer. “I heard some guys already got to you before my team had. Are you scared?”“Not anymore.” Delta only glanced at the captain before walking her twins to the kitchen island. She lifted Foxley to a seat first before seating Eine next. “Are you going to hunt down the person who escaped? Can you not kill him?”“Someone escaped?” Wolfram lifted a brow and looked at the captain, who only nodded. The captain was not even ready to report that the leader escaped them easily.The man just frowned at the captain before bringing his gaze back to the two kids. He pushed the bowl of peeled orange slices to them. “I already finished two oranges. Do you
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Initiate a Trade
There was no music in the wind, so Delta sang a tune she knew how to dance to. It was a classical piece, and it was as if she had been dancing to it for a long time. She was only making a ‘dum-da-dum’ noise to substitute with the instruments as she made her turns. “I figured you’d be more against staying with a stranger,” Wolfram commented as he only stood to let her spin around him. “My kids are scared. I need to find a safer space for them to calm down.” Delta had a smile on her face. “A mansion has always been safer than the streets.” Wolfram frowned. “Calm down? You’re still going to escape me?” Delta only hummed in agreement. It’s just that she didn’t look like telling him bad news. It was so strange, but she continued dancing like she was not being questioned.
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Share It with You
It was so strange. Why did this woman want his clothes instead? He figured that was what most women wanted to wear. No matter. He just walked out of the bathroom after taking the red dress. Wolfram called over a maid and gave an order that froze the maid.“Leave this in my room. Get a change for me that will also fit Delta.” That was what he said, and it was pretty straightforward. He just didn’t know why his maid stared at his face.“Why are you still standing here?” Wolfram frowned at the maid.The maid took the red dress and asked, “Master, the matron bought women’s sweaters and other things for Ms. Hart. Does she really need to be in your clothes?”Wolfram slid his eyes to the side, but he couldn’t possibly open t
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If He Wanted Her Instead
Wolfram would answer the phone then and there, but there were three more people at the table. Then again, seeing how they basically didn’t care about the maid, he just answered it. He pressed the button and listened through the silence that came after.[“I heard you suddenly picked out a wife.”] His father’s voice was coarse from his illness. However, Wolfram could still recognize that voice… and how the father’s voice was coarser than the last time.“I opened the building already. I only have to do two things that you asked me to do.” Wolfram only glanced at the others, but the kids were too busy eating. Their mother was also keeping to herself. They didn’t seem to care about his phone call. “I just decided to cross out another from the list.”
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We Share Mommy, We Share Wolfie
Eine and Foxley were not used to rooming away from their mother, so the concept of having a different room for all three was so foreign. Moreover, Eine was so sure Foxley could not keep up with cleaning after himself. It was just that… Wolfram had someone redecorate some guest rooms while they were busy washing off and eating.The eyes of the little girl could not contain their luster when she stared at the walls of her room. Dolls were on the shelves, and the pastel colors of pink and blue made a swirl. There was also a doll house and a lot of stuffed toys placed somewhere in the room. On a corner was a small pink tent with a play set of tea time on a plastic table. A plastic stove was inside the tent.“Do you like it? I can buy a few more things when we go out, so make a list.” Wolfram stood by the door, watching the reaction of the little girl. She was already seven or eight, but she behaved like she hadn’t seen so many toys before.Instead of going around like her mother and her b
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Unlike in Eine’s room, most of Foxley’s toys were for outdoor use. Right now, Wolfram was letting him test out a drone. However, they could only fly it around the Blue Moon Estate’s yard. The tall grid fences allowed Wolfram to see through the defenses, but they were still wired to a power grid. If the drone flew over, it would get zapped by the fences. Crashing it would also give the same effect.Delta pursed her lips closed. She didn’t know this residence had electric fences. When she looked out earlier, the fences looked like gigantic chicken wire. It was good she found out before she tried to cut through it herself.Eine played with her new toys in her room, while Foxley ran around to follow his drone. However, he played it strangely. He would try his best to perch it somewhere he could reach and retrieve it himself. He said, he was
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On Her Daughter's Bed
Wolfram looked around as he skimmed through the life-sized dolls sitting in a corner. Eine was asking to store those for now because they scared her. They were beautiful, but she didn’t seem to feel safe around them. If Delta was going to hide, she should be hiding among those dolls.However, that was too easy. That was why he turned to the bed, where more toys occupied a good third of the space. He walked toward it, the maids keeping an eye on him. The master stood at the side and watched the stuffed animals intently. When he spotted a strange fabric tucked underneath one, he already knew Delta was hidden underneath them.His eyes then looked in the direction of the life-sized dolls. “Well, this is hard. I’m already exhausted from pretending I like going outside.”“Can we recommend res
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