Naneth’s chest was pounding so hard she couldn’t be bothered.

When the door opened, a handsome and familiar face appeared on him. She stared at the man. She knew she had seen it, but she couldn’t remember where and when. The man’s smile was so beautiful when suddenly something flashed back into her mind.


Dominic begs Naneth to answer for him, but she can’t do it anymore because she promised Robin that she will marry him. She looked at Dominic, but she couldn’t refuse Robin’s offer. She had no choice but to accept it because she also knew it was the only way to fulfill her dreams. He just used her brain. She didn’t love Robin, and she knew he only used her for his personal intention to get his father’s inheritance.

“Naneth, please can I just. I also have money. My family is also rich. I know you are looking at me. ”

“Dominic, you are a kind person, with money and handsome. But I can’t take back my answer to Robin.” Naneth replied.

“I was the first to court you, Naneth, but why did you choose Robin? Did he scare you? ”

Naneth couldn’t answer what Dominic said. She was just quiet, but she wanted her tears to flow, but she just stopped it. She just left without looking back, while Dominic was left crying. It hurts for her she made such a decision, but she can’t do anything because there is also a reason she chose Robin,” even though she doesn’t love it.

End of flashback…

“Hello, Ms. Reyes. Do you want to welcome our new team leader?” Kyla asked.

“Ah! Yeah! I’m sorry, I was just thinking.” She suddenly regained consciousness. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Tan.” Naneth smiled.

“Nice to meet you, too. Mrs. Tan. ”

Naneth was surprised. Why did he know my last name! Everyone was also surprised because they knew Reyes was the last name she used.

“Sir, why Mrs. Tan. Did you reply to Naneth?” Amer asked in astonishment.

“Oh! Didn’t she put on her profile that she was my cousin’s wife?

All the staff at the board meeting looked on. She just bowed in utter shame. She couldn’t look at Dominic because of what she had done to him.

“Naneth, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m okay, Kyla. Please excuse me, everyone. ”

Naneth left, she went to the toilet. She looked in the mirror and didn’t notice that her eyes were already teary. She was confused. How could she deal with Dominic? But she remained steadfast, organized herself, and returned to the conference room.

Kyla asked her again if she was okay. She replied she was okay. They continued to listen to the presentation of their companion. After the presentation, they returned to their department.

Naneth and Dominic were left alone in the conference room. Naneth was about to get up to return to her seat, but Dominic called to her.

“Naneth, wait! How is your life as my cousin’s wife? Is it fun?

Naneth couldn’t answer right away. Dominic’s question sounded different, as if he was insulting her. Dominic still can’t forget the pain he felt when she chose Robin over him.

“You can not answer! Because you are not happy. If you only chose me, your life will be more comfortable now.” Dominic said again.

She finally spoke as well. “I don’t need to explain to you what my life will be like after I marry Robin. It’s none of your business. I didn’t work here with any bad intentions. I just want to be successful in life. ”

Dominic was stunned by what Naneth said. He admired her courage. So he wanted to get to know Naneth even more. He also prefers Naneth to team up so he can protect her.


Gio called Dominic before and greeted him on the new task. And he said he was happy to welcome by the staff. But he did not say that he worked with Naneth. He remembered then that Gio thought differently of Naneth, so he hid Naneth under him.

Amer and his boss, Roel, talked. He said Kyla had hired a new private investigator. He said the full name, and he showed a photo. He was surprised because her face was familiar, and he looked very much like the girl he had met on the street selling boiled chicken eggs.

“Amer, where did Kyla meet Naneth?” his boss asked.

“As far as I know, they met at a resto-bar. She said she saw the woman drinking alcohol. She even seems to be angry with her because he is interfering with what she is doing.” Amer replied.

Roel, his boss, became curious about Naneth. He begs Amer to watch over Naneth. Amer obeyed his command. But Amer does not know why his boss treated Naneth like that.

The next day…

“Why did you get called Robin?”

“Can’t Naneth? I’m worried about you because you’re the only one in the house. We can hire a maid for you. ”

“No need, Robin, I can handle myself. How long have you been in Manila?

“Yeah! Can I extend for 3 days because our project here is not finished yet? ”

Naneth couldn’t answer right away. She knew her husband was lying. So she didn’t answer, she put down her phone. She was irritated with anger. She wanted to slap Robin if it was just in front of her.

Kyla saw her blush. So she asked why she looked like that. Naneth said the reason Kyla was also emotional was that she also felt angry.

“So, what is your plan?

“I don’t know Kyla. Sometimes I regret what happened in my life, especially the wrong decision I made to marry Robin.” Naneth’s eyes redden as she talks to Kyla.

“Your decision is not wrong. You just went to the wrong person who can’t be satisfied. You will also find out who Robin’s woman is. ”


They have a meeting again for their first mission. Everyone is in the conference room except Naneth and Dominic. Everyone is waiting because the plan cannot start without them.

Naneth was awake. She was in a hurry to get dressed. They are no longer the same as Kyla’s apartment in the other unit. All Kyla knew was that she was in the office. So she never called Naneth again.

“Shit! We have a meeting.”. She Naneth said.

She quickly got ready. She didn’t eat breakfast anymore. She goes down to the parking lot to go to her car. She started his car and ride it fast so that she could reach their meeting.

She was running fast. Until she realized there was a car ahead of her, she collided with its rear.

“Shit! Why now? Naneth was mad. This vehicle was suddenly overtaken.” Annoyed, Naneth said.

She got off, and she talked to the driver of the car. It does not open the driver's shield. The car’s shield was tinted, so she couldn’t see who was inside it.

“Hey! Get out of there. You know you’re heading me fast! Why did you overtake the line? It should be my line. Haist! Our boss will scold me because I’m too late. ”

The man slowly opened his driver’s shield. He was surprised because the man who was driving was so handsome. It is shaded and looks elegant and rich. She was stunned. She was no longer silent.

“Is there any problem miss, what I know is you ran into me? And one more thing, you’re running fast. I stopped because the light was red. You don’t look where you’re going. ”

She wanted to tweak the man, but she just stopped it because she realized she was also wrong.

“Okay, if you want to settle your damage to me. Just take this calling card because I’m also in a hurry. I’m also going somewhere, and besides the number of cars waiting behind you to get stuck, we got in the way. ”

The man drove his car fast. She was so bored; she didn’t look at the name on the calling card, she just put it in her pocket. She returned to her car even though the front of her car was also damaged.

“Oh! Shit, I’m late. ”

Dominic woke the woman with him in the condo. Ever since Naneth criticized him, his behavior has changed. He is already having sex with different women. Naneth had a huge impact on Dominic.

“Babe, it’s so early. I will get up later. ”

“What? Get up because someone will clean my condo. I’ve paid you already and don’t call me babe because I’m not your boyfriend. ”

The woman was insulted by what he said. She got up, frowned at him and put on her clothes, then left.

Dominic first arrived at the building where their office was located. His condo is closer to their office.

While he was in the parking lot. He saw that there was a car with damage to the rear. When he saw the man coming down, he was surprised because he saw Gio.

“Gio! he calls the man. He turned and waved at him.

“Oh! What happened to your car? Who hit you? ”

“I don’t know her. She’s the one who wants to get mad at me! It’s her fault. I just give her my calling card in case she needs anything from me. ”

“Oh! Seriously! Even if it’s her fault, you’re the one who wants to give the calling card. I’m proud of you. ”

“Don’t mind her. Then only a small thing happened in my car. Just join me later, after the meeting, to fix the damage because I will leave the car and I will get in your car. ”

As they enter the building, they take the elevator. The guards greeted them, but they did not know Gio. Because his posture is different, it is not obvious that he is the son of the owner of the company. Dominic is even more confused as the son of the owner of the company because of his posture in office attire.

They entered the elevator and heard the women with them muttering.

“Bro, why didn’t you say that you were already in the Philippines? You still haven’t changed in your blood that it’s secret. We’re just surprised you’re already there. I could not prepare a welcome party for you. ”

“Don’t mind, bro. Okay, that’s not important. How is the operation? Is the staff service okay?

“So far, so good. It’s good that you were able to have a meeting today for the first mission. ”

“Oh! That’s cool. ”

The women in the elevator with them were listening and watching the two of them. So they just smiled.

They heard the staff muttering that they were both handsome, so they just smiled. As they exit the elevator to the office.


Abigail’s family is complete. They ate together with her mommy and daddy. She was happy to see that they were complete. Her father spoke.

“Abigail, it’s good that the three of us ate together. Because I remember you were always away whenever we ate. Where are you going?

“Dad, you know where. I’m a big dad, so don’t worry about me. I’m losing my appetite for your question.” Abigail replied.

“Abigail, let your dad finish his words. He will tell you something important, so don’t walk out first.” Said her mother.

Her daddy told her to work for their company.

“What? No way, I’m happy hanging around with my friends. Besides, I know nothing about the business world. ”

“How do you know you haven’t started yet? You are graduated from a prestigious university, but you didn’t use it. ”

“So, what? It’s my life. You don’t have to tell me what I will do.”. Abigail replied.

“Abigail enough! You are already answering your daddy. ”

Abigail left. She. When didn’t want to work for their company. She preferred to enjoy life because she was spoiled.


Naneth’s car was moving fast so she could reach the meeting. Kyla suddenly called out to her.

“Naneth, where are you? You and Dominic are just waiting for it to start. And I’ve heard that the CEO’s son is here. They said they came yesterday and couldn’t even prepare a welcome party because he wasn’t informed to go home. They said that’s how he behaves. ”

“Is that so! All right, I’m close. An accident happened. When I was in a hurry I collided with a car. I’ll tell you later. I’m still driving. ”

“Okay, all right! hurry or you will be scolded. ”

Naneth has arrived at the parking lot. There is a parking area vacant. She immediately parked and got out of the car towards the back. She saw there was a car next to her with a broken. back, she was surprised but she ignored it because she was in a hurry to get to the meeting.

What will be Naneth’s reaction to who she sees in the conference room?

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