They were near the conference room when someone called Dominic. Robin, his cousin. The two talked, but he did not say that he and his wife Naneth would work together. Robin knows Naneth did not leave Manila, and she also doesn’t want Robin to know that her husband works so as not to hurt his ego.

Gio asked who called him. He said his cousin was just saying hello and planned to meet him because he was also in Manila. Dominic mentioned that if he wanted to meet his cousin. Gio agreed so that they could also meet.

Gio and Robin haven’t met yet because when Dominic had a welcome party in the province, Robin couldn’t attend because he was taking care of something about their business. Gio didn’t know that Dominic liked Naneth, and he flirted with her, but he wasn’t the only one chosen. Robin did not know that Dominic was flirting with his ex-wife. The only ones who know are Naneth and Dominic.

Naneth entered the building. The guard greeted her there. S
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