Chapter 2504

“Oh? Are you saying that you’ll repay my kindness with murder?” said Gerald in a playful tone.

Laughing in response, Sanchez then retorted, “Killing you would be letting you off easy! I want you to suffer! To think that a brat like you would even dare to make me submit to you…! I’ll show you my true power today if it’s the last thing I do!”

Following that, Sanchez took a deep breath… and shortly after, his palm was enveloped in black light!

Sensing how powerful the light was becoming, the anxious Yusra—who had been watching from the side—couldn’t help but exclaim, “Stop Sanchez immediately, Blancetnoir Double Lords…!”

To her dismay, the duo didn’t seem keen on moving an inch. In fact, they almost seemed eager to see Gerald suffer!

While it was true that Gerald had saved them, the boy had also threatened them back then. Hell, he had almost gotten them to kill each other…! It was a dark moment for them, which was why they felt no remorse for not helping the boy now!

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Bebe Colegado
I hope after new year everything will move smoothly....honestly i feel bad for not seeing next chapter updated everytime i want to open but i also think maybe the author also struggling in other side or has personal issue to attend. So i hope this book will end well thats all.
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Claude Peter-Thomas
This is a blatant rip off!!! For over week and only 1 chapter???
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ieda norieda Idris
Dear writer, If you are not feeling well or sick, please find a doctor... also, please... do update more chapter.. because i feel quite irritated to read only 1 chapter after waiting for 1 week...

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