Chapter 2505

Now that all three of them had been subdued with the Nineraid Band, the other big shot cultivators couldn’t help but stare enviously at Gerald, knowing full well that they’d never be able to obtain his angelic artifacts. After all, if he could take down the Blancetnoir Double Lords and Sanchez, then what chance did they have?

By this point, Sanchez had managed to get to his feet, albeit with quite a bit of difficulty. Naturally, he no longer dared to make any rash moves on Gerald. Instead, he was prompted to resentfully say, “You’re really something else, Gerald…! It makes me wonder why you still need our help. After all, not only are you the sole person who knows the secrets of the general’s tomb, but you also possess those angelic artifacts!”

“Oh, don’t you worry about that. With how powerful you three are, I’m sure you’ll become indispensable assistants as we head to the North Desert in search of a certain someone! Speaking of which, if you’re already thinking about killing me t
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Venuz Perez
I don't even know what the heck is going on anymore, it's like I'm reading parts and pieces from other episodes. like wth!
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Irene Hassan
I think I already want my money back
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No feedback from goodnovel nor the author shameless

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