Chapter 2506

There were two straightforward purposes of the trip. The first was to find Phoebe, the descendant of the ancient witches. Only by finding her would Gerald have a chance to locate Daryl’s hideout… Hopefully the Yinblood pellet—that was now in his hands—would aid with that effort…

As for the second goal, he was hoping to retrieve the inheritance according to the Zearl’s instructions. After all, he’d only stand a fighting chance against Daryl and the Soluna Sect after getting the inheritance.

While it was true that Gerald’s cultivation level was currently one of the highest in all of the cultivation realm, the fact remained that Daryl practiced devilish cultivation, and those from the Soluna Deus Sect were already in the Deitus Realm.

In other words, he was merely an ant to them, which was why he was making sure to fully prepare himself before confronting them. Though he now had Sanchez and the Blancetnoir Double Lords under his command, he still felt that he was underprepared…

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Jenice Tagnipez Fiel
oh wow.. it seems like the author decided to make 1 chapter every two months now
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Sharon Suttle
me too, but didn't this story just was already serialized..only getting a few chapters at a time.???
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Sharon Suttle
yes but the app gn execs should be curious did author just quit, sick, die, and as readers after 2000 hours and chapters , I think we are owed an explanation, they didn't mind holding us til we paid! and we all have!

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