Chapter 2507

From what Gerald could tell, all of them were devilish cultivators. After all, their auras were way different compared to regular cultivators like Gerald and demonic cultivators like Sanchez. Though he had read about devilish cultivators before in one of Uncle Zeman’s books, this was his first time actually coming across them.

It was a while later when the frowning Sanchez muttered, “So, they want to ambush some herb lady… Is she the one we’re looking for?”

Sanchez, for one, had pretty much been frowning throughout his journey with Gerald. His only hope at the moment was for Gerald to find the person he was looking for as soon as possible. Otherwise, who knew how long that boy would continue controlling his life!

Regardless, Marcel was quick to add, “I had the same thought, Mr. Crawford. After all, Phoebe excels not only in pharmacology, but also in all sorts of special techniques and formations!”

Watching as Gerald nodded, the Blancetnoir Double Lords couldn’t help but scoff,
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