Chapter 2

It turned out that his parents and sisters had been lying to him when they told him that they were working abroad.

After that, Gerald called his parents directly. They were initially angry that his sister had told him about their wealth without their permission but after a short while, they decided to apologize to Gerald instead.

Gerald’s father told him that he had no choice but to do so because he wanted to raise him to have a humble personality. After that, his father explained a lot to him!

Gerald then withdrew a hundred thousand dollars from the bank before he was going to go shopping with some of the black bank cards that his sister had just mailed to him.

In fact, Gerald was still not completely convinced. Was this just a dream?

Gerald was very excited at this time.

“Hahaha. Xavia, if you didn’t break up with me, I would be able to buy you whatever you want now.”

“Yuri and Danny, you’ve already insulted and made fun of me so much in university. I wonder how you’re both going to react in the future.”

Gerald smiled bitterly to himself.

It was already almost noon when he left the bank.

At this time, Gerald’s cell phone rang and he realized that it was a phone call from the head of his dormitory.


“Gerald, are you okay? Why aren’t you in the dormitory?”

“Oh, I went out for a stroll!”

“The few of us are scared to death. We’re so worried about you. By the way, it is Naomi’s birthday today. As she couldn’t contact you, she’s asked me to ask you if you’re attending her birthday party tonight. She said that she’s already mentioned her birthday celebration to you a few days ago!”

After hearing his words, Gerald looked through the list of missed calls on his phone before he realized that he had indeed missed some calls from Naomi.

Naomi was Gerald’s classmate and not only was she very beautiful but she was also very close to Gerald.

Apart from Xavia, Naomi was Gerald’s only female friend.

In fact, Gerald remembered Naomi telling him about her birthday a few days ago. However, he did not say anything because he was already struggling to simply feed himself a few days ago.

But now…Gerald decided to live like a normal person in his usual circle of friends.

So, why would he not go to the birthday party?

“I have to get a birthday gift for her, right?”

After hanging up the phone, Gerald looked around him and the only thing that attracted him was the Hermes shop.

This was a world-famous luxury store which carried very luxurious items. Even though it was very expensive, many second-generation rich kids from Gerald’s university liked to come here mainly because of prestige!

Gerald did not plan to enter the store but he suddenly thought of the Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card that his sister had mailed to him today.

He felt very tempted at this time.

He was initially very reluctant to spend money but when he thought about the card, Gerald guilt immediately lessened.

After taking a deep breath, Gerald walked into the Hermes boutique store immediately.

“Hello sir, what can I do for you?”

A very beautiful salesgirl inside greeted Gerald very politely.

Even though there was a trace of contempt in her eyes when she glanced at Charlie’s clothes, she was still very polite.

She knew that everyone who entered this store would usually look around first but she did not understand why someone like him would want to enter their boutique store.

“I’ll take a look around the store first,” Gerald replied immediately. This was his first time stepping into such a luxurious boutique store so he really did not know what to buy.

The salesgirl had a cold expression on her face as she looked at Gerald.

“Yuri, can you buy me a bag?”

At this time, a familiar voice reached Gerald’s ear and he saw a beautiful girl walking into the store as she held onto another man’s arm.

The expression on Gerald’s face changed immediately when he turned around and saw the couple.

It was none other than Yuri and Xavia.

“Hello! Is this your girlfriend, Mr. Lowell? She’s really very beautiful!”

As soon as the salesgirl who was serving Gerald earlier saw Yuri, there was a 180 degree change in her attitude as she greeted him with a smile on her face.

Everyone knew that Yuri was a second-generation rich kid and he was very eye-catching wherever he went. That was the reason why the salesgirl rushed over to him immediately.

“Rachel, this is my girlfriend, Xavia. I’ve brought her here to take a look today because I’d like to buy her a bag.”

Xavia blushed at this time. Yuri was indeed a rich young man who was recognized wherever he went.

At this time, Xavia pointed at one of the bags before she said, “Yuri, I want this bag!”

The bag was placed inside a cabinet and it looked very luxurious and grand.

Rachel smiled before she said, “This bag is a collector’s edition that was introduced during the Hermes’ 200th anniversary celebration. There are only two hundred units of this bag produced worldwide and it’s worth fifty-five thousand dollars!”


Xavia was so shocked and she could not help but gasp out loud.

Yuri also jumped up slightly before he smiled and said, “Rachel, if I’m not mistaken, this is a handmade bag with excellent workmanship. It was only released last year and it has already won one of the spots on the list of world’s top ten luxury goods, right?”

Rachel was very surprised at Yuri’s extensive knowledge. “You seem to know a lot about bags!”

Yuri shook his head before he said, “I like to research luxury goods but this is really a very expensive bag.”

After that, Yuri looked at Xavia before he said, “My dear, you have really exquisite taste. Let’s get you another bag that is worth five or six thousand dollars instead.”

Yuri would rather die than purchase a bag for fifty-five thousand dollars!

Xavia pouted as she said, “Alice’s boyfriend bought her a bag worth more than eight thousand dollars!”

“Well, you’ll have to wait until I get more allowance next month, then!”

At this time, the other people who have just heard Rachel introducing the bag to Yuri quickly surrounded the cabinet containing the luxury bag.

When Yuri was talking about the bag that was worth fifty-five thousand dollars, he seemed very knowledgeable!

Everyone was very impressed with his knowledge.

When Gerald saw that the salesgirl had already left him alone, he no longer wanted to stay in the boutique shop because he did not want Xavia to see him.

At this time, a younger salesgirl suddenly walked up to Gerald before she bowed and said, “Hello sir, how can I…how can I help you today?”

She looked like she had just started working as a salesgirl.

She was still a little timid.

However, it warmed Gerald’s heart because she was very polite.

“Oh, I’d like to buy someone a birthday gift!” Gerald replied immediately.

“Sir, do you have a Shopper’s Card? If you have one, you will be able to enjoy a discount on your purchases.”

Even though Gerald was her first customer, she did not judge him simply because of his simple and casual appearance. Instead, she continued speaking to him in a very professional manner.

“Oh yes. Can you please take a look at this?”

Gerald took out the Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card that his sister had given to him before passing it to the salesgirl.

The salesgirl widened her eyes in shock when she saw the card.

“This, this…black gold card?”

The salesgirl continued staring at Gerald in shock and disbelief. This young man looked like an ordinary student and not a famous rich man. How could he possibly have a black gold card?

Gerald was confused and he asked, “What’s a black gold card?”

“It is a supreme-level card and you can spend up to three hundred thousand dollars on this card, while the minimum amount for each transaction is fifty thousand dollars, sir!”

Gerald was even more confused at this time. He knew that their family was rich but he did not know that they were so rich!

“Sir, based on the items we are currently carrying in our store, you can’t use this black gold card on any of the regular luxury goods in this shop. However, you can easily reach the minimum transaction amount if you check out the collector’s edition bag. I will bring it over to you now.”

The salesgirl bowed again before she left immediately.

At the same time, Xavia and Yuri were still looking around the boutique store as they checked out all of the bags with a look of admiration on their face.

The young salesgirl unlocked the cabinet before taking the collector’s edition bag out.

Rachel frowned immediately before she said, “Wendy, what do you think you’re doing now?”

Wendy turned around and replied, “I’d like to show a customer this bag!”

“Is this the kind of bag that you should be showing to just any customer? Who are you showing it to?”

Rachel frowned as she stared at Wendy.

Wendy looked in Gerald’s direction as she said respectfully, “This gentleman over here.”

Yuri and Xavia also turned around to look at the direction that the salesgirl was pointing at before they burst out in laughter.


Yuri could not hold his laughter in when he saw Gerald.

If he could, he would have already rolled on the ground as he laughed.

“What are you talking about? That man wants to see the collector’s edition bag?” Yuri asked as he pointed his finger at Gerald.

This was a big joke to Yuri.

Yuri stared at Gerald with a contemptuous expression on his face and Gerald felt a little embarrassed at this time because there was a crowd of people staring at him.

Rachel also had an ugly expression on her face as she said, “Wendy! Do you really think this man would be able to afford to buy any of the bags in our boutique store? Who are you kidding?”

“No, Rachel. That customer has a black gold card. He is our VIP customer!”

“Hahaha!” Yuri laughed out loud again. “A VIP customer? He’s a famous pauper in our university!”

Xavia also glared at Gerald in disgust as she said, “Gerald, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Why don’t you leave this place immediately?”


Gerald looked around as the crowd of people continued ridiculing him. The young salesgirl was also placed in a very difficult position as Rachel was glaring at Gerald in disgust.

At this time, Gerald simply strode over to the counter before he placed his black gold card on the counter.

“I’ll buy that collector’s edition bag today!”
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