Chapter 7

Gerald scratched his head awkwardly.

In fact, he had been trying to avoid Naomi and her friends.

He especially wanted to avoid Alice since she seemingly hated him so much. Therefore, Gerald didn’t want to waste his time trying to butter up to her.

“Danny was the one who suggested that we have some fun at Emperor Karaoke Bar on Mayberry Commercial Street. If you try to run away this time, we’ll no longer be friends!” Naomi told Gerald upfront.

She had always been a very straightforward and outgoing person and she did not put too much thought into any situation at all.

Therefore, she would never be able to understand that Gerald was not from the same world as them.

Of course, this was all in the past.

When Naomi saw that Gerald was not saying anything, she quickly said once again, “Okay, let’s go and have some fun together! I know you’re afraid that Danny will try to make things difficult for you again, but don’t worry about him. If he tries to pick on you again, I’ll make sure to teach him a lesson!”

Gerald could only smile when he heard Naomi’s words.

He knew that if he continued turning down her invitation, she would be really mad at him.

Alright, they should just have some fun together then.

Naomi hurriedly led Gerald to the entrance of the Emperor Karaoke Bar.

When Gerald looked at the name of the bar, he realized that this was one of the properties registered under his own name. Gerald had never had the opportunity to do this in the past but this time, he would finally be able to pay for his friends.

“Oh! Mr. Crawford is also here on Mayberry Commercial Street? Do you know the way around this place? Do you know where you can have a lot of fun here? I can show you around.”

Danny walked over to Gerald with a sheepish smile on his face.

“Danny, shut up already! What did I warn you before this?”

Naomi glared at Danny with an angry expression on her face.

Danny smiled before he said, “Okay, okay. I was just trying to be nice to him. After all, Mayberry Commercial Street is where the rich and powerful people usually come to have some fun. Since Gerald would like to look around the street, I’d be more than happy to show him around.”

Alice could only glare at Gerald at this time.

She felt that it was really embarrassing to be seen with Gerald in public.

After that, Alice hurriedly asked, “Okay, why don’t we go in first? Danny, have you already booked the private room?”

“Yes, I’ve already booked the room, I asked a friend of mine to help me do so. After all, the rooms are usually fully booked at this time. Follow me!”

After that, Danny led the group of people into the karaoke bar.

This was the first time that Gerald had ever entered a karaoke bar and he thought that it was actually a rather luxurious place.

Moreover, the private room that Danny had booked for them was indeed very huge and luxurious. There was also a big fish tank with a few glittering gold arowana fishes in it.

After entering the room, the girls sat down at one corner whereas Gerald sat at another corner with the rest of his roommates.

At this time, they started taking turns to sing and the atmosphere in the room was very lively.

The girls continued chatting among themselves and Alice put her legs up on the sofa, showing off her long white legs.

“There are actually arowana fishes here?”

Gerald kept looking at the fish tank out of curiosity.

He had already read about how popular the arowana fishes were because of the good luck and fortune that they purportedly brought.

However, he felt as though these arowana fishes were completely different compared to the ones that he had seen in the books before.

Therefore, Gerald decided to ask Harper about it.

Harper nodded before he said, “Yes, these are arowana fishes but the ones here look a little different because they’re imported from Malaysia. They’re very valuable and only the really wealthy and powerful people can afford to buy these arowana fishes!”

Danny unintentionally heard Gerald and Harper talking about the arowana.

At this time, he couldn’t help himself from smiling before he said, “Oh my god, Gerald. You can even recognize the luxury brand Hermes but you cannot even recognize this precious arowana fish?”

As soon as she heard the word ‘Hermes’, Alice could not help but frown again.

Blondie who had also been following Danny around laughed before he said, “Hahaha. Unfortunately, there are no fake fishes! Otherwise, Gerald would definitely be able to recognize it and he’d definitely buy it too!”

“This kind of arowana fish is considered a very auspicious fish that can bring good luck and fortune to the family.”

Alice spoke up at this time.

“Ahh, Alice! You’re really very knowledgeable!”

Danny gave Alice two thumbs up immediately.

“Of course! Our Alice is a very intelligent goddess, unlike some pauper.”

Alice’s roommates chimed in without any hesitation at all.

“Wouldn’t this private room be very expensive? Are you very close with that friend of yours?” Alice could not help but asked Danny at this time.

In fact, she was already very impressed with Danny as she got to know him better throughout the night. If Danny was a little more mature and stable, he would definitely stand a chance to be her boyfriend.

“It’s alright. This private room only costs four thousand dollars a night,” Danny replied in a triumphant manner.

After that, he slapped his forehead as though he had just forgotten something. “Oh my god. If you hadn’t mentioned him, I would’ve completely forgotten that I promised to give my friend a call once I’m here.”

After that, Danny stepped aside to make a phone call.

At this time, Gerald continued sitting at a corner as he chatted happily with his friends.

Even though Naomi had initially planned to celebrate her birthday with her roommates and Gerald’s roommates, it was obvious that her friends were more interested in the guys from Danny’s dormitory.

In fact, Danny and Blondie were getting along very well with all of the girls in Alice’s dormitory.

At this moment, someone suddenly pushed the door open.

A young man dressed in a black suit and a pair of bright leather shoes walked into the room immediately. He was very tall and he had very fair skin and he seemed to be a very temperamental person at first glance.

“Brother Nigel, you’re here!”

Danny stood up to greet the man as soon as he saw him.

“Danny, how are you? Are you satisfied with this private room?”

“Of course! Thank you for arranging this for me, Brother Nigel!”

Danny spoke to him in a cheerful manner.

At this time, Blondie and the rest of Danny’s roommates also greeted Nigel respectfully.

“Danny, stop talking already! Why don’t you introduce me to your friends?”

At this time, Nigel glanced at all the beautiful girls seated in the room and he was especially attracted to Alice, who was extremely gorgeous.

“Oh right! I forgot about that! Everyone, let me introduce my friend to you. This is Nigel Fisher and his family is in the food and catering business. He owns Grand Marshall Restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street and he is making tens of millions of dollars every year! He’s the reason we were able to book this private room tonight!” Danny proudly introduced his friend.

Grand Marshall Restaurant?


Those who could open a restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street were usually extremely wealthy.

Moreover, they would definitely be making a lot of money!

Alice looked at Nigel with her bright and sparkling eyes at this time.

“Hahaha. Everyone, please don’t listen to Danny, he’s just spouting nonsense. My family’s business is really small. As for the reason why I could easily book a room in the Emperor Karaoke Bar, it’s simply because the manager is my father’s close friend. If you need help booking a room in the future, please don’t hesitate to approach me!” Nigel replied in a humble manner as he smiled.

“Brother Nigel, do you have a girlfriend?”

The girl seated beside Alice suddenly asked him a random question and everyone in the private room started laughing immediately.

Nigel smiled bitterly before he shook his head. After that, he looked at Alice before he said, “Hello, beautiful. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Hello!” Alice replied with a reserved smile on her face.

After that, Danny started to introduce everyone to Nigel one by one.

After introducing everyone in the room, Danny looked at Gerald who was seated at the corner.

He pointed his finger at Gerald before he said, “Brother Nigel, this is Gerald!”

Nigel held out his hand to shake hands with Gerald but his eyelids started twitching as soon as he heard his name.

“What? Is this the same Gerald who lost his girlfriend to Yuri and even delivered a gift to Yuri and Xavia when they were at the grove?”
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