Chapter 6

At the same time, in the most luxurious room in the manor, a middle-aged man with a very majestic aura was socializing with a group of businessmen.

He was the owner of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment on Mayberry Commercial Street and this naturally made him the richest man in Mayberry City.

However, everyone was surprised at this time.

This was because as soon as Mr. Lyle answered the phone, he stood up in shock before he ran out of the room frantically.

“What’s wrong with Mr. Lyle?”

Everyone could not understand his behavior at all.

At the front desk, Sebastian had not entered his room yet and he saw Gerald entering the manor again. He couldn’t help but offer to help Jane get rid of Gerald.

“Miss Jane, why don’t you just call for security? There isn’t any other way to deal with this kind of hillbilly!”

Sebastian smiled coldly at Gerald.

Jane nodded before she motioned for a few security guards to step forward.


At this time, Zack rushed out to the front hall as quickly as he could.

Everyone was stunned!

“Lyle…Mr. Lyle?”

Jane and the rest of the girls were in shock.

Sebastian quickly greeted Zack in a respectful manner. “Hello, Uncle Lyle. My name is Sebastian Lewis and my father is Jacob Lewis. We met during the last reception.”

Sebastian rushed forward to greet him immediately.

Unexpectedly, Zack did not even look at him.

However, he walked straight towards Gerald.

He even pushed Jane and the other girls away in a rude manner.

“Are you Gerald?” Zack asked respectfully.

Gerald nodded. “Yes, I am.”

“So, you know Jessica?”

“She’s my sister!” Gerald replied immediately.

Zack bowed ninety degrees respectfully in front of Gerald.

“Hello, Mr. Crawford. I am Zack!”


This scene really surprised Jane and everyone else.

Sebastian was also shocked at this time.

Mr. Lyle actually bowed in front of this hillbilly?

Who was he?

Gerald was also dumbfounded at this time. He knew that his sister was the boss of this commercial street but he really had no idea that his sister had such a powerful presence here. He really couldn’t believe that his sister actually had the power to make Zack give him this sort of preferential treatment.

To be honest, Gerald was still not used to the life of a second-generation rich kid!

Moreover, he was still in disbelief that this commercial street actually belonged to him.

“Yes, Mr. Lyle. My sister asked me to come over here to sign something,” Gerald replied politely.

“Yes, Mr. Crawford, we’ll need you to sign the renewal contract. This commercial street, including this manor, belongs to you and your sister. I’ve wanted to pay you a visit for the longest time but your sister did not allow me to do so.”

Zack quickly wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He was really happy that Gerald was so polite towards him.

However, Jane and Sebastian were dumbfounded at this time.


This pauper actually owned Mayberry Commercial Street?

He was actually the true owner of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment?

“Tell me! Who chased Mr. Crawford out of this place earlier?” Zack asked as he turned around and his eyes swept through the crowd of people with a cold expression on his face.

The identity of the real boss of the Wayfair Mountain Entertainment, Jessica, was very special and she was the only reason that Zack could enjoy his current life.

Now, his subordinates had nearly chased the second boss out of his own building!

If Jessica were to find out about it, wouldn’t he have to return to his miserable life overnight?

Jane was so flustered at this time and she kept her head lowered, not daring to look up or say anything at all.

At this time, Sebastian was still very suspicious of Gerald’s identity. “Uncle Lyle, are you sure you’re not mistaken at all? How could this pauper possibly be the owner of Mayberry Commercial Street?”


Zack slapped Sebastian across the face as soon as he heard his words. “A*shole! What did you just say?”

“I’m sorry, Uncle Lyle. I didn’t say anything…”

Sebastian used his hand to cover his face and he was filled with grievances at this time.

Even though he was also from a very wealthy family background, he was nothing compared to Zack.

“Men, throw this man out of this place immediately!”

Zack gave the security guards the order immediately.

“Yes, sir!”

A group of security guards rushed up immediately before pushing Sebastian and the second-tier actress out of the manor immediately.

That was embarrassing! Sebastian felt really very embarrassed today!

Gerald simply watched what was happening but he remained silent.

He really did not expect Zack to be so loyal even though he looked so domineering!


After that, Gerald followed Zack into the manor.

Zack quickly showed Gerald around the manor before he told him a little about himself.

At this time, Gerald finally understood that Zack and his wife used to sell buns from a small store.

Similarly, Jessica had also been very poor in the past.

At that time, Jessica had no money at all and she was about to beg for food from Zack and his wife. It was then that they had both given her a job instead.

Later, when Jessica overcame her poverty and became extremely wealthy, she was the one who had given Zack his current position.

Therefore, the only reason why Zack could become such a wealthy and influential person in Mayberry City was because of the Crawford family!

After that, Gerald signed the renewal contract and he realized that most of the shops in Mayberry Commercial Street were registered under his own name. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was the owner of Mayberry Commercial Street.

Gerald would never have dreamt that he would ever be such a powerful and influential person!

After that, Zack set up a table for Gerald in a private room.

Since he had not eaten the whole day, Gerald was a little hungry at this time.

When Gerald was eating, Zack smiled and said, “Mr. Crawford, please enjoy your meal. Once you’re done eating, let me bring you to visit some of your other businesses. Miss Crawford has given me this order, as she wants you to familiarize yourself with your family’s industries as soon as possible so you’ll be able to live the life of a second-generation rich kid and leave your past behind.”

After that, a thought flashed through Zack’s mind immediately.

“I’ll be right back, Mr. Crawford.”

After that, Zack walked out of the room to make a phone call and said one simple sentence, “I want all of you to come up.”

After that, he went downstairs immediately.

Gerald did not know what the manager was up to. He was starving and he quickly ate the big Australian abalone that was served to him.

He was enjoying his food happily when the door to his private room was suddenly pushed open.

After that, five or six beautiful women walked into the room.

It was Jane and the other beautiful girls at the reception earlier.

At this time, they were looking at Gerald with a completely different expression on their faces.

Jane was also smiling sweetly at Gerald as she said, “Mr. Crawford, I’m really sorry for what happened earlier.”

“Sorry, Mr. Crawford!”

All of the other beautiful girls quickly chimed in immediately.

“What are you doing here?”

Gerald wiped his mouth as soon as he was done with his dinner.

To be honest, even though the girls looked down on him at the front desk earlier, Gerald did not have any hard feelings towards them.

Instead, he simply wanted to get things done for his sister as soon as possible.

Then, he wanted to leave immediately.

However, it seemed as though Zack had already scolded all of the girls.

“We’re here to accompany you, Mr. Crawford. We’re willing to do anything for you as long as you forgive us, Mr. Crawford,” Jane said immediately.

The beautiful girls who were all working at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment undoubtedly had only one true purpose, which was to marry a rich man.

Therefore, they would definitely take advantage of this opportunity that Mr. Lyle had given them to make amends and build up a relationship with Gerald.

Even if they didn’t feel apologetic at all, they could not help but rush forward immediately.

What was a rich man?

The man standing before them now was a true rich man! He was the wealthiest and most powerful man here!

Gerald was shocked when he heard her explanation.

Six of them?

This was just too shocking.

Gerald was stunned. At this time, Jane took out a remote control before she pointed it at the wall.

Then, the entire cloth wall started separating like a curtain and what appeared before Gerald’s sight was a huge indoor swimming pool.

So, there was another secret in this room!

After that, all of the beautiful girls, including Jane, quickly took off their skirts.

Jane also removed her blouse as she sat next to Gerald.

As Gerald was about to lose control and succumb to temptation, his cell phone started ringing.

It was his sister.

Gerald calmed down as he said, “Dear ladies, I will just step out for a moment.”

After that, Gerald ran out of the room immediately.

It turned out that his sister was calling to ask him about the renewal contract. After that, Jessica also told Gerald to get used to being wealthy and she advised him to get out of the influence of poverty.

After hanging up the phone, Gerald wondered to himself if he should return to the room.

As he thought about it, he suddenly reminisced about the days when he was dating Xavia. Back then, Gerald was really deeply in love with Xavia and that was the reason why he respected her and nothing sexual happened between them at all.

Gerald could feel his heart aching when he thought about Xavia.

If Xavia were to find out that he was rich now, would she change her mind and choose to get back with him instead?


He suddenly thought of the times where they were both holding hands as they walked in the cafeteria, the library, and whenever they had spent time together.

At this time, Gerald’s enthusiasm decreased because he did not want his first time to mean nothing at all.

After that, Gerald decided not to return to the room and he called Zack to inform him that he would be leaving first.

After leaving the manor, Gerald walked around Mayberry Commercial Street alone.

Everyone who walked the street were well-dressed young people or bosses who were coming in and out of the many different establishments.

He owned the Mayberry Commercial Street. Gerald should not feel so inferior to others anymore!

Gerald had to keep reminding himself of the fact.

At this time, a familiar voice suddenly rang in his ear.


When Gerald turned around, he saw Naomi and Alice standing in front of the entrance of a karaoke bar.

Moreover, Danny, Blondie and the other boys were also there.

“Well, Gerald, it’s really you! Didn’t you say that you were headed back to the dormitory? Why did you come to the Mayberry Commercial Street instead? Why did you lie to me?”

Naomi ran over to Gerald before she questioned him with a furious expression on her face.

Gerald was left speechless.
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