Chapter 8

Danny sneered before he said, “Yes, it’s him!”

Nigel had a very strange expression on his face and he quickly retracted the hand that he had held out to Gerald.

After that, he patted Gerald on his shoulder before he said, “Brother Gerald, I’ve already heard your name for a very long time. I have also met your ex-girlfriend, Xavia. She’s really very beautiful. I’d like to apologize to you because my brother stole your girlfriend from you!”

“By the way, if you’d like to have some fun at Mayberry Commercial Street, just mention my name and you’ll get a thirty discount immediately!”

Nigel apologized in a light manner.

“Brother Nigel, it’s useless even if he mentions your name as he won’t be able to afford anything on this street anyway!”

At this time, Alice and her roommates could not stop themselves from laughing out loud.

“I’m sorry! When Yuri said that he fell in love with a poor chap’s girlfriend, I assumed that the girl wouldn’t be that beautiful anyway. However, I caught a glimpse of the girl when I went to your university the other day. When I saw how beautiful Xavia was, I really thought that you must be a really rich person!” Nigel replied as he laughed.

“How’s that possible? Hahaha…” Danny laughed. “Moreover, Brother Nigel, you were the one who gave Yuri the idea to text Xavia and spend some money on her so he could steal her from Gerald! Yuri took less than half an hour texting Xavia before she agreed to break up with Gerald!”

Harper was losing his temper at this time and even Naomi was furious when she heard Nigel’s words.

“What do you mean? Are you guys that great simply because you’re rich?” Harper stood up and yelled at Nigel.

Nigel’s eyelids twitched slightly before he said, “Friends, it’s not about money. Whoever can love and dote on the woman the most should be the one worthy of the beautiful woman! Why don’t you ask the beautiful Alice if what I am saying is right?”

Alice, who had been paying attention to all of Nigel’s movements throughout this time, felt that Nigel was actually pretty good looking and he had a great demeanor.

Moreover, since she had a bad impression of Gerald, Alice nodded as soon as she heard Nigel’s words.

She had met Xavia before and she really felt that Xavia was too good for Gerald.

“So, do you think that someone deserves to die just because they’re poor? So, do poor people not have any feelings at all? Does that mean you can just toy around with the feelings of others whenever you want to just because you think you’re richer than they are?”

At this time, Gerald, who had been sitting patiently throughout this time, suddenly stood up.

His eyes were flushed red and he was clenching his fists as he glared at Nigel in anger.

So, he had been making fun of him and meddling in his life just for the fun of it.

Initially, Gerald had planned to endure all the humiliation and insults since it was Naomi’s birthday after all.

However, Gerald could no longer hold his anger in!

Alice could not help but look at Gerald with disgust. Not only was this person poor, but he was also so impatient. Couldn’t he just tolerate it if someone was saying a few bad things about him?

Blondie was also getting angry.

“Gerald, who do you think you are? How dare you talk to Brother Nigel in this manner? Do you even know what you’re doing?”

In order to prove himself in front of Nigel, Blondie picked up a bottle of wine before he threw it at Gerald.

This would not be his first time hitting Gerald.

Moreover, he had to do this because he wanted to show his loyalty and dedication towards Nigel.

“Gerald, be careful!”

Harper, who had quick eyes and hands hurriedly pulled Gerald aside.

The bottle flew past Gerald without hitting him.


The fish tank that was placed in the private room shattered immediately.


Everyone turned their eyes to look at the shattered fish tank.


Blondie was stunned.

His face turned pale immediately.

Even Danny and Nigel were in shock at this time.

“Damn it! This arowana fish is very expensive!” Danny yelled as he stared at Blondie in horror.

Blondie was at a loss for words as he swallowed his saliva.

“Brother Danny, Brother Nigel, I didn’t do it on purpose. I really did not expect Gerald to avoid the wine bottle. I really did not mean to do it!”

After that, Blondie glared at Gerald with a furious expression on his face.

“That’s right. We shouldn’t blame Blondie for this! Gerald shouldn’t have avoided the wine bottle. After all, if he was hit, he should just receive it like a man. What’s the big deal anyway? Why did you move away?”

Even though the girls were terrified, they all blamed Gerald for avoiding the wine bottle!

“What happened here?”

At this time, one of the waiters who heard the loud shattering sound rushed into the private room with a few security guards.

The fish tank with the arowana fish in the private room was shattered to pieces.

The chief of the security team stared at the crowd of people before he asked, “Who did this?”

This arowana fish was imported from Malaysia and it was very valuable and priceless!

How could it be shattered to pieces while he was on duty?

The chief of the security team was dumbfounded.

“Brother Barry, this is all a misunderstanding! Do you think you can keep this matter from Brother Flynn?”

Nigel quickly took out a cigarette before he passed it to Barry.

Barry raised his hand to reject the cigarette immediately.

“Nigel, don’t get me wrong but you have to understand that this is a very expensive fish and fish tank. There is no way I can help you on this matter. I have no choice but to contact the manager immediately.”

After that, Barry spoke into his walkie talkie right away.

A short while later, a man in his thirties came over with a group of people.

He was none other than the manager of the Emperor Karaoke Bar, Flynn Lexington.

“Brother Flynn!” Nigel greeted him with a smile on his face.

Flynn looked at the mess in the private room.

After that, he frowned before he said, “Nigel, what happened? Why did you guys break the fish tank?”

“No, why would we dare to do that, Brother Flynn? One of my brothers accidentally broke the fish tank because he was getting too agitated.”

Nigel was very polite as he spoke to Flynn.

Even though Flynn was just the manager of the Emperor Karaoke Bar, everyone knew that he worked for Zack Lyle.

Even Flynn’s own father had to be polite when he spoke to him!

Blondie swallowed his saliva before he stood up and said, “Brother Flynn, this is all my fault. I was really angry so I threw a wine bottle at him. As a result, he avoided the wine bottle and the wine bottle hit the fish tank instead!”

Flynn glared at Blondie with a furious expression on his face.

After that, he kicked Blondie in the stomach before he picked up another wine bottle and hit Blondie’s head directly.

“You were angry? I’m angry now!”


All the girls were terrified at this time.

“What should we do? The arowana fish tank was built to complement the interior decoration in this private room. Originally, you should be paying double the price of the fish tank for breaking it but Nigel, I’ll show you some respect on behalf of your father and just charge you the original price of the fish tank, which is two hundred thousand dollars. Don’t you say I’m not helping you!”

After that, Flynn walked out of the private room immediately.

Naturally, two bodyguards continued guarding the door at this time.

“What should we do, Brother Danny? I only have five thousand dollars!” Blondie said as he sat up with blood flowing out of his head.

Danny spoke up and replied, “I have fifty thousand dollars that is supposed to be my allowance for next month.”

Naomi was extremely furious.

However, since everyone was here to celebrate her birthday, it did not make any sense for her to just ignore this matter completely.

Therefore, Naomi replied, “I have about ten thousand dollars.”

Everyone in the private room started putting their money together.

Even Alice decided to contribute ten thousand dollars to pay for the damage.

At the end of the day, they couldn’t even gather one hundred thousand dollars.

“Don’t worry. Let me ask Brother Flynn if he can give us a further discount,” Nigel said before he slipped out of the room.

How would that even be possible?

The people in the private room were in trouble!

“I shouldn’t have celebrated my birthday! I’ll just call my dad now,” Naomi yelled as she stomped her feet anxiously.

Alice stopped her immediately before she said, “Naomi, how could we possibly ask you to pay this sum of money? I think that the one who started provoking others should be the one responsible to pay for the damages!”

After that, Alice looked at Gerald.

“Gerald, this is all your fault! You were the one who started provoking Brother Nigel. If not because of you, Blondie wouldn’t have lost his temper and tried to hit you with the wine bottle.”

Alice said in a cold manner.


The group of girls agreed immediately.

At this time, Naomi spoke up again. “Please just stop it. Stop blaming Gerald for everything. All of you don’t need to worry about this money. Since we’re here to celebrate my birthday, I’ll make sure to pay for the damages no matter what I have to do!”

After that, Naomi tried to call her father.

On the other hand, Harper and Gerald’s other roommates also wanted to help but their monthly allowances were only around one thousand dollars.

In fact, Gerald was actually very angry.

He was really furious at Nigel, Danny and Blondie.

However, Gerald could not bear to watch Naomi placed in such a difficult position.

Even though he owned this shop, the manager, Flynn, did not know who he was.

Moreover, it would not be convenient for Gerald to call Zack in the private room.

Therefore, he simply said in a light manner, “I’m going to the washroom.”

After that, he left the private room.

Alice’s eyes widened in shock when she saw Gerald stepping out of the room.

“Oh my god. I’ve met so many different people in my life but I’ve never met anyone else more shameless than he is! Is he actually running away when the girls are still here?”

At this time, Gerald was already in the washroom.

He knew that it would be fine for him to make the phone call since the security guards would not say anything.

Inside the washroom, Gerald made the phone call.

“Brother Zack.”

“Gerald! Please just call me Zack! What can I do for you?”

“I ran into some trouble…”
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