Chapter 3: Standing on my Own

“Hey, sweetie. How’s your day?” His sweet and deep voice serves like a sweet and tasty honey that makes me die for it. And also, it is his caring and loving attitude that I fall over and over again despite our long distance relationship for almost 5 years. 

He’s Hadrian Calypso Forbes, my long time boyfriend since second year college. We’ve been together for about 7 years and counting and I am really looking forward to see us together happily having a family. I feel like if he’s not him then it’s definitely no one that I’m going to marry.

“Are you available now? I mean right this moment.” I inquired and I heard him laugh a little over the phone.

“Yes of course, I always had a free time for my beautiful model,” He narrated. “What’s with the husky voice my lady? Are you sick? Do you want me to visit you?” I can hear that he’s worried about me through his voice.

“I’m good. Can you please get me here?” I requested, but I already knew that even if I don’t do that.

“Right away your highness.” I can feel the excitement on his voice, since this is the first time I’d asked him to meet me after I left for New York. Due to my hectic and loaded schedule I even sometimes forgot to text him or ask him about his day, but he never changed, and that’s for sure. He’s really a guy to fall for. “By the way in what house are you at?” Oh I forgot to tell him that I’m here in the UAE, so we’re just definitely close to each other right now. He’ll be more surprise to know that I’m here.

“Well, I’m actually here.”

“Where? You mean in the UAE?” He inquired and tried to clear things up.

“Exactly my bossy gorgeous CEO” I whispered through the phone but I know that he heard that.

“You must be kidding. Aren’t you?” Just as I expected I can feel the intense and surprised on his tone.

“No, I’m serious”

“Oh gosh! I’ll be there in a moment my gorgeous model” We then hung the phone off and I swiftly moved from my bed and head inside the comfort room to clean my face.

I wore my hazel above the knee silk skirt with my plain white backless long sleeve and tied my hair in a low ponytail. I just put a little foundation, nude lipstick and a brown make up and a little contour to lighten my aura. I need to look good since this is our first meet after almost 5 years. 

I wore my 4 inches nude stick heels that I bought in New York for 800 dollar, just to match my over all outfit. As soon as I’m done I grab my phone and my small handbag then head out of my room. I wanna relax, I wanna relieve myself just for a moment.

Just as I open the main door I heard mom’s voice all the way from the second floor with her loud footstep that I feel she’s getting down.

“Going somewhere? Don’t tell me that you had a meeting with some sponsor for almost 11 in the evening?” She sarcastically narrated and I can feel her getting closer to me. I didn’t bother to look back and to answer her assumption. I need to relax, I need to keep my mind stress-free. I take a step outside of the door and heard her say a word again.

“I’m talking to you Calista! Answer my question!” She’s now using her commanding tone to scare the hell out of me, but I guess it didn’t work.

“I’m going to meet someone mom.” I simply replied then continue to walk, but she’s still following me.

“Just make sure you’re telling the truth young lady, cause there’s no way you can hide or escape. You’ll still need to meet Luca tomorrow.” She now trying to play me like a puppet. I turned my back at her and faced her.

“I’m not a doll mom, and definitely not your puppet, so don’t make fun of my life as I had all the right to make decision for myself. I old enough to do what I think is right, so please stop controlling me like a piece of chess.

“Woah! what a great words of yours. To me sounds like a politician trying to convince people to vote you” 

“You never change mom, just like before you’re still a beautiful woman without a heart” A loud slap landed on my left cheek. I feel like my face is ripped. I returned my face and look at her on the eyes. It’s no surprise for me, mom is always been this wicked as far as I can remember. That’s why I was forced to be the top student from elementary ‘till I graduated. It was also because of her why instead of attending a dance class I was forced to enroll in a musical class despite the fact that I can’t freaking sing even a simple nursery song I sometimes stumbled to get the right tune and notes.

“Don’t look at me like that. You’re the one who forced me to do that.” That’s I think the worst part of her attitude is that she’s blind to see her own mistakes. And she never accept any criticism about her and her attitude.

“I ain’t asking for that, so don’t worry mom. But this is one thing I can guarantee, I will never ever marry that guy, no one can rule my life not dad and definitely not you.” I then take a fast step forward a swiftly open the gate. 

All I thought was she goes back inside but I’m wrong, she’s still tailing me.

“Never forget that I am still your mom, so legally I had all the right to decide for you. You’re going to marry Luca to save our company, our life ad our public image.” She uttered.

“The hell mom, is that what both of you think? The money? The company? The public image? that’s why it is easier for you both to trade me in exchange for those worldly materials and praises? Just freaking wow!” I broke into tears as I say those words. I can’t control my feelings and emotions, it just really hurts in my part as their only child that they’re able to do that to me like they never treasured having me as their daughter.

I turned to the back to hide my tears from her but I saw Hadrian standing outside his car. I know that he definitely heard anything, but I wish that he didn’t.

I marched forward and open the car’s door then Hadrian entered.

“Who’s that guy Calista?” Mom screamed from the gate with her arms oh her hips.

“Meet your future Son-in-law” I fiercely stated then gave a gesture for Hadrian to drive the car. I don’t wanna hear anything from mom, she’ll just break my heart even more.

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