Chapter 4: Sudden Meeting

“I know that this may sound beyond the border but can I ask you what’s going on between you and your mom?” After almost 10 minutes of silent between us, he finally had the temerity to ask that question which I also wanted to tell him but I just doesn’t know where to start. Good thing that he started it.

“They want me to get marry” He suddenly blushed, I can see it through the dim light in this private and expensive restaurant. I guess he’s thinking that I was talking about us that’s why he blushed.

“So, ah- what’s your decision?” He stuttered asking me that. I look at him in his blue eyes. He’s really handsome.

“I’m not going to marry,” A straight face draw on his face like a child who just lost his sweets. “I’m not marrying anyone that I don’t like”

“What do you mean? Are you talking about_?”

“I’m talking about dad’s best friend’s son. He’s the guy that they prefer me to marry to save the company” My statement lighten his face as he found out the reason og me refusing to marry.

“That’s why they got mad at you?”

“Exactly! And that’s why I called you in surprise, but seems that you’re the one who surprised me for silently parking your car just at my back and hear our discussions.” I lengthily narrated which I think makes him regret for sneaking earlier.

“So what’s your plan then?” He inquired. 

“Here are your order ma’am, sir” Said by a waitress after putting our orders on the table.

“Thank you” I thanked her, then turned my attention back to my boyfriend.

“I think I should be the one asking you that” I whispered then winked at him. I can see his reaction to that, he never did changed since our college life. He’s still cheeky and funny and has a great face reaction to whatever he saw, hear or touch. I can his Adam’s apple moving up and down, I know he’s triggered by my question.

“You mean, you want me to move?” I didn’t reply and continue eating as if I didn’t hear him say a word.

“Hey, my expensive international goddess pretty model” I feel fluttered with his words and with my very long new names. I just nodded at him.

“You can do nothing, that’s if you want me to marry him” I can see a sudden reaction of him loosening his tie, I didn’t know that he still acted this way. He’s speechless and just continue eating his food.

“Slow down, you’ll get chock cheeky billionaire.


After our long time chitchat, we’re finally done eating our second dinner. We decided to walk across a long bridge just beside the crystal clear river. It’s pass 10 pm but seems like people here aren’t sleeping, this is just like Japan and Korea. The industry and most of the restaurants, malls, and other building operated 24/7, so there’s nothing to worry even if you walk passed midnight.

He moved closer to me and grab my hand. His hand’s cold as if it’s snowing but I know that he’s just a bit worried and unsure about this. 

“No need to get nervous Mr. Billionaire” I murmured near his ear and a wide smile draw on his face.

“It’s been almost 7 years since the last time I’d held this smooth hands of yours, so I’m a little nervous to held that again.” He mumbled while looking at me in the eyes.

All of the sudden his phone rung loudly that interrupt our romantic and freezing moment together. He pulled out his phone from the pocket of his grey pants and answered it. He looked at who’s calling and saw it was his secretary. 


“Why didn’t you answered the call? Maybe it’s important” I uttered.

“He’s just calling me for being late for two minutes.”

“Late for what?” I inquired.

“A meeting, but don’t worry they can wait, and surely the can’t start without me” I can’t believe that he can actually do that. He’s literally choosing me over his important meeting, I can really feel my worth with him.

“You really do treasured me, didn’t you?” He just winked and a wide smile draw on his face.

“Yes I did” He just whispered then we headed back to his car.


I decided not to go home tonight and instead booked a hotel to stay just for this night. We’re heading back to his building that was built from his own money. His dad left all his wealth to him, and as the only son he was able to to control and continue his dad’s business ‘till it got huge and widely known all over the UAE and even across the European and American countries. 

That’s I think what I like about him, because we had the same goal, ambition and we mutually understand each other since we’re on the same page.

It’s 10:26 in the evening when we arrived to his building. As soon as we headed out and entered the grand door of the ground floor the people inside even the staffs gets crazy like they saw a diamond or shimmering crystal. It’s actually quiet at first but the moment that they’re able to see me closely and recognized me, that’s where the crowd started to get crazy. It’s insanely intense as they’re walking, shouting, capturing and calling my name from the back. 

This is actually quiet harsh that in the airport since I only had my boyfriend right by my side to protect me from my wild supporters. In just a moment the guards came to rescue us in the middle of this crowd and lead us to the elevator.

“Woah, I didn’t know that I’m dating a superstar” He screamed inside the elevator with his hand in the air. He’s so silly.

“Shut up, you’re making me melt” I timidly uttered covering my face with my bag.

“I guess I know exactly what to do with your popularity” He’s walking back and fourth inside the elevator with his right hand on his head like he’s figuring things out.


“Good evening gentleman and ladies, I apologize for making you all wait as I needed to save our special guest for tonight’s meeting, no other than the world widely-known runway superstar, a model and an expensive brand ambassador in Europe and in the Americas.” My heart beats faster and I feel like there’s an electricity running on my vein. I know that he’s talking about me. I didn’t expect this to happen as he only says that he wanted me to get in in order to protect and hide me from my thousand supporters who’s rushing to see me.

“Everyone, I am deeply honored to introduce the new face of our brand and as well as our new brand ambassador, she’s none other than Miss Calista Payne Aurellian.” A loud applause surrounded the whole room. It’s such a surprise for me. I know that I had been able to work with thousands of rich people from different countries, but this one feels different. He doesn’t even informed me so that I could prepare. 

Their heads turns to the back where I am sitting and wide and warm smiles of them welcomes me. I slowly stand to greet them back.

“Hi everyone, thank you for such an amazing and warm welcome. This is actually a surprise, and the fact that I didn’t even able to prepare something to present and to say, I feel like going to a battle unarmed.” They all laughed at my silly jokes which lessen my nervousness.

“That’s fine young lady, and just by looking at your face and curvy body, we know and we could tell already that you’re going to hit big, which is you’re already big” Again the room filled with laughter. An elegant and formal meeting turns to be a talk show where they all asked me questions about my experience and the works I had done in Europe and in the Americas.

I can see Hadrian smiling widely on his cheer as the guest were entertained by my silly jokes and some boring stories.

“Well then, I’m happy to work with you Miss Aurellian, and I’m seeing forward to have more works with you and Mister Forbes in the future.” Said by one of his investor.

“So do we, we’re really glad that the brilliant young CEO had able to find you an have you work with us.” Said by the two blonde woman while shaking hands with me. I know that they’ll be more surprise if they found out that we’re actually dating. But I guess it’s not the right time to talk about that.


We’re back on his car. He’s driving me to the hotel where I booked in. He’s still smiling late up to this moment.

“Someone seems to be very happy. Am I right?” He nodded and grab my left hand and kiss it.

“I now do believe in the saying that says looks can be deceiving” He uttered looking in front of the road.

“Why?” I burst into laughter and asked him.

“Can you imagine that? Just by sharing some cheeky story and experiences, you’re able to get their huge yes and even signed a deal to invest of my company? I mean our future company” I guess he’s right. I wasn’t also expecting that. I didn’t show any evidences to prove my work and success but they I had them all signing the paper. 

“It’s just a miracle” I whispered.

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