Chapter 6: Engagement Proposal

A loud ring of my cellphone wakes me up. I search for my phone on my right table and found that it wasn’t there. My eyes are still close and I’m lazy to wake up in a very early morning since I got nothing to do with my day. I don’t have a plan for today so I’ll just definitely take a long rest. I roll to the left side of my bed and grab my phone ringing above it.

“Hello” I answered without even knowing who’s calling in that very early morning. 

“Good morning my lazy phenomenal lady” Hadrian’s sweet tone just makes my day. A smile draw on my dry lips. “I got a surprise for you darling” There he goes again with his surprise thing. Actually to be honest, he never failed to surprise me, like the sudden meeting, and sudden visit to my parents.

“Alright, what’s all this then?” I inquired lazily sitting up and trying to wake my self.

“Just a little morning surprise for my girl. Look outside the mansion” He whispered the n I heard him kiss on the air. “I love you” He added.

“I love you more surprise boy” He laughed at my silly line then we both hung the phone. I moved out from my bed and marched to my private balcony to see the surprise he’s talking about.

“Oh! Holy freaking surprise!!” I screamed loudly then covered my mouth with my two palm as I saw five white van parked outside our mansion with two guards in their black suit standing outside each white van and holding something that I couldn’t see from here due to the far directions.

I swiftly moved back inside and head down. I saw mom, dad and Waen already taking their breakfast. Of course they didn’t bother to wake me up since they already know that I hate waking up early unless I got some important things to work on.

“That’s a surprise” Uttered by dad.

“Going somewhere?” Mom inquired. I just nodded and hurriedly head outside our mansion. Our front yard is freaking huge like an NBA court and so I need to run to quickly reach the gate.

“Good morning Miss Aurellian” Greeted by the guards in their beautiful black suits. They are like a robot and seems to sound similarly to each other and even look the same. This is such a freaking surprise Hadrian. I whispered on my head.

Without uttering any words they marched towards me and one by one hand me the things they’re carrying.

The first guard handed me a grey card with a greetings on it saying “Good morning my expensive pretty model” He’s so funny and a dedicated boyfriend.

The second guard handed me a very huge bouquet of red roses and the third one handed my 5 paper bags that has the Forbes sign on it which I think are clothes or something like that. After they give all of the gifts they excused and said goodbye before leaving our mansion.

“Woah! what a morning surprise” Waen screamed from the kitchen as soon as she saw me carrying those papers bags and a huge bouquet.

“Exactly” Is all I replied then put down those paper bags to check what’s inside of each of it.

“Holy craft! This is my dream shoes! This is freaking expensive Cali!” Waen screamed loudly as she saw what’s inside the brown paper bag. It’s a simple white stick heels with something like a pearl design on its front.

“Is this real?” I inquired trying to check the left heel. Waen sit closer to me and look at me in the eyes.

“You’re so pretty and intelligent, but I can’t believe that you’re uninformed about your boyfriend’s products and collections.” I guess Waen’s right, it’s such a shame for me as his boyfriend and soon to be wife being uninformed about his business.

Waen open her phone and show me an article. As I’d scroll up the article a picture of the same heels pop up with a price tag that almost freak me out.

“2.1 million dollar!” I screamed to surprise, damn! This is freaking unacceptable. Throughout my entire career as far as I can remember the most expensive heels that I had and I had able to wear only cost 1.8 million dollar. But this one? God! Hadrian is spoiling me beyond the universe.

“Is this a joke?” I asked Waen and looked at her with full of curiosity and questions running inside my head this time. She wagged her head and reach for the other paper bag. Before she open the other bag she throw a flip sight at me again.

“You better not waste these expensive things” She murmured.

“Yes I will your highness” I replied with an extra laugh.

“Oh my goodness! Hadrian wealth is really killing me! Your boyfriend is such a freaking god of wealth!” Waen jumped up to the couch after opening the second paper bag. My mind gets more curious, is that a jewelry, or a tones of money, or a diamond ring? Everything pops up in my head so I grabbed the bag and what’s inside.

Damn! Is all I can say. Hadrian is really spoiling me more than my parent and the other billionaires that I had able to work with. 

It’s a tan colored dress that I haven’t seen before. I pulled it out and saw that it’s a backless dress below the knee with a strings tied to the neck. It’s just like a normal kind of dresses that I’d used to wear back in New York but what made this dress stand out is that I’d observed that once strike by the light there’s something that’s shimmering that makes the dress shines like a star in the middle of the dark.

“Why is it shinning when there’s even no crystals design that I can saw?” I’d asked Waen and until now she’s still shocked.

“Girl, you seriously don’t have the idea how the dress were made and how much it cost” She stated in her shaky voice. Waen isn’t like this, but the way she talked right now, I feel like something is freaking her out.

“I don’t even care about the price or how it’s made, just answer my question” I throw a questioned again and put the dress just above our glass table. Waen jumped up to grab the dress and hold it up like I just put it in the muddy or dirty area.

“How can you be like that to a limited 13 million dress like this!” Waen screamed loudly that freaked me out. 

“13 million? just for a plain and simple dress like that?” I repeated with my hand crossed above my stomach.

Waen put the dress back inside the paper bag and again show me a picture of the dress and how it’s made. 

“The fabric itself that’s used in making the simple dress you called is freaking mixed with few bronze that made it look tan or brown and sparkled with a few shredded diamond that’s why it sparks.” Everything finally made sense as Waen explained to me the every details. Hadrian is such a costive kind of boyfriend.

We continued to open all of the remaining bags and just like that they’re all freaking expensive and some of them are limited editions. I just can’t able to find a perfect way to thanks Hadrian for these all.

Just as after that I carried all the gifts inside my room and called my secretary for an updates. I am hanging the dress that Hadrian had given to m. I don’t know where and when to wear all these exquisite and holy expensive things. Just as after I’d hanged the dress when my phone rung.

“Hello” I greeted.

“Hello my gorgeous girl, how’s the surprise? Did you like those or what?” Hadrian asked from the other line. I’d just loud speaker my phone and continue arranging all these gifts he give.

“Holy freaking surprise! You know that you just almost killed me with your cheeky gifts thing. You exactly don’t have the idea how I reacted to all these expensive materials.” I screamed loudly as if we’re arguing. I heard him laughed a bit loud and request for a video call. “What’s that for Mr. Cheeky?” I inquired.

“I wanna see the reactions you’re saying.” I opened the camera of my phone and show him the way I hanged the dress and some of his gifts.

“This is insane!” 

“Oh! Why are you hanging that?” I looked at him then turned my sight to the tan dress that I’m holding.

“What do you mean?” I curiously inquired.

“Go get yourself dress up with all the gifts I sent, because I’ll be there in 5 minutes Ms. cheeky” My eyes widen and I’m shocked to hear him say that, not because he’s coming, but the fact that I’m going to wear all these expensive things, gosh!

“Okay, I’ll get myself ready by then” We both hung the phone and I started to run back and fourth inside my room. I don’t know where should I start, this is driving me crazy.


“Hey there sweet heart.” He greeted me and stand from our grey couch. I wonder why I haven’t seen mom and dad today. Maybe they’re just a bit busy or they headed to the company to arrange something since our company had come back stronger with the help of Hadrian.

“Hey there love bird” I greeted back then slowly walked down the stairs. He’s still staring at me without even blinking like I’m such a perfect masterpiece walking towards him. 

“Don’t forget to blink honey man” I whispered as I get closer to him. He also looks more handsome today wearing a brown suit and a white inner. I feel like we’re going to walk in a runway since we’re both wearing the same color. “Is there something special going to happen today?” I inquired while fixing his coat.

“If I tell you, then it won’t no longer be a surprise” He replied with a wide smile on his glossy lips then blink at me. I don’t know why I’m feeling like having a hundred of butterflies inside my tummy. It just feel like a high school days, I still get blush every time he does that.

“Okay then, let’s go” I grab his arm then we headed outside. The guard are already opening the door and there’s 3 other golden brown car except from his long white car that I’m seeing on TV used by some royal family. I do really feel different right now. I feel like dreaming, cause everything that’s happening around me since the day I got here feels too different from the life I’m living before.

I’d get more amaze as I saw what’s inside his long car. It’s like a royal bar as it has table inside, couch, little cabinet, air conditions, chandelier, yellow lightings and of course a sound speaker.

The sound of a slow flute started to play romantically as the engine started. He handed me a glass of wine and raised a cheer for us.

“Cheer for us” 

“For us?” I repeated and looked at him curiously.

“Yes, for the start of everything” I didn’t get what he’s trying to say but I just smiled and acted like I know. I don’t wanna ask more since I know that we’re going to arrive there.

After almost 15 minutes of trip we finally reached his company. It actually changed a lot than The last time I saw it 7 years ago. It get more higher and the exterior design used were also different.

The outside entrance looks very exquisite like there’s a huge celebration in their company. As soon as we entered the huge automatic door, hundreds of flash of the cameras started to shuttle which surprises me.

“What’s this?” I whispered trying to smile to the cameras. I couldn’t see what’s in front of us due to the flash of cameras, but all I just know is that there’s a huge stage something behind these cameras.

“Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Mister Forbes and Miss Aurellian.” I heard narrated by a male emcee. It shocked me after we passed the those photographers and saw that my parents are here, Waen and some of other rich people in the UAE.

Hadrian marched forward above the stage and grab the mic. 

“My sweet charming and pretty girl, today may not be the expensive or enchanted occasion that you’d see in your life but believe me, I will give you all that I can afford to give. I know that this may sound cheesy but believe me sweetheart I truly treasured you and loved you endlessly day after day despite our long distance relationship. This is the day that I had been waiting for in the very long time. And today, I want you to know, and the people around us how much I loved you and how much we cared and treasured each other.” I am freaking speechless the way he talk with a sincerity and full of emotion sin his voice, I just couldn’t believe that this is real. He slowly moved down from the stage and marched towards my direction. 

“My pretty girl, Miss Calista Payne Aurellian with your mom and dad seeing and hearing this, will you marry me?” His sudden words almost melted my heart. I couldn’t stop my self but broke down to tears as I saw him slowly kneel down and pull out the diamond ring from the black ring box.

I looked to the left and saw mom and dad also smiling widely and getting emotional with their head nodding as a sign of approval.

“Yes of course! I will marry you!” I replied then he swiftly stand up and put on the ring on my ring finger and kissed me so deeply on my lips. This is actually our very first deep kiss since the start of our relationship. We do kissed but just a smack kiss or a kiss on the forehead or in a cheek.

“I love you” He whispered on to my ears and hugged me tightly. The camera started to flash again. I didn’t really expected that he’s going to do this. All I expected was I am going to marry him without a proposal, but there he goes. He’s really unpredictable as he’s able to think about this in just a short time. 

“So we’re officially fiancée. The new face of our products and our brand model ambassador isn’t no longer my girlfriend, she is now my Fiancée.” He proudly raised my hand to the air then hugged me again. It’s the feeling that I can’t able to explain, but I know for sure, that this is also what my heart and mind really prayed for in a very long time. I thought it’s just a week visit to my hometown, then turns out to be 2 weeks, then marrying Luca, and unexpectedly my parent’s meeting with him and now here I am, wearing my diamond proposal ring. Life is really unpredictable.  

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