Chapter 5: My Parent's Warmed Welcome

It’s another day that I need to face. I still don’t like to go home. I’m just afraid that what if everything’s ready and it’s just only me that they’re waiting for our arrange marriage. No, never. I wagged my head to erase what I’m thinking. I don’t like to overthink in the very early morning.

I was about to enter the bathroom when I hear my phone loudly rung. Without even reading who’s calling, I swiftly answered the call and put it on my left ear. 

“Are you going to go home or you want me to order the guards to forcefully pull you out of that hotel.” So my day is totally ruined. Mom’s loud voice almost destroyed my eardrum. Of course, she knows everything, although our company is gradually losing but I can’t deny the power and connections they still had that’s why it is just easy for her to locate where I am right now.

“Is that a threat?” I inquired trying to calm my voice and hide the nervousness I’m feeling.

“It’s the other way, but you can it as what you’re asking” She then hung the phone. Mom’s sarcastic and on point words never failed to get on my nerve.

I guess there’s really nothing that I could do to stop her, I mean them, from having me marry Luca. How I wish that Hadrian would take action and do marry me before it’s too late. If I only had enough savings by now to save the company, one thing for sure, I shall really have the company get back stronger.

I just washed my face and ordered a breakfast. I didn’t get a shower as I only had the clothes that I am wearing. As soon as I’m done with my breakfast, I sat down near in front of the round mirror and apply a light foundation and a lip shiner when I heard a twice knock on the door. I didn’t remember calling for a hotel service or anything. I just roll my eyes out and marched to the door and opened it.

“Good morning my gorgeous model” A loud and happy voice of Hadrian brighten my day along with his wide smile.

“What are you doing here?” I inquired while looking at him and trying to check what he’s hiding behind his back. “What’s that?”

“This is for our new brand ambassador” He stated while extending me a silver paper bag with his company’s name on it. “And this is for my beautiful girlfriend” It surprises me to see him buying me a bouquet of red roses which my favorite flower. Just like me, it looks courageous, strong, fierce and bold, but behind its burning color is also a soft and smelly flower.

“Oh, thank you” I stated while smelling the bouquet. I invited him to come inside and look inside the paper bag. I pull it out as I saw that It’s a dress. It’s a white fitted long sleeve dress just at the top of the knee. He knows exactly what I wanted and how to make me standout.

“You like it?” He asked while I’m looking at the dress in the mirror. 

“Aha” I replied then head inside the bathroom to wear it. Just as what I am thinking, it really fitted on my curvy body and looks really good on me. I turned around seeing my self in the mirror. I just let my black straight long hair fall back to make me look for classy and at the same time feminine.

“How is it?” I asked him as I opened the bathroom’s door. He’s speechless with his mouth wide open. He’s always like that, I think he can be a good judge in the future, he really knows exactly what emotion to pour in literally every scenario.

“Wow, am I seeing a walking trophy? or a kind of living Barbie doll?” I laughed at his cheesy lines. He still can’t believe what he’s seeing.

“Yes my darling, this girl exist” I turned around and flip my hair then throw a flying kiss at him. It’s so funny to see him watching me for a couple of moments without even blinking. I guess he’s really die hard in love with me.

“What’s that?” I inquired as he hand me a piece of white cloth like a head dress. “What’s this for?”

“To cover your face” Now it just makes sense. I am glad that he was able to think about this, I guess I’ll no longer need to run or hide from my fans.

“Why do you need to be such a perfect boyfriend all the time?” I looked at him and he just smile and put his arm on my waist then we marched outside.


Just exactly as we closed the car’s door my phone rung again. I pulled it out of my bag and saw it’s mom again calling me. I hate not to answer my parent’s call and that’s why I hate my self for being like that. How I wish to have the nerve not to but it’s just I’m truly freaking loving them despite their harsh way of loving me.

“Hey mom” I started.

“Where did you go you freaking lady? Do you think you can able to hide longer from us?” I heard her screamed from the other line. Maybe the guards are there to look for me, but I guess they’re a bit late to come. I looked at Hadrian and he’s starring at me so deeply that I think he’s exactly feeling the same I do.

“Mom, listen. I am not running okay? I’m actually on a car right now and-“ Hadrian grab the phone from me and talked to mom.

“We’re on the car, and we’re going to the church to get married so please mom let us have this moment” I get freaking surprise with his words. Like I didn’t even know that he could to that and literally talk to mom. Mom’s speechless and I know that she’s also surprise. Like what, I didn’t see him coming from mile away. I don’t if it’s true or he’s just saying it for mom to stop.

“Who are you by the way?” I heard mom inquired like she always did.

“The guy’s Hadrian Calypso Forbes.” He introduced his self without hesitation. Gosh, this is driving me crazy, why did he do that? “Don’t worry my mom, you’re going to meet your son-in-law in just a couple of moment.” 

“Don’t try to play with me little boy, I know how to run the world” I heard stated in her sarcastic and irritating tone.

“We shall both run the world mom. Bye, see you soon” He the hung the phone leaving mom speechless with his words. I know that he could able to save our company in just a single snap. There’s nothing that a multi-billionaire and single guy can’t do. I am not actually up to his wealth, all I know is that I’d loved him from the very beginning and so does he. We’re in loved with each other despite being in a long distance relationship for a long year. It’s also a surprise to know that with my sudden visit after almost 7 years, there he goes, talking to my mom and saying that he’s going to marry me? This is freaking insane, I don’t even know what to say and how to act. I’m literally overwhelmed.

“Why did you do that?” I inquired as he return my phone.

“Why? Don’t you like to marry your handsome billionaire?”He uttered in his confident tone and slightly raising his two brows like he’s trying to say something that I can’t able to comprehend.


“Which church?” He stated then start the engine of the car.

“You’re freaking mad! I don’t wanna get marry like this! I want to have a romantic, an expensive and luxurious wedding where the world can see me shinning brighter than I’m in the runway or in the camera. Gosh I wanted to-“

“Pstt!” No need to rush honey pie, we’ll reach that line.

“What do you mean?” He flip a sight on me and kiss my forehead then quickly return his attention back to driving.

“We’re going home” I looked at him with a malicious stare. 

“You’re kidding!”

“Nope, remember what I said to your mom? I’m going to meet them, I want them to know our relationship and the public as well” His words literally leaves me floating in the air like I doesn’t know what is freaking going on.

“Wait, slow down. I need to break it down one by one” I mumbled then take a deep breathe. I am trying to sync every little details into my head, like it’s so fast. I can’t freaking believe this!

“Okay, I’ll give you enough time to let everything sync in”

We didn’t talk for a moment, I am still overthinking everything, like how am I going to do if mom and dad refuse to let him marry me, or what if dad and mom gates him? But I guess it would be impossible since they’re only up to saving the company. And I guess if they only knew Hadrian’s background they would literally welcomes him with open arms and legs.

“You okay? We’re here already” He wakes my sleeping mind and I looked outside and saw our bodyguards standing outside our mansion. This is a bit bizarre. They’re suppose to be inside the gate guarding the mansion and not standing here like they mostly do to welcome some of our rich and record breaking investors and business partners. Oh my gosh! Don’t tell me, no no no way! This must be a dream. I whispered inside my head.

One guard came to open the cars door for me while the other one opens the door for Hadrian. This is what our guards usually do to welcome our special guest to our mansion. Does this mean that mom and dad welcomes Hadrian? This must be a dream!

Together we stepped out of the car and saw the guards standing just beside gates until the front wide door of our mansion where mom and dad are standing with their decent outfits and  a wide smile. My heart flutters a little to see them welcomes my boyfriend so warmly.

Hadrian grab my hand and we marched towards mom and dad’s position.

“Welcome to our home Mr. Forbes” Greeted by dad shaking a hand with Hadrian. Like this is freaking impossible, I didn’t even think about this.

“Nice meeting you my future son-in-law” I get more shock to hear mom uttered those words then hugged Hadrian. If I am only dreaming, I don’t wanna damn wanted to wake up. This is like a fairytale story. I’m living on my dream right now!

Waen pulled me upstairs while mom and dad are discussing something with my boyfriend. They seem to have a good time so I don’t need to worry about my Hadrian.

“I know that you also didn’t expected this. Please tell me I am wrong.” Waen sated in her whispered like voice. We’re on the second floor of our mansion and we’re watching them laugh and having a good moment together. My parents seemed pleased by Hadrian personality and maybe wealth.

“Yes of course yah bitch. This is literally a dream” I retorted without even looking at my cousin. Of course it is ban and prohibited to curse or utter unacceptable words here in the UAE, but I’m only talking to my cousin and we’re inside our mansion so I talked casually like that. It’s just I think I’m used of saying this back in the New York City.

“Did you just know that your boyfriend just pull in 30 million dollar to our company right before he get here and before even talking to your dad.” My eyes widen as I hear Waen said those words. My mouth were completely wide open and I’m just speechless. Now everything finally makes sense, about the entrance things, the warm welcome, the hand shaking and hugs. It really do makes sense.

“The heck girl! You serious?” Waen showed me what’s on her iPad and it just literally freak me out that Hadrian actually did that. Is that how much he treasured me? I don’t what i did in the past life to deserve such a loving and understanding boyfriend like him.

Waen is dad’s temporary secretary since her former secretary takes a leave for getting married so Waen takes her position for the mean time that’s why she knows every details going around the company.


“So, everything is settled, and we can’t wait to see my princess flying in her white bridal gown.” Dad uttered as I sat beside my boyfriend.

“What do you mean dad?” I look at him and he just smile, same goes with mom and Hadrian. It’s driving me crazy, like am I the only one who didn’t know what’s about to happen next? Okay self, play the witch’s role and predict what’s going to happen next. “Are you planning to tell me your plan?” 

“You two are getting married next week!” 

“Oh my god!” I jumped out from the sofa with disbelief. So mom and dad actually agreed to have Hadrian as their son-in-law? This is insanely crazy.

“Calm down my expensive gorgeous model.” Hadrian’s calming me holding my left hand. I can’t freaking believe this. I actually still wanted to be single for maybe 3 or 4 more years to spend more time being alone, but I think with Hadrian by my side, life would get more easier and happier.  

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