The Tigress and Her Mate

The Tigress and Her Mate

By:  PDixit  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ashley has only one job in the world, to protect all supernatural beings. Chased by her enemies and unbeknownst to the fact that the Alpha of the pack she is protecting is her mate, she leaves him and moves on with her life. An old nemesis forces her into a war that was supposed to have ended 600 years ago. The fate of her friends and mate hangs in the balance. Will Ashley be able to defeat her old enemy? Will she get a second chance at love? Will she have a Happily Ever After? What happens when her mate is not what she expects?

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9 Chapters
The Stranger
Narrator: Alexandar “Alpha! We Have someone on the territory!” Asher, my beta said. For the past few months, he’s been very distant, barely talking with anyone. “Human?” I asked him. “Yes alpha” “Then what is the problem?”I asked, my brows furrowed in confusion. “Sir our wolves immediately accepted her as a friend and ally and are ready to protect her with their lives”, he said I rolled my eyes and said, “Very funny prank Asher”. “Really Xander? I am not lying”.
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Meet The Wolves, AGAIN
Narrator - Ashley"Duck!" I heard someone whisper from my right and a few seconds later head of a boy peaked out. He had blonde hair which was surprisingly the same as mine. I smirked."Oh Come On!! The Alpha himself, that too when we have been here for only 3 hours? Wolves are such noobs. ",  my tiger huffed. I laughed, adjusting the box in my hand, and went into the cottage."Do you think she saw us?" someone asked. Thanks to my tiger I could hear them just fine."I don't think she can. She's a human but why was she staring at where we were hiding?" A voice said, sending a small shiver down my spine."Because that tree is the most interesting and beautiful thing I've seen in my life," Snow said sarcastically and I held back a chuckle. I k
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Alexander's Mate
Narrator: Alexander“What did you find?” I asked Asher as he came back. “She doesn’t talk much”, was his simple reply. “Then why did you come back?”I asked him, annoyed.“My wolf just told me to go and when I didn’t he took full control and forced me to leave”, he replied sheepishly.“I will give it a try", I sighed.“She wants to be alone,” Asher said.“Too bad, so sad”, I rolled my eyes and walked towards my mate.“Oh great, did your friend send you?” she asked, clearly annoyed.
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Here's Nova
Here’s NovaNarrator : AshleyAfter I told off those idiots, I went to the address Susie told me.“Hello?” I asked ringing the bell and a small girl who was around 8 opened. “Susie!” She cried while hugging the dog. “MOM? DAD?” She yelled and a woman came out. “Susie! you are back.Thank you so much”,she said“Let me get your reward”, she said.I smirked and started running back to my bike.“Here” She said coming out but I was already on my bike. “Thank you, but I
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Ashley tames the shrew
Narrator : AlexanderWhy did she have to choose this school out of all others in the area? The one to which all my  pack goes ? They would push her around and trouble her because she is human.But is she? This doubt has been lingering in my mind ever since that incident at the grocery store. But what else can she be? She is not a werewolf for sure. Maybe she is just a freak.After all she came to school with a tiger. A FRIGGIN TIGER!!!My wolf is somehow insanely jealous of everyone she talks to or touches and right now wanted to rip the little cub apart but I held him back. I couldn't take my eyes off her and watched her every move. At lunch break we were in the school cafeteria when the school's meanest girl stalked towards her.
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Ghosts of the past
 Narrator - AshleyAs I was returning towards my bike after telling off those two idiots yesterday, I heard someone wail for help from an abandoned building nearby. But I didn't want to take any chances with Alexander trailing me everywhere. So today after school I sped off to that building with Nova in my hands. The call for help was coming from a crack in the wall . What I saw there broke my heart. There were few little kittens who weren't more than couple of days old and their mom lay lifeless behind the. Poor kids were hungry and scared to death.“Snow….” I saidshe analyzed the situation and  mewled,“Died in chlid birth”. I took a kitten in my hand and she purred. I decided
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Rouge Attack
Narrator : Alexander It’s been 2 weeks since I met Ashley. Yes, Yes I finally know her name. She lets me sit with her and when I asked her why she said ‘If I said no you won’t listen anyways’ and it was true. I have stalked her continuously for 2 weeks as if in a trance. I haven't told her yet that she is my mate. I cannot afford to make her more distant than she already is. However, this is making my wolf really really mad and he keeps on pounding inside my head the whole day giving me a horrible headache every single day for the last two weeks.  “What are you thinking about? I asked Ashley who was sitting lost in her own thoughts. She snapped out of her daze and said, “Werewolves” Asher choked and gagged on his food and she looked amused.  “What?” I asked
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The ShadowWalker
Narrator : Ashley “Those friggin hunters found me? How? It usually takes 3 months to track me down. Great. Just Friggin Great, Now I will have to start the mission early”,  I thought, running deep into the forest. I could see Alex following me. He is surprisingly fast. I immediately  drew a shield 20 miles around me so that no one could see me except Nova. Alex seemed confused as I vanished from his line of sight, but immediately turned back to join his pack. Maybe he was also worried about the rouges following him into the forest.  I ran back to the mansion andI touched my silver crescent necklace the moment I was inside. Immediately the Moon Goddess appeared before me. Yes I am the great p
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Unknown POV
Unknown point of view I was walking back to that pack of stupid rogues when I saw a beautiful blonde girl with mesmarizing green eyes. “Mate” My wolf whispered and my eyes widened. “Where the hell have you been for the past millenniums?” I asked and he rolled his eyes. “Ignoring you for what you’ve done” He snarled at me. “Please! She was pathetic for us” I growled and he snarled at me. I looked at the girl who was now being dragged by the guards. “She is the same, pathetic” I spat walking away. “In 2 weeks we’ll have 2 more packs in our army” I smirked whil
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