The Young Mistress Reincarnated: Do Not Provoke The Sweet Aristocratic Wife

The Young Mistress Reincarnated: Do Not Provoke The Sweet Aristocratic Wife

By:  Gong Second Miss  Completed
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One accident led to An Xin waking up in the body of her best friend. The once domineering Miss An was now suddenly the gentle Madam Ye, but this does not mean that she is without thorns. The first thing to solve, is this cold and unapproachable husband of hers that makes her pity her best friend. At the same time, perhaps squeeze a pretty penny off some hustle, and save up so she can travel. Perhaps she will find a few hunks on the way and her newfound life would not be boring at all. But wait, why is the once unapproachable husband suddenly so clingy? Good sir, I am not your wife, and marrying me is impossible. promise to spoil me for the rest of my life, love me like nothing else, and to and over all your wealth and influence, and to be content coming home to do the chores and cook for me everyday. Perhaps then, I would sit on the couch and cheer you on!

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259 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Beginning
In a private hospital in A City. It was 3 in the afternoon. The sun was shining brightly outside the window, but inside the hospital room, it was cold and depressing. Ye Shaotang declined an important meeting to rush to the hospital. His secretary told him that the doctor had pronounced Xu Yi was dead. She had stopped breathing, and there was no heartbeat for half an hour, but…When he stepped into the hospital room, the doctor told him Xu Yi woke up three minutes ago.Very good. This woman is getting more cunning day by day. She even colluded with the doctor just to get him to come to see her. His cold and somber eyes looked at the doctor before asking in a casual, yet threatening thunderous tone, “Tell me, how could a person that’s been dead for half an hour come back to life?”The doctor’s legs were trembling unconsciously. This incident was just like a fantasy. He had never experienced this in his 20 years of medical experience. He did not know where to start.“This could
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Chapter 2 The Arrogant Return of the Young Mistress
His words were emotionless yet rational. It was as if the person in front of him was a stranger. It did not matter if the person was alive or dead as it would not affect him anyway. Xu Yi had known Ye Shaotang for five years and she had never seen him smile.She asked the doctor, “Who’s been here after she died?”The doctor looked at Xu Yi. His eyes expressed sympathy. “You and President Ye are the first people to come to visit Miss An.”So An Xin has been dead for three days, and no one from the An Family came to see her?“We should go,” Ye Shaotang reminded her coldly.Xu Yi looked at An Xin on the single hospital bed and shook her head. “You go ahead. I want to stay here for a while.”Give her some time. Perhaps she could figure out what was going on.Ye Shaotang would not allow Xu Yi to stay in the mortuary alone, but he would not stay here with her either. The limited patience he had for her because of her best friend’s death had run dry because of her stubbornness.“X
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Chapter 3 The Love and Hate That Were Hidden Deep Within
Xu Yi went back to her own room. She could still hear Xu Changrong’s screams of anger and Zhao Yamei’s sarcastic voice from downstairs. Those cheap and bitter words were like thorns piercing Xu Yi’s heart.The clean and fresh smell of Xu Yi’s shower cream lingered in the air. The soft smell of jasmine was just like her gentle and calm temperament. An Xin was feisty and petty. Those personalities had no relations with her name. Xu Yi was gentle and docile. She was generous with everyone, that was why she was always bullied. Now, Xu Yi was dead. The Xu Yi that was alive was not the real Xu Yi. An Xin was living in Xu Yi’s body now, she would help her live her life to the fullest.From the moment she woke up in the hospital, she decided that she would not allow anyone to bully her anymore.Those people who had bullied her, shamed her, betrayed her, and hurt her, she would seek revenge from them one by one in the future. She would take back what belonged to her, be it money or j
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Chapter 4 I've Figured It Out
Xu Nuo was thinking about the same thing the whole day. Yesterday, she thought Xu Yi made a huge fuss because of An Xin’s death. However, today at this moment, she realized Xu Yi had changed!Not only Xu Nuo had changed, but Zhao Yamei also as well. Before this, Xu Yi was as timid as a mouse. She would not retort no matter how much they bullied her.But now, Xu Yi’s personality was like her best friend, An Xin. She would fall out with someone and became hostile. She would not care about anyone or what they think when she decided to put up a fuss. What Xu Yi wanted was to let them know that she had changed. She had become more difficult to handle, showing her personality and hostile edge.The best acceptance was the shock and dumbfounded look of the people around her. Plus, this was just the first step of her revenge plan. “Auntie,” Xu Yi called out gently to Zhao Yamei. “If you’re not used to having me around, then kill me. If you don’t kill me, then don’t blame me for being
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Chapter 5 Of Loosening the Reins Only to Grasp Them Better
Xu Yi turned around and Zhang Shaodong was standing about 2 meters behind her. His gaze was complicated and seemed to pierce Xu Yi like nails. When she saw him, Xu Yi felt even more disgusted. She rolled her eyes, ignored him and continued talking to Hao Shihua.She had a short three-month relationship with Zhang Shaodong. When she was in her first year in university, Zhang Shaodong had always pestered Xu Yi. He also did crazy things like queuing up in the middle of the night to buy her gifts.They had dated for less than three months and Xu Yi found him sleeping in a bed with Xu Nuo.After that, Xu Yi discovered that Zhang Shaodong had been seeing Xu Nuo for two months behind her back in their three-month-old relationship.Xu Yi would not have been so disgusted by this man if that was the only thing he did. But this garbage of a man had kept on pretending to be deeply in love with her and said that he was forced to date Xu Nuo for her money so that he could provide a better life
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Chapter 6 Another Outburst
People often said when you love someone, you would also love the things the person was connected with. But Xu Yi felt she was the opposite. She knew Ye Shaotang’s mother had depression so that was why she would want to die every time she came across something minor. However, Xu Yi could not bring herself to feel sympathy.To Xu Yi, the Ye Family was a huge, luxurious cage. Everyone inside was guilty of killing Xu Yi.Looking at Ye Shaotang’s nervous face, Xu Yi snorted disdainfully. “I thought you’re all that. But at the end of the day, you’re just a mommy’s boy.”“Xu Yi, my mom’s sick. It’s one thing that you ignored her before, but now you’re here saying some cynical remarks. Is this how daughters-in-law should behave?”Ye Shaotang was looking at Xu Yi with his eyes red. His hands were balled into fists and the veins were showing. It was obvious that he was trying very hard to suppress his emotions. If he did not need to pretend to be lovey-dovey with Xu Yi to maintain his re
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Chapter 7 Treat Her Better
“Madam, no!”The brave servants rushed forward and opened their arms. They were trying their best to stop the tragedy from happening. The ones who were timid started crying and wailing and covered their faces.Ye Ming’s legs gave out under him and he fell on the ground. He was trembling all over and shouted, “No, Yin!”When everyone thought Lin Congyin was going to be dead for sure, someone noticed something was not right.The thing that fell was smaller in size. When everyone looked closer, they noticed that the thing that fell was not Lin Congyin but the doll that she was holding.Everyone went over to tell Ye Ming quickly. When he heard the news, he started crying tears of joy.But if it was the doll that fell, where was Lin Congyin?This was Lin Congyin’s favorite doll. There was one time the doll fell through the cracks of the stairs from the second floor to the first floor, Lin Congyin had wanted to leap over the railings to grab it.If she did not have someone next to
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Chapter 8 Reckless Woman
When Ye Shaotang and Xu Yi left the Ye family mansion, it was already night time.Ye Shaotang looked at the exhausted Xu Yi in her seat and chuckled coldly, “It’s just for a while. Do you have to look so exhausted?”Xu Yi was fuming. It was unsure if she was in this body for too long, Xu Yi had almost forgotten that she was An Xin. She kept on thinking she was Xu Yi.When Ye Shaotang mocked her, she would recall how this frigid bastard had treated Xu Yi and she wanted to deride him so badly.However, Xu Yi’s health condition was always not very good, plus a lot had happened today so she just looked at Ye Shatang lightly. She did not want to speak to this frigid bastard.She finally understood why Xu Yi had gotten quiet. Even an extremely energetic person would become insipid after spending time with this frigid bastard, what more when Xu Yi was so attentive and particularly emotional.Ye Shaotang was surprised by Xu Yi’s coldness. Before this, Xu Yi would use this opportunity to
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Chapter 9 Skills in Tooting Your Own Horn
Xu Yi glared fiercely at Ye Shaotang. She looked at him like he was a sworn enemy and said coldly, "If my Chinese zodiac was a dog, I would eat you alive and chew you like a piece of bone. So that you'll know not to provoke me, Xu Yi.”Ye Shaotang replied in an equally cold voice, “How ridiculous. I’ve never seen such a rude and unreasonable woman like you. I’m telling you now. You refused when I asked for a divorce, and now, I’m also refusing your proposal to a divorce. We’ll just drag this on. I want to see if I’ll be the one who could not stand this first, or you’ll show your true self first!”Xu Yi scoffed. “I’m not afraid to tell you that even if I showed my true self, I would take you down with me. Ye Shaotang, I can look past the fact that you bullied the Xu Yi from before, but now you still want to bully the current Xu Yi. You’re truly overestimating yourself.”Seeing that Ye Shaotang was about to retort, she mocked, “Ye Shaotang, don’t say that I didn’t remind you. Your mom
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Chapter 10 Your Acting Skill Is Getting Worse
Watching Ye Shaotang leave, Xu Yi suddenly understood that she was not An Xin now. She could not seek justice for Xu Yi as she did before. But should she watch the gentle and kind Xu Yi gradually disappear from everyone’s eyes and memories?An Xi still had her funeral, despite her soul was alive.But what about Xu Yi?Xu Yi’s soul was gone. The person alive now was An Xin.If she did not mention the amiable Xu Yi from time to time, perhaps people would start to forget about her.When she thought about the times they were close to each other, Xu Yi’s tears started to fall uncontrollably.She crouched on the floor and sobbed in silence while hugging her shoulders.Ye Shaotang turned around because he had not heard Xu Yi in a while, wondering what she was up to if she did not leave or make any noises. He did not expect to see Xu Yi crouching on the floor sobbing uncontrollably.Ye Shaotang had seen Xu Yi cried before, but those were silent tears that one would not feel sad for.
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