The king's goddess

The king's goddess

Oleh:  Daniel Faviez  On going
Bahasa: English
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Danger Truth Betrayal An uncovering of secrets ~~~~~ "You know we shouldn't be doing this " "Shhhh. It will be a shame if I let a goddess slip away from me" "It's dangerous" I persisted. "Oh darling" He chuckled mischievously "We run far back with danger." should be worried. I should be scared. I shouldn't act as if I am not fazed after finding out the real truth about my family. Like i didn't just find out I was a mistake. A one night stand so to say. But here I stood, clad in my black warrior clothes. My jaw was set in determination, my heart hammering wildly behind my ribcage as I glared at the monster. The monster who caused us so much pain. "Hear me now, you will die by my hands even if it's the last thing I do" with that, I lunged myself fullforce into the battle, my eyes zeroed on her neck. I would fight for my family, my kingdom and most of all for the man I love. Because what is a life without love anyway? I roared angrily as I landed a punch on her face. Ditto It has begun, and I would fight like the goddess I was born to be.

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Wow! The book is good. I love it.
2020-09-13 20:00:54
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IT ALL HAPPENED in a flash. One minute, my plate filled with white fluffy pancakes was neatly set on the counter, and the next minute Kellyn had already gobbled down five. I could've sworn I looked away for just a few seconds!. She didn't seem to mind though, she happily scarfed them down. At this point I was literally and physically scared of the monster she had become. The food monster who also happened to be my twin sister. Oh the horror! "Why thank you Kira" Kellyn said chirpily as she sauntered to the sitting room leaving me angry and disappointed. Angry at her for being so lazy and disappointed at myself for not contemplating her action sooner. "Why do I get to do all the cooking when you obviously do majority of the eating?" I asked angrily. Blue-ish grey eyes Identical to mine glanced up at me almost
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Don't be afraid to failTryTryAnd Try again.----------------- I WOKE UP with a migraine, merciless and very inconsiderate. Looking around, I noticed I laid on a large plush bed. The walls of the extra large room I stayed were painted with very ordinary colours but nonetheless, everything looked quite exquisite.  I reluctantly sat up, wincing from the pain in my head, and walked over to the oak door at the other side of the room. I pulled it and much to my surprise, the door opened to reveal a wide corridor painted red with chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. My eyes widened as I noticed just how expensive this all looked. It looked like a freaking castle!.  I heard footsteps approaching from the left and quickly entered the room, closing the door and posit
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Hello lovelies!So how has your day been so far? Hope it's as good as mine.Firstly, I want to apologise for every error in this book so far (typographical) and my late updates. I'm really trying my best with the errors and concerning the updates, like I said before; just stick with me. Imma finish this book for real now.Also I would also implore you to go back and take a look at my casts. I changed some of them yesterday.Again, a big thank you to all my readers. Yes, even the silent ones. I really appreciate you guys for reading (and voting) so God bless you!.Here's the chapter.  ♤♤♤♤♤Screams and despair The burning idea of what is to comeI can taste my fearFresh and nauseating on my tongue And although the danger's hereWe still found a feeling called love_________________ 
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Okay so first of all, I want to thank you all so so so so much for reading and voting on this story. You guys are awesome!!!  ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤And the day came When all I thought about was youYou stormed my heart like a hurricane You're all i never believed to be true~ Daniel Favour ●●● I LOOKED AT the kin- Corey uncertainly. The wheels in my brain were turning furiously, my brows furrowed in confusion.  Are we suddenly supposed to accept that? To believe that there were actually goddesses and one of them was supposedly our mother? That she was so weak that she had to leave us suffering for six years after the death of
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Thanks for all the reads ♤♤♤ TamperJusticeWith Mercy●●● I WOKE UP on the bed, my sister sound asleep beside me. From the looks of it, it was probably the early hours of the morning, marking the second day of my stay here. I sighed tiredly as I sat up, remembering the occurrence that made me faint yesterday.  Something else seemed to be bothering me though and it didn't seem like I could go to sleep again so I decided to take a walk. I opened the door and turned right, walking down the corridor in the same direction we did when Cal took us to the king's office. From what i gathered yesterday, we seemed to be on the west wing and this wasn't even the highe
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To all my readers, thank you so much for the votes and follows. Your comments are also appreciated.Credits given to @fortnemitch2003 for my book cover!!. I would also like to appreciate @LeanaKryger  for your awesome corrections and encouraging comments. They really mean a lot !!!    I need a momentJust a minuteTo sort out myselfSo I'll just be in the closet●●● THREE WHOLE DAYS have passed since my encounter with Corey. I haven't seen nor heard from him but Calvin often came by whenever he was free. I haven't stepped out of the room since that night either , staying busy with history books and more history books about the realms and their rulers.  So far, all I had to do was yank on a twisted rope beside my bed whenever I was hungry or thirsty and fo
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 I WOKE UP about four hours later feeling rejuvenated and well rested. I guess the broth really helps then. After stretching like a cat on the bed, and resisting to itch that tempting spot on my lap like a maniac, I turned to the other side of my bed, expecting to see Kellyn but was greeted with the sight of Corey sitting on a stool beside the bed. Hell even the stool looked like it was worth more than our whole house in earth! What trickery is this? However, I was still bothered by the fact that he sat here watching me sleep for hours. Who does that?  "Were you here-" "Don't flatter yourself. I'm a king with many responsibilities. I just happened to come in at the right time" He
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THE BALL ROOM was huge and filled to the brim. People of different classes and ranks were present. The walls were covered in red and gold drapes. Elegance shone on every surface and everyone present seemed to be dressed in their best attires that day.People were actually performing the waltz dance here and the music was an ancient tune. I sat down beside my sister, my eyes wandering every direction taking in the scene before me. It wasn't everyday you got to witness an actual ball in an actual palace.The table we were sitted around was for the 'high and mighty' people in the three realms. The highest and mightiest of the high and mighty in fact. This meant probably just the kings, queens, princes and princesses were allowed on this table. Of the three realms, only one of the kings had a wife and a cute little daughter. The other kings were Corey who was still unmarried and king Jacob who was also unmarried leaving a lot of vacant seats l
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I COULD HEAR Calvin cursing harshly as he gently carried me in his arms. I winced when his arm brushed against the arrow that was still buried in my flesh."It hurts" I rasped in a croaky voice. "It hurts so bad"I heard an explosion somewhere to the right and felt Calvin tremble."Oh fuck! The situation seems very serious. The trolls keep trooping in and it seems they want to capture King Charles. Corey is set on getting the information Charles has but I don't think we can win this. Most of our warriors are still yet to recover from the last battle we fought and then there's kira" Cal rushed in a breath. I couldn't see what was going on around me but it did sound pretty serious."Get the fucking arrow out of her-""Nobody's touching that arrow" Corey's authoritative voice cut off my sister's panic idea. "We have to leave now. There's no time for us to waste. I suspect they are after Charl
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 Raekav stone  MY EYES SNAPPED open forcefully. The vision I just had now was in no way settling. It was scary and toe curling. In every way possible, this was a warning of what was to come. The war that would decide the fate of the three realms under my mother's control. If the enemy should win this battle against my mom, the other goddesses would step in to defeat this Luciana and whoever could defeat her would take the three realms under her control thereby taking away the title of 'goddess' from my mom. This would also rip some of her powers away.Moreover, I saw into some of my locked memories. To some extent, I felt angry and betrayed."A powerful aura is suddenly emanating from you. Have you awoken already?" A soft voice asked f
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