The king, Ramon, Kassy and Myan returned to the courtyard. The servants that had accompanied third chief Hugo's family bowed in acknowledgment at their entrance.

The king folded his hands behind him, the excess length of his long robe was trailing behind him. He took his position on the throne.

"The fourth princess is here." Myan announced. Kassy sat on the red stool that was positioned beside the throne and crossed one leg over the other.

Myan stood behind her princess, keeping her head lowered.

"Bring the presents." The king's right hand man ordered the servants of the third chief's family. The servants were dressed in a uniform green, denoting a special occasion.

Two men with drums around their waist began to create a melodious tune as the servants stepped forward.

"Where is Sir Harry?" Kassy spoke in a low voice, so only Myan could hear her.

"It's part of tradition. His majesty needs to accept these presents before it's official." Myan educated her.

"Oh, in that case..." Kassy trailed off and stood to her feet, raising one hand with her flexed forearm. "Stop the ceremony."

She held her gown and went to stand in front of the king, oblivious to the look of confusion  the people wore. "Father, I can't marry into this family." She shook her head and gave him one of her irresistible sad faces.

"Wh..why not?" The king was terrified. He pointed a hand in the direction of the panicking wife of the third chief. "The third chief is of a reputable family and..." Miranda looked as if she would pass out anytime soon.

"He is not my path." She stood firm on her point. "I'm sorry father." She turned around on her heels.

"Kassy, you will listen to me and..." The angered king stood to his feet and raised his voice but she was already leaving.

"Your highness..." a servant from the third chief's household attempted to stop her but he was silenced by the ball of fire that left her clenched fists as she increased her pace with gritted teeth. The servant's head caught on fire and everyone else squealed in fear, repelling from the princess and moving out of her way.

"Fourth princess!" Myan gasped in fear and ran after her princess.

She caught up with her when they were far from the courtyard. Myan and Kassy tried to catch their breath, standing on the path that led to the Vi stream.

"Fourth princess are you okay?" Myan asked, panting hard, her hands on her knees as she tried to speak properly.

"Stay away!" Kassy ordered. She spread her palm in front of her and her flaming fingers seemed to intensify their heat.

"Your highness, please be calm." Myan shielded her face incase her princess chose to act otherwise.

Kassy watched her carefully, unable to catch her breath and relaxed. She put her fire out and folded her arms across her chest.

"Fourth princess, what was that about?" Myan wondered. By now, she had the energy to make a complete sentence.

Kassy turned her back to her and kept her head held high. "How do they expect me to marry that man?"

"Because it's tradition, my princess, King Ron Harvey needs to arrange a groom for you, you have to get married." Myan sighed. She had explained this to Kassy too much, she didn't know what else to do.

"I'm not arguing about getting married." Kassy turned around to look at her. She took a few steps forward and placed her hands on Myan's shoulders. "I'm in love with Achu, I want to marry no one but my Achu!" She frowned.

"But fourth princess, the king will never allow you marry a man from the rival world." Myan spoke the words in devastation.

Kassy watched as a blue bird flew over their head and perched on the nearest tree. She took her hands off Myan's shoulders and went towards the tree. "Why does it matter? His powers are water, mine is fire, but our love is one of a kind."

"I don't know what to say to that." Myan heaved a sigh, "but how long will you keep Achu a secret? He ran out naked today, things could be a lot worse than that."

"What happens between my Achu and I, is not your problem." Kassy reminded her.

"Yes, fourth princess." Myan bowed her head in acknowledgment. "Please let's head back to the palace now. The second queen must be worried about you, I'm sure she's heard the news by now." 

Queen Alice was the second queen and Kassy's mother. She was the most elegant of all three queens and the king's favourite.

"I guess you're right. Come on." Kassy didn't look apologetic for the commotion she caused nor the embarrassment she caused the chief's family.

Together, they headed back to the palace, pretending like nothing had happened.


"You need to talk to your daughter!" The king was waving his hands around his head like a crazy man. It was the king's private room and he had called Alice and Kassy for a private discussion.

Myan stood outside, trying to make their words out. She was alone with the queen's personal servant. Like Myan, she had a bright white dress, a color that symbolized they were the personal servants of royalty. Other servants had to wear green. Myan considered herself lucky to have been chosen and she had been the fourth princess' servant since she was only ten, the fourth princess has been twelve at the time. Nine years later and she was still serving her princess.

"Your majesty, I have tried my best to, I have no idea what to do anymore!" Queen Alice buried her face between her palms. Her hair was dressed in ornaments of all kinds, multi coloured and portraying the beauty of her huge bun.

Her purple gown was made of fine linen and was fitted from chest to waist, the remnant part was free on her.

"Kassy, what do you want?" The king asked his daughter in frustration.

"Father." Kassy stood to her feet, looking around the small room. It had six stools and five floor chairs, all made out of hardwood. There was a green rug with the face of a dragon on it. "Truth is, I do want to get married but I want to choose the man of my dreams. I don't want an arranged marriage."

"What?" The king and his second wife said at the same time, confused by their daughter's choice.

"Is this saying you already have someone in mind?" The king asked in amazement.

"Maybe father, but when the time comes, you will know about that. I just need to know that I have your full consent." Kassy stared at him with hopeful eyes. It was one step to get his approval and know that he gave her the go ahead to marry as she pleased.

"I don't know about this..." he turned to look at his wife for assistance.

"Your majesty, if it will get her married, then maybe it's not a bad idea." Alice didn't look happy saying the words. She was the only queen with four daughters and no sons. Her first three daughters were happily married and had been sent to various fire kingdoms to live in their princes' palaces. Her first daughter was a queen by now.

"Very well then. I'll give you the grace to  select a man of your choice." The king  sighed.

"Thank you so much father!" She jumped to pull him into a hug, "this means everything!"

Alice smiled at the father and daughter moment. She took Kassy's hands in hers after she pulled away from the king. "Why don't we go on a walk so we can have a little talk?"

"Sounds pleasant to me." Kassy shrugged and waved her father off, "we will see you later."

With that, Alice and Kassy left the king's private room, meeting with their servants outside. The king on the other hand plunked into his seat and shook his head, "what am I supposed to do with these women?"

Outside, the queen stared at Kassy warily.

"What?" Kassy shrugged, she turned to look at Myan, "the queen and I are going on a walk, inform the royal guards."

"Yes princess." Myan bowed her head and hurried to do as she had been told.

"Is there someone you like?" Alice wondered as they took extremely slow strides towards the gates as they waited for Myan to return with a few royal guards to guide their way.

"Why? Does it seem like it?" Kassy rolled her eyes.

"Be careful dear, you know the rules, people of supremacy only." Alice reminded her. When there was no response, she added, "and limited to the world of fire."

"Does it have to be our kingdom?" Kassy tried to hide her surprise.

"I guess not. Your sisters are married to men from other kingdom so I'm guessing it's okay." She said.

"Alright." Kassy shrugged. Myan returned with three hefty men, similarly dressed like Ramon.

She stood behind her princess and smiled at Beth, the queen's servant standing behind her queen. The guards took position behind the servants without speaking.

"Myan, may I have a word with you for a second?" Kassy looked over her shoulder, her face free from emotions.

"Yes, princess." Myan hurried forward. She and Kassy took a few long strides so they were ahead of the crowd, ignoring the queen's suspicious look.

"So, father has given the chance to select a man of my choice." Kassy began. It took everything to refrain from squealing in joy.

"I know, I heard everything." Myan said. That wiped the smile of Kassy's face.

"So you were eavesdropping?" She gasped.

"You asked me to try my best to eavesdrop everytime you converse to save you the grace of having to repeat it all." Myan reminded her.

Kassy rolled her eyes, "whatever. Anyways, Achu is the man of my choice as you know." The excitement was back.

They were out of the palace gates by now. It was a few steps before they got to the main streets where the civilians inhabited.

"But that is forbidden. He's from the world of water, you can't make things work out." She shook her head.

"That is up to me. I'll pretend he's from here." Kassy spoke as if it was that easy.

"But what about his powers?" Myan wondered. "They want to what kingdom he is from? If he is royalty or related to one?"

"I'll pretend he is like you, and make sure that they believe he doesn't have his fire powers yet." Kassy said.

"Oh. Okay."

"Have you noticed how empty the streets are?" The queen broke their conversation. Kassy and Myan stopped walking so the queen could catch up. They looked around and confirmed that the streets were indeed void of people. The shops were closed and even the animals were out of sight.

"That's strange." Kassy put her hands on her waist.

"Is something going on today?" The queen turned to look at the guards with worry.

"I'm not sure my queen." The first guard responded. "Although I do have news that the lord has been visiting the kingdoms lately. These citizens have a local announcer that gives them these information."

"Oh goodness," the queen put her hand to her mouth. "Could this mean he is visiting our kingdom today?" She gulped.

"I'm not sure my queen," the second guard answered. "It's not impossible. The streets are empty after all."

"We better head back before it's too late. That man never announces his presence and expects us all to be out of his way while he makes it here." The panicked queen turned around on her heels, "quick, back to the palace."

Myan felt excited and disappointed at the same time. She had never seen this man before. The lord of the world of fire was the most supreme creature in the world. He ruled over the kings of all the kingdoms and was powerful than the lord of the world of water, making him the first citizen.

She had only heard tales of his strength but she had never encountered him.

"I saw him once when I was a child, that man is a demon." Kassy shuddered, standing beside her mother while they all took fast steps. "I heard..."

"Stop walking at once." An echoing voice called from around them, altering their steps.

While they tried to move, their feet were stuck to the ground like glue.

"Ah!" Kassy shrieked, "Myan, get me out of here at once!" She tried failingly to take control of her feet and continue walking.

"I'm trying to my princess." Myan tried to reach for her, "but I'm equally stuck.

They heard footsteps approaching them and the ground shook with every new step. It was like a thousand elephants threading on one path. How big was this man? Myan wondered.

"My lord!" The queen went on her knees and bowed her head against the floor, "spare us, we had no idea you would be here today." She said.

There was no response until the loud steps ceased. "Turn around." The same voice commanded.

They found they could control their walking and they all turned in obedience.

Myan was taken aback by the sight of him. He looked like an ordinary man. How did his footsteps shake the ground then?

He was tall, above six feet, and his long, curly hair was jet black was glowing like there was too much oil on it, and at shoulder length. He had a faded brown tank top on and his free black pants made his appearance godly. His eyes were a deep brown and his muscles  were prominent.

"The royal family huh? I see." He nodded at them. His voice no longer had echoes but it was deep and for one, didn't sound harsh. Myan was disappointed.

"It's okay. I was going out for a stroll and heard voices so I..." he trailed off and widened his eyes.  "My goodness, who is this goddess?"

Myan's eyes went wide when he started approaching her. How could he refer to someone like her as a goddess?

She closed her eyes when he was only a few inches away. She reopened them to find him by Kassy's side. Oh.

"Me?" Kassy stared at him blankly.

"This is my fourth daughter, Kassy." The queen put her arms around Kassy's shoulder, a proud smile on her face.

"Ah," he sniffed her hair, "this one is beautiful. He held her waist and drew her closer to him so her back was against his chest.

"What are you doing?!" Kassy gasped, trying to move away from him. She could feel his member against her back, that was how close they were.

"Let go of me!" Kassy snapped, disregarding his power.

Myan looked afraid and so did the queen.

The lord chuckled at her and ran his fingers down the nape of her neck. She moaned in that instant, closing her eyes and craving his touch immediately.

He pulled away from her and turned to the queen. "I like this one. I will be here tomorrow to see the king, tell him his daughter is getting married." He said to the queen.

The queen widened her eyes but before she could argue, he was walking away from them.

"My lord!" The queen cried after him but he was done

"No, no ,no ,no!" Kassy yanked at her hair, "I'm doomed, my life is ruined." She wailed.

Myan tried to comfort her princess, not understanding what the fuss was all about. She could easily say no, couldn't she? "Don't cry fourth princess, you can just tell him you aren't getting married to him, like you always have."

Kassy slapped Myan across the face in anger. The poor servant held her cheeks in pain. "My princess."

"Don't you get it, no one says no to the lord!" He gets what he wants." Kassy fell to the floor and cried in her loudest voice.

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