Their Precious Mate

Their Precious Mate

By:  Baby_Dottie  Completed
Language: English
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She's a girl who wants out of her abusive life. She's a girl who greets death with open arms. She's a girl who doesn't understand that not everyone is out to hurt her. She's a girl who's about to get something better than death. They are kings who only want to find their mate. They are kings who want nothing more than to spoil and protect her. They are kings who gets there wish and more. They are kings who will do anything to see a sweet smile on their precious mate face.

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The book is well written, and the storyline is very interesting! Highly recommend!
2024-04-15 06:39:24
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Melissa Gordon
love this book so much.
2023-08-16 11:18:32
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How often is this book updated?
2023-07-08 07:57:37
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Delinda Schumacher
90 chapters 6-30-23
2023-07-01 02:17:09
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Melissa Gordon
I absolutely love this book so much ...️...
2023-06-28 03:35:53
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Katie T
Hreat book hope there’s a sequel
2024-04-10 12:56:34
default avatar
Jenny Murray
Good read, bit disappointed with the double up on chapters
2024-03-26 17:06:36
90 Chapters
Chapter 1
Hi! This chapter is could be a trigger warning for some people so please proceed with caution. I'm sorry if anyone has to go through anything like this. Feedback is always appreciated! BYE!!! - - - Charlotte POV: I listened carefully to the world outside my bedroom. I was curled up in my pathetic excuse for a bed, my gaze piercing at the old wooden door that barely blocked anything that came into its path. After years of abuse to the door, it was barely holding onto its hinges. As if it was trying to grasp the last bit of reality it can before tearing down. It's once incredible brown lost its luster to a splinted, aging cedar color. The door stood as a mask of protection, but just like me, it shows that it’s on its last legs. All it, all I, need is another push before we tumbled down into a dark abyss. The thought of catching or saving it, is as far back into someone’s mind that it’s not even there. I strained my ears to listen. I needed a sign. A needed something to know
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Chapter 2
Hey!This chapter might be a trigger warning for some people. I'm sorry if any of you had to go through something like thisFeedback is always appreciated!BYE!!!!----Charlotte POV:I slowly paced down the hot cement. I couldn’t move too fast. My body was withering away in pain despite it being hidden by my clothes and unwanted make-up.I rushed out my house in spite of my body protest. I needed to leave. I’ve been wallowing in my thoughts for too long. It was still silent, a sign to leave before the loud snores turn into hurtful grumbles and mad yells.I took the sign happily. I didn’t want to be around him when he awaken. He always awaken in a fowl mood. And it was instinct for him to sought after me to take away his foulness. Maybe it’s because he could chase away reality with his dreams or maybe it's because he really does hate me. Maybe it’s best if I just don’t know.I slowed down at the sight of another one of my tormentors. Despite it being a place where it held hundreds
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Chapter 3
Sup!This chapter might be a trigger warning for some people. I'm sorry if anyone has ever been through this or thought any of these things. Feedback is always appreciated!BYE!!!----Charlotte POV:Have you ever thought that dying would be your sweet relief? I think about that a lot. I wouldn’t have to feel anything if I just died. I wouldn’t have to worry about the next beaten. I wouldn’t have to worry about my anxiety. I wouldn’t have to worry about the strange stares, or hurtful stares. I wouldn’t have to worry about the mean words or the nasty yells-“Why isn’t she waking up?!” Yells. I’m always around yelling. In death, I bet it’s quiet. Just a peaceful silence, with no people around. Nothing that would alarm my anxiety. Nothing at all. It’ll be a dream come true- “A-Alpha-” “You informed me that she would be awake today. Why is my mate still unconscious?” Weird how my dream come true is death. Most people want to be rich, famous, have a family, live forever, or somethi
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Chapter 4
Hi!This chapter might be triggering for some people so please read with caution. I'm sorry if anyone thought something like this or had to go through this.Any feedback will be appreciated!BYE!!!----Charlotte POV:The pale yellow dish sat plainly in front of me. As did a bright orange liquid, floating around in a clear cup. I felt no desire to consume either of the two that was brought to me. My stomach wasn’t bubbling with hunger, I wasn’t salivating at the sight, I wasn’t jumping at the chance to stuff it all into my mouth. I felt nothing. I want nothing. But to die.“Love, eat.” The dangerously handsome man still hasn’t left. The others have, but he stayed. How weird. “You're not healthy. Eat for me. Eat for us.”Us? I only see him. Is he talking about the doctor and his friend?“Do you not like it?” He peered at my uneaten bowl of food, “Is it not good? I could fix you something else.”I’m not hungry. I don’t want food.My bottom lip trembled, I feel like crying. Crying
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Chapter 5
Theós POV: "Look harder!" I snarled out, glaring heatedly at one of my pack members that was trembling in front of me. I ignored the flash of fear that cross his face, snarling a little louder to get my point across. "This is your Luna I'm talking about! My mate-" "Our mate." Aries drawled out as he walked into my office. "She's our mate Theós." "I know that." I grumbled, dismissing the still trembling idiot away. With a quick, sharp bow, he quickly stumbled his way out my office, closing the door behind him. I turned in my seat, facing Ares, ready to hear whatever he needed to tell me. "How is she?" A hard frown appeared on his face as he sunk in a chair. "She just sits there Theós. She's had four panic attacks this past week. She won't let anyone near her while she's awake. She still won't eat and she still won't talk to anyone. I don't want to keep calling our mate she or a stupid nickname. I want to call her by her name." "Damnit." I cursed, slouching in my seat, not wanting
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Chapter 6
Aries POV:"I just want her to trust me. I want her to trust us." I muttered out desperately. All I want to do is to hold her in my arms, have her cuddle into my chest as we'll wait for Theós to come back with food for her. Then when he'll come into the room, I'll move her from my lap, setting her right beside me as Theós walks in with the food. It'll be her favorite, whatever it is. He'll sit down on the other side of her, placing the tray on her lap, and they'll take turns feeding her. And after she's all full and fed, Theós would pull her on his lap, and it would be his turn to cuddle with her as I'll gather the dirty dishes and go downstairs to wash them.We'll take care of her. Take her shopping, feed her, protect her, love her, well do anything and everything that a good mate would do, and then some."I know you do Alpha Aries, but you have to understand, she's probably been through more things that we know of. More than likely, she's not familiar with the act of kindness that y
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Chapter 7
Charlotte POV:It's been three months since my captures found out that I could talk. Ever since then, they've been asking me thousands of questions every day. It's weird because I only speak in my native tongue. But that doesn't stop them from asking me questions.I don't even know why I said something. Even if they can't understand me. I've been trained to not say anything. I'm supposed to be scared to say anything. They're not supposed to be so nice to meet. They're not supposed to worry about feeding me, worry if I'm cold, worry if I have enough blankets and pillows, or worry if I was comfortable.It's not supposed to be this way.But it is.And I love it.But I'm not supposed to."Hey Charlotte." I looked away from the window, peeking through my lashes towards the door. Ares walked in with a calm smile, carrying a tray of food. "How are you my pretty Cherry?"Stay quiet Charlotte. Stay quiet. Stay quiet. Stay quiet. "A-Au e ole e kamailio pu ana me oe. Au e ole e kamailio pu ana i
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Chapter 8
Theós POV:With my forehead pressed against the cool counter table, I silently grumbled to myself about the meeting that I was just in.Stupid council. How dare they try and defy me? They knew what was going on with me and Aries mate. How fragile she was. How she still isn't use to her mates. Why would I introduce Charlotte to them when she can't even leave the room? They want to rush something that shouldn't, and won't be rushed. If it will take Charlotte years to trust us, then they'll have to wait years. I rather have her take her time then to rush her and her to hate us later on."I see the meeting went well."I lifted my head from the counter, glaring over at Aries and Timothy. "Why did you tell me to meet you in the kitchen? Shouldn't we be in Charlotte's room?""This is about Charlotte, that's why I told you to meet me in here." Sliding in a chair next to me, he plopped the tray, still with food that I cook, onto the table. "I didn't want to discuss this in front of her. Someth
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Chapter 9
Theós POV:"Your kneading the dough too soft Aries." I pointed out, eyes narrowing directly at the kneading fingers. "You need to be a little firmer or it won't turn out right." "Will do-TIMOTHY!" With one hand still kneading the dough, thankfully kneading it a little firmer, he used the other one to point at the idiot behind me. I turned around, eyes still narrowed as I try to catch what he did. "Stop trying to eat the barbeque chicken!" "I was just tasting it!" He defended, "I don't want the Luna eating nasty food! You should be grateful!" "That was your third spoonful!" "I wanted to be sure!" He argued, still trying to convince us that he wasn't being greedy. At the unimpressed look he was receiving from us, he pouted and lowly mumbled out and apology. "I'm sorry okay. I'm just hungry. And the food looks and smells so good.""What a surprise." Rolling my eyes, I shuffled back over to the larger steaming pot. "You're always hungry."He sighed, beginning his stirring
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Chapter 10
Aries POV:I was slightly surprise at the sight that greeted me when I entered my mates room. I watched happily as my mate messily stuffed her face with the food that we prepared. Her sunken cheeks covered in bbq sauce and bits of bread. Her gorgeous grey eyes focused completely on nothing but the fastly diminishing pile of food. Her tiny hands sticky with sauce as they try to grab as much as it could to stuff in her mouth.It was an adorable sight.I quickly made my way over to the seat on the other side of the bed and sat down. She flinched, her wide eyes tearing away from her food to look up at me. I flashed her a large, warm grin, hoping to show how happy I am that she was eating. She studied my face for a while, her dark sunken cheeks flushing brightly before her gaze dropped back to her food, resuming her eating. "She won't be needing the other batch of Cha Siu Bao. I don't want her to get a stomach ache. But she will be needing that bowl of soup.""Does that mean I can eat
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