Truth and Tragedy

Truth and Tragedy

By:  Scarlett VonCannon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Son of a wealthy southern plantation owner, Vince Hart, is a well known womanizer. When he is caught in a compromising position with his lover he is forced to make a choice- leave Vivian's reputation ruined or marry her. He chooses marriage, and for a while he and Vivian enjoy marital bliss, but dark clouds are gathering on the horizon as the Civil War is brewing. Called to serve, Vince goes off to war and adventure, leaving his wife and unborn child home alone. What will he return to, if anything?

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2 Chapters
Chapter One October, 1860 Ethan Hart,once again rode his bay gelding around the corn field behind the one hundred acre plantation. His brother had gone missing just before lunch and now with the Autumn sunset coming early, he was no where to be seen. From the barn there was the steady rhythm of hammers as men repaired the barn roof. He already knew Vince wouldn't be among them, but he checked anyway. Artie Lawrence leaned on the corner of the barn, removing his hat to wipe away sweat on his weathered brow with a handkerchief. He looked up at Ethan's approach. "Mister Hart! What can we do for you today?"I am. Have you seen Vince?" Ethan moved his horse closer and leaned over a bit, his long black hair defeating the pomade he slicked it back with and falling forwards to frame his face, the rest of it remained tied at the nape of his neck tightly."Yes, sir, he left here 'bout an hour ago. Moving pretty fast too." the older ma
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Chapter TwoIt was dark when Vince arrived at the plantation and for that he was grateful. He was glad for the darkness of the stable well as he lead Jasper in and tied him near the back of the barn. A drink from the silver flask in his inside coat pocket settled any of his anxious feelings, and with a half smile he made his way into the foyer. Mister and Mrs. Macabe were in the foyer welcoming the guests and the wall behind them was stacked high with presents for Mr. Macabe, “There you are!” “
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