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The Legend of Karistus is a story the elders told to keep the young ones in line. At least that's what Damon Cortez thought. But then a sexy stranger started at Moonvalley High, and weird things began to happen. Lisa Montgomery wasn't there to make friends. She has a bad temper and a long history of violent blackouts. Moonvalley is the last chance she has to get an education. When wolves start disappearing and legend becomes flesh and bone, can Damon pass the test? What will he do with a mate far stronger than his Alpha wolf? And when a Royal reappears from a line thought dead, who is the rightful ruler of the kingdom? Read on at your own risk.

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Wowwww so nice
2022-03-03 20:12:41
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Carla Krsul
Best book ever.
2021-06-03 01:43:43
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Cc Lopez
Such an amazing writer she captives you in every sense. Her books are a must read, make sure to check all of them out! I would recommend this author to all readers!
2021-01-25 00:48:31
17 Chapters
A new beginning.
 "Make sure to put your contacts in, dear, and hurry up. You don't want to be late for your first day of school!"Lion eyes, that's what her Dad calls them, but why Lisa had to hide them behind contact lenses was a mystery to her, and why brown contacts??David and Lacey Montgomery found Lisa on their doorstep seventeen years ago.
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I've seen bigger
"Same old same old," Damon Cortez thought as he ran his hands through his raven-colored hair, watching his friends greet the others returning for the school year.At 19, Damon already felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. His Dad wasn't getting any younger. As Alpha to the strongest pack in America, it was expected that Damon would soon take over his father's duty, leaving his Mum, the current Luna, and his Dad free to enjoy their twilight years.Watching his beta Knox and Gamma Judah performing their duties effortlessly, Damon found himself wishing that he could just run free for a while, enjoy life like his friends could before being weighed down with pack politics.
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What did you say?
"What the f*ck?" Lisa wandered down the corridors, passing the barbies, the jocks, the nerds, and the shadows, feeling like a science experiment as people seemed to stop and sniff as she went passed them. Another high school first day, it was safe to say she made an impression as she turned her famous glare on any that would meet her eye, but to her surprise, most would bow their head and show submission, except one girl.Ooof! Lisa's bag went flying as she found herself unceremoniously shoved into the lockers to her left. Before she could even get her bearings,,, some crazy banshee was on her, long nails flying, hair pulling, loud shrill voice shrieking "He's mine you b*tch!"'Oh hell no,' Lisa thought as she co
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I'm so sorry.
Knox was a strong wolf and fast of foot, but as Lisa tore out of the building, running into the forest at breakneck speed, Knox was doubting his ability to keep up with her in human form, but he couldn't shift.Lisa and her family had no idea that they had moved into a community mainly filled with werewolves. Since they were human, none of the pack were allowed to reveal their beast forms, although after what Knox just witnessed, he had serious doubts about at least one of the Montgomery's being merely human.Motherfucker that girl was just plain scary, and yet here he was, clearly touched in the head, chasing after the female responsible for taking down four she-wolves single-handedly, and what Lisa did to Dahli
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The trio
"What the hell happened to him?""Buggered if I know, should we try to wake him again?"Ooooff!Knox took a sharp breath in as someone kicked him in the ribs. What the actual fuck? Groaning, he gingerly tried to open his eyes, eager to see who his assailants were, but nothing, everything felt heavy, as though someone had attached weights to his eyelids while he was knocked senseless or something.Gathering his strength, the pack Beta tried again, barely managing to raise an eyebrow, and what the heck was wrong with his mouth? It
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Itchy skin
She was not in control of herself.Lisa frantically raced out of her house, straight past her car and down the street, her skin was on fire, and in the far recesses of her mind, Lisa could hear a whimpering sound, all she could think of was running.Houses flew past in a blur as her sneakered feet pounded on the pavement, and Lisa had no idea where she was going.Her body seemed to have a mind of its own, like a homing beacon its course was set, and she was just along for the ride; before Lisa knew it, the land had leveled out, h
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Beta Knox
Now that Knox had seen into her mind, he couldn't unsee it. Lisa's wolf was staring straight at him. Could anyone else see the beast in her eyes? According to his wolf, he didn't think so. Back in that forest, Knox had been flayed open; his soul laid bare for the ancient wolf's judgment, and she had found him to be pure.Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing that happened, as Knox found out later on that evening, when he shrugged off his clothes and hopped into the shower, there on his left hip, a symbol had appeared, a judges gavel.
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The legend of Karistus
  Long ago, when this world was young, ancient beings roamed freely, living off the land and their skills, survival a natural way of life, as deeply ingrained as the desire to breathe.Within this world, two young lovers gave birth to a special little girl, whom they called Villanelle; and she was a symbol of the best parts of every living thing wrapped up in one tiny form.As Villanelle grew older her beauty became legendary, and her parents, worried for her safety, pleaded with the Gods, begging them to send her a protector.
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The fateful fall of Judah Crewes
Damon had benched him again, he couldnt believe it! He was the head warrior for a reason and yet his Alpha left him back at the pack house, training the she wolves, while the Alpha team ran the borders, what was going on?Ever since that girl had shown up, Damon was thinking with the brain in his pants instead of the one in his damn head, letting his beast control him, and Judah wasnt the only pack member to notice.More and more his two friends were leaving him out of things, wandering off on exclusive Alpha Beta business, leaving Judah with the pack like a glorified baby sitter, and he was sick of it, he was sick of alot of things lately; Lucan his normally steadfast wolf was restless, prowling around in Judahś
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Dahliaś arousal surrounded him, fogging Judahś senses as she rubbed her fit body shamelessly against his, reaching underneath his jeans to cup his straining cock. He thanked his lucky stars that he wasn´t a virgin, or he would have come as soon as she circled the tip with her talented fingers, ¨Let me make you happy, Judah,¨ She whispered provocatively, taking his hand and walking towards the woods, her fine ass swaying for him, as she looked over her shoulder, biting her bottom lip and giggling, ¨You know, I've always been curious about the naughty things that some mates do with each other baby, I was hoping you might like to explore some of them with me?Did she really just say that? His wolf said lustfully, he was already picturing himself mounting Dahliaś small grey wolf, and the ima
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