I am chosen

 One week went without any issues as Alexander is away while his brothers parties almost all night. The girls other than me gave into the temptations of joey and James. The vampires use them freely as their blood bags. Elena and I got along well despite her decison of letting James feed of her. She didn't tell me why she changed her decision.

  Gracy called us early morning and told us that Alexander is holding a ceremony where he is going to announce his keeper. I gasped in horror and shock. The Alexander who didn't accept anyone aa his keeper before is going to finally his chosen bride. It maybe Kristen. They did spend the night. The three girls are beaming with joy while Elena looked gloomy and teary eyed.

  She excuses herself and left. I gave into my urge of following her and went behind her.

  " I can't do this anymore. But I have no choice. He threatened to kill my parents if I didn't oblige to his wishes. " She cried into my chest as I hugged her.

  " Did he, you know " I hesitated. She immediately shook her head " No, he just feed of me and he said he's going to keep me with him "

  I consoled her and asked her to be brave. we got ready for the event Uninterested. The ceremony started a while ago but still no sight of that devil Alexander.

  "All You have to do is get rejected by him." I kept telling myself as I followed behind Elena. Upon entering the room, I realized that I had just entered the ball room and I watched the meangirls Kristen, Hanna and Diana flaunt their dresses, dancing to the music while others kept talking to each other. These girls are unbelievable.

  I fidgeted with my fingers and noticed some guys eyeing at me as I passed by but decided to ignore their intimate stares. I even got a few compliments and whistles but strangely enough, I didn't feel that uncomfortable. I knew that I wasn't the only one who was dressed up for this ceremony as there were so much prettier girls than me in this room.

  “Do you want anything to eat?" an unfamiliar voice made me gasp and turn around to face a butler who was now holding out a tray of foods. I quickly shook my head and he smiled before nodding.

  "Can I ask you something?" I asked politely and the butler nodded, his hazel eyes boring into my brown ones.

  “I want to know who are these guys?" I questioned softly, my voice barely above a whisper and the butler chuckled.

  " Oh,these men are close to the pure bloods. They are our special guests. Don't worry, there's only around 30 unmated males, you'll hardly notice them once the ceremony starts” he said and walked away to tend other guests. I continue to search around for a good hiding spot.

  “Ladies and gentleman, welcome!” a voice made me freeze in my position before I looked up to face around five guys coming out off a lift. My stomach tied itself into a knot when I instantly realized that they were not normal people. Vampires.

  "We're so happy that you could all make it for this special ceremony at such a short notice." the guy with the light blond hair said out loud and I heard a few giggles behind me.

  "It's Tommy, everyone's favorite presenter. he's so cute." I heard girls whispering to each other and my heart raced at her words.

  "Alexander Ivanov will be accompanying us in a few minutes." Tommy continued, licking his lips before darting his eyes around the room. A cold shiver crawled down my spine as I tried to keep a straight posture.

  "Enjoy." was all I heard before I bumped against a random girl, earning a scowl from her.

  "Sorry.” I murmured before rushing past her, heading near the restroom where people were least hanging and took a few deep breaths, calming myself down.

  " Oh there you are, Hello everyone, this is Katarina Hamilton. She's the one I choose to be my keeper and soulmate. " Alexander said straight away without beating around the bush. My worst nightmare just come true.

  But why? ? How did I get chosen?

  "Of all the girls, why me...?" a voice repeatedly asked in my head as I took a few steps towards him, fighting back the tears that were now threatening to fall. I felt Alexander glare at me as I walked past him but I kept my gaze on the ground before standing in front of the crowd, next to Elena. We're both unhappy. Apparently James announced Elena as his keeper while joey didn't pick any but chose to keep Kristen, Hanna and Diana until he decides otherwise.

  "Miss Katarina " an unfamiliar voice called and I looked up to face a man in his mid-20's, who was now giving me the look of concern. “Why are you crying?" With these words, half the room grew silent and I stared at him in disbelief and confusion before realization hit me like waves. I reached up my fingers to touch my cheeks and sure enough, my fingertips felt the sensation of flowing tears.

  “This-this is not what it looks like..." I trailed away, quickly brushing away my tears and I could hear whisperings surfacing around the room as the intense atmosphere clouded around us even more.

  "Girl, are you not happy to be his bride?" a lady asked and everyone was now either scowling or staring at me in disgust, undoubtedly not pleased with the fact that I was being selfish, as they like to put it.

  “It's-it's not that, I'm-I'm happy but I-" I started stumbling on my words as I watch them shaking their heads in disgust,including the girls standing next to me. I couldn't tell them the truth as my parents pride is at stake.

  "I'm just-" before I could finish, someone grabbed my wrist so hard, I winced in pain before he started dragging me outside and I stumbled myself forward as I walked along. I could feel my hands trembling when I realized that it was none other than Alexander himself, as he dragged me along but judging by the force he had on my wrist, he's very pissed.

  "Wa-wait...” I choked out, trying to keep up with his fast pace as he walked out of the ballroom, not even bothering to turn around or slow down. Before I could open my mouth to apologize, he turned around and slammed my shoulders to the nearest wall.  I winced in pain as I look up to face him who was now glaring down at me, his eyes completely filled with hatred and anger .

  “Why the hell are you crying for?!” he snapped, raising his voice and I shrunk back as I pressed my back even further against the wall, trying to come up with a response that wouldn't anger him.

  "I'm-I'm sorry, I got scared." I stammered, and on cue, tears started rolling down my cheeks as I tried to swallow in the sob but it was no use. I was almost on the verge of breaking down and he was definitely pushing me to my limits.

  "What the hell makes you think I fucking care?!" he retorted, slamming his hands on either side of my neck on the wall, causing me to gasp and jolt up in my position before I pressed my lips together into a thin line. "I chose you because I wanted to. But don't you fucking dare yo oppose. Don't test my patience!" he snapped and I nodded before an uncontrollable sob escaped through my lips which didn't seem to please him at all because his eyes turned a shade darker, if that was even possible.

  " stop crying" he started, grabbing my cheeks so roughly, I held his wrist, hoping he would loosen his grip but instead, he held them firmly before holding my face up to meet his eyes.

  “Before I make you!" he spat with no remorse in his words and I fought back the tears before nodding, my heart screaming for me to break down while my brain fought to keep myself together.

  “o- ok” I choked out and he loosened his grip painfully slow, still keeping his gaze on my eyes as I brushed away my tears before taking a long breath, trying to even my heartbeats.

  “Now go in there and tell them they were misunderstood, that the tears weren't tears of fear but tears of joy." he stated, standing up straight and I nodded again, clutching my hands together to stop myself from trembling any further. An arm slipped around my shoulder before he guided us back to the room where everyone was waiting for us and I took one final breath before clearing my throat, looking around the ladies and men, who were now peering at us with suspicion.

  “I'm sorry to have gotten you all worried," I barely managed to keep a straight face as I clutched my hands even more tightly. “I-I was just happy and relieved that I was chosen." I lied, looking up at Alexander who was now staring down at me, his eyes not ripping away from my face for even a second.

  Never have I felt so sick to make up a lie. After a moment of silence, everyone chuckled and nodded ,falling for my lie or  pretending to be.

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