Unexpected event

The Vampire wished to see me? I quickly skipped to her side, "Um, excuse me," I began in a soft voice, "The vampire? What is he like?"

  She chuckled, "oh, he is mysterious, almost dark and ominous. he loves to play games." I gulped loudly, she chuckled again. "Don't be frighten, miss. I'm sure your meeting will go well."

  Don't be frightened.easy for her to say. She halted at the door and knocked twice.

  "Come in." an amused man's voice answered. The door flew open;

  " master, miss Katarina is here. " Gracy said but he just dismissed by waving his hand fom his back. she bowed and left.

  I stood there awkwardly for a while. He is busy with his phone and my stomach started to rumble. I am hungry. Can this better be over soon? I wonder if I still get something to eat before I leave this place.

  I walked inside his office . inside the room, there is a large wooden grey color desk and a black rolling chair . To one side are all the books, files neatly arranged in racks and the other side is the lounge  . There lays a sofa and a small coffee table . He has his back to me as he is talking to someone over the phone.

  I couldn't control myself any longer . So, I walked towards him. I tapped his shoulders and turned him .

  " what the hell? can't you see I am on phone? " he shouts at me.

  " listen Mr. vampire. don't you think you're doing too much? all you are going to do is reject me as well as you did with other girls. so, why waste my time? Just get it done. " I yelled back causing him to smirk.

  " if I were you, I would watch my mouth. " He said as he sat in his chair. I sat opposite to him fuming.

  " pretty eyes. you're beautiful but your mouth will get you in trouble. who said I am rejecting you? "  he asked me causing me to stand up in shock.

  is he in delusion?

  " I saw your profile. very interesting. you hate my kind. aren't you? " He stood up and walked towards me.

  He stood very close to me as I took a moment to look at him. his face is flawless, his sharp chin, piercing eyes and perfect nose, not too long or too short.

  He had tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a mesmerising deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout. His face was strong and defined, his features molded from granite. He had dark eye brows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression.

  His lips are now twitching to a side.

  " done checking me out? " he asked as I blushed at the embarrassment of getting caught.

  I am not the one to accept defeat.

  " have seen many handsome face than you. if you're not rejecting me, why you called me here? " I huffed.

  " well, you don't get it. do you? anyways we have to get to know each other. so, I expect you to join me and my brothers for dinner sharp at 7. " He walked back to his seat.

  " what? this is not fair" I blurted out thinking about the girls outside.

  " why is that? " he asked me amused.

  " the girls you rejected are still outside. don't you think you have to get to know them before rejecting them? " I said as I scrunched my face in disgust when he took a sip of red liquid from the glass.

  " it's my decision. none of your business. " he stated simply.

  " well, if they're not staying then I am also not living here . I can't be alone with the group of blood suckers. " I said harshly.

  " you're here a full day, even knocked out. but still you're not harmed at any way . Then why are you jumping into conclusions? " He angrily spat back.

  " you know what. I am letting them stay for the time being. I will give them a chance just to show you  . " he said and pressed the bell.

  Apparently, he let the other girls to stay as well. The four girls Kristen, Hanna, Diana and Elena came to me . While Elena gives me a smile , the other three glared and shooting daggers with their eyes. Now what did I do wrong? If anything, I am the one who extended their stay. They should be thankful. Maybe they too hate Vampires and was happy to leave . But I spoiled it. So, that's why they're angry.

  " Umm, I am sor-" Kristen stopped me midway " Save it. Don't you dare to go near Alexander, he's mine. The other two brothers are for them. So, stay away " With that she walked away along with Hanna and Diana. As if I am longing to be with him, I thought bitterly.

  " Don't mind them. How about we hang out together in my room tonight? "She asked me. She looks genuine and no harm in hanging out. Besides I need s distraction. I agreed with her. She swatted my hand away and hugged me.

  We both then went together looking around the palace. While walking around the corridor of the three floor, our feet got struck on the floor no matter how hard we try, we couldn't move. We both scared and screamed for help.

  " Don't worry , pretty ladies. Your knight is here to save you" A guy came forward from the room that was locked from outside. With the powerful aura emitting from him, I guess it's Alexander brother.

  " You're right. I am Alex's young brother Joey. " He said as if he could read my mind.

  " Yes, I can invade people's mind. " There he goes again. I mentally sighed at these vampire's abilities.

  " You know we are not that bad. Come on, I will show you around. " Seeing my hesitation, " I won't bite unless you ask me to " He said casually.

  He is a cool guy to hang out with. Though he is good to us, I can't let my guard down as he is a vampire.

  Sitting for the dinner with Alexander , Joey , James, David , Kristen, Hanna, Diana and Elena is the most disgusting thing ever. Alexander is first born, James is second and Joey is the last. David is their step brother. There is another guy Franklin who is also Alexander's step brother.Elena hasn't done anything. She simply had her dinner while stealing glances with James. But the other girls were all over the guys and shamelessly flirting with them. They let Joey and Alexander to drink blood from them willingly. Alexander looked at me as he bite on the neck of Kristen.It made me gag and puke. I tried to control but I puked all over that David guy. Embarrassed, I ran away from there and straight to Elena with her trailing behind me.

  My face is still flushed in red and I covered my face in embarrassment. I am in big trouble. I puked on a vampire.

  Elena consoled me and helped me change. I already kept my night dressing her room.

  After a while, we got settled in the bed and watched N*****x. A knock on the door made me fear the worst. Elena opened the door and in came David. He looks amused at my appearance.

  I was dressed in my old Batman themed pyjama pants and a plain white T-shirt. My blonde hair was simply a mess held together with a hair clip.

  As much as I hate vampires, it's my mistake. So, I did what's right. I apologized.

  " It's fine. You're not used to this and I can totally understand. I heard you hate my kind . But can we at least be friends? " He asked with pleading eyes.

  Never seen such a humble vampire before, I agreed instantly and gave him my hand. He held my hand and kissed at the back of it.

  " Look at what we have here. It's Ihatevampire Katarina being lovey dovey with David" Alexander said angrily while glaring at our hands. David pulled his hand away and walked towards him. Alexander then pulled me closer to him. I shivered at the close proximity between us. He whispered " You know you're correct. I am going to get to know the girls. Enjoy your night while I am going to have fun with Kristen. "

  I gritted my teeth. The guy had only just came in and I was already getting sick of him. I grew even more annoyed when Elena went on and on about the guy during our "girls' night". I shoved popcorn down my throat still a little annoyed about what Alexander said and forced myself to not tell Elena to shut her mouth, that it was just one hot guy  But I didn't because I didn't want to ruin our relationship.

  "Oh my gosh, was he not like the hottest guy you've ever seen?" Elena asked me for the tenth time and this time I decided to answer just to shut her up but not with the answer she was looking for.

  Yes, a million times. "No. Too much of a pretty boy", I said disparagingly.

  "Are you kidding me? I nearly fainted when I first laid eyes on him"she exclaimed. Her words made me feel both better and worse. Better because I knew then that I wasn't the only one deeply impacted by the guy's looks. But also worse because I was not exactly the kind of person to like someone for their looks. Also him spending the night with Kristen didn't settle well with me. It bothers me some how. I hate it. So ,for us both to be this amazed by some guy did not look good on me.

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