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BOOK ONE ~ I was born Vanessa Montgomery. But to be honest, I have always hated that name. ~ In a small fantasy world where loving your fellow gender is a crime that can get you arrested or worse, killed, Vanessa is asked to choose between going to jail or going to a home for 'getting better' and she might be a little bitch but she knew she would not survive a day in prison so getting better it was. Except if she knew what she was getting herself into, she would have gladly ran to prison and kissed the prison guard personally. In a place where each individuals name is changed into flavours that match their personality and are drawn to one another like magnets. Would she able to ignore the attractions that come out from her in waves for them or would she find herself tangled in a web of madness that she would never be able to escape from? WARNING: This is a polyamory/polyfidelity book with more than three characters having a relationship. There would be slight use of cuss words, mature content and basically everything that makes a book half smut and half fluff.

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"You are joking"For my sanity and for my sake, I hope that they are, because this is too much, because—Hell, I came here to run away from that!"No" Doctor says, her ever calm voice sounding so soothing that I want to give her a hug but I don't think doing that now would help my case "We are not"Strawberry is already rolling his eyes "I told you she was not ready to find out""It is not like we could keep it from her forever" Chocolate says rolling his eyes as well before leaning into Cream "I missed fucking Cream on the dining table with everyone present"What?"Nilla—""I literally just escaped jail because of this same shit and you all are—" I try to take a deep breath in so I can talk properly without exploding but it's not working "Five people? Hell, I see life time imprisonment going on here""No one has to know Nilla" Caramel's small voice says as softly as possible "Even you had no idea""Well because I thought it was brotherly love, not whatever— Not whatever this is!""We
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1- Vanessa
My first thought as the car I am in drives past each house in Aeria is me wondering how unfair it is that they live like this.I mean all things considered, I am in horrible trouble as it is but when you see people wearing fur coat like it's a summer dress walking a dog that looks like it was custom made, you begin to feel like you are underdressed even though you wore your leather jacket that cost you about a hundred bucks and jeans that probably did not cost you much but it meant a lot to you."Don't do that"My Aunt Penelope's voice is what stops me from tapping my nails on the windows of the car as I stop to look at her.For one thing, she is over dressed.Not that I have any right to judge but we came from Vino, the very ugly and opposite side of Aeria which is under the state Kumari.You know how every side has the good and the bad?Exactly, except Vino was not just bad, it was a terrible place where the air smelt like burnt tyres and rotten eggs.I might be the car with rolled
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2- Strawberry
I don't like her.And there is no need for me to pretend, not that I even wanted to, even though I promised Caramel that I would try to be nice to her.Because it won't work.It just can't.We are all seated in the living room, me unfortunately on the seat next to her with me still holding unto the leash of the twins, mostly because the thought that they might actually go to her makes my stomach turn and because one of them is an environmental hazard, and Cream is about a whole seat away from me.Usually, he always sat where she was, to be next to me while I read, but she's been here for only two hours and I'm beginning to feel like breaking something because she's already messing everything up for me.However, I'm controlling myself, and reading my book, not that I can even focus when I can hear how she's tapping her foot on the tiles, eyes fleeting around the house.Is this the first time she's seeing a chandelier?The whole thought of it makes me want to scoff, scowl and somehow lo
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3- Chocolate
"He hates me"I give a slight chuckle, inspecting at my nails, which of course are perfect "Don't fret darling. He hates everyone""Is that supposed to make me feel better?""Less worse was the aim, love"She stays quiet again, the sound of water falling from the shower in my bathroom the only thing making a sound between us as I make mental notes.Easy to please?Check.Kind hearted?Check.Naive?Check.I hear the shower stop now, my head turning slightly to the side as I see her come out, wet hair all over her face and shoulder with my white towel over her body.I stand from my chair, the figure catching my attention as she purses her lips, blue eyes going around the room "So? What next?"I stop my momentary perverted ogling, smiling as I come closer to her then grabbing her roughly to my chest, a small protest leaving her lips before I rest my nose in the crook of her neck.Chocolate.She smells like me.I want to lick her neck. What would happen if I do it right now? Would she le
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4- Caramel
I keep running my hand through Strawberry's hair, his ginger curly hair seeming to wrap around mine as I let my fingers go through them.His body is wrapped around my waist, his grip around me tight as I smile at him.This was always my favorite side of him.When he slept.Not that I did not move every side of Ber, I did, with all of my heart. But I also was aware that he was tormented half the time he was awake, losing control and feeling guilt the next second. I knew that he barely meant half the things he did and I always felt sad when it happened.Because that's how I was.I was horribly soft and even I hated it sometimes.It was why they all treated me like a baby, making sure I never left their sight and if I did, made sure at least one of them was on me. But I could take care of myself, they just didn't know that, or rather, didn't want to acknowledge the idea.I hear the door to Ber's room burst open and Coco's voice screaming "Where are my boyfriends?!"I quickly turn to him,
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5- Vanilla
I've naturally always been a mess.That was what Ma always sang when I was little, just like it was a hymn and I believed her.But I always tried my best to not be a mess.Before Aunt Penelope left, she had held my hand tight, all the veins on it showing as she said "Vanessa. I want you to understand that this place, is your only hope out of prison. I don't want— I don't want any tricks. Do you understand?"Just because I wanted to see her smile since all this seriousness was really unsettling me, I saluted "Yes ma'am!"It didn't move her "I'm serious Nessa" Then she sighed "Look. They are some rumours about this place—"I raised an eyebrow, confused "Rumours?"She doesn't complete the sentence anyway, shaking her head as she holds me tighter and says "Promise me you'd be good"Okay, scary as hell "Okay"Her eyes looked bloodshot at that moment "Vanessa"I nodded hurriedly "Okay!" Taking out the golden crucifix that I've had ever since I was born, I placed a kiss on it "I promise on m
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6- Vanilla
As I say that word, everyone freezes, except Coco, the boy is giggling "Oops"My eyes move to his face "Are you guys actually—""He's joking" Cream replies, tone flat.I let out a relieved breath "Good because— Well, you know why. The law is everywhere. Kinda just escaped from one so I'd rather not put my ass out there one more time""There's actually a no cursing policy" Doctor says, her eyes going to Coco "Even though I'm sure some have broken the rules"The boy only grins at her before she turns to me and says "Not that you have to follow it—""But if you're able to not curse for a whole week, Mistress let's you choose what we get to do on Saturday night" Caramel completes, blushing as he looks away "Sorry, I-I couldn't help it"She only smiles at him "It's alright"Chocolate rolls his eyes at that "True. I mean, I know the policy is there and all, and I swear, I've tried, but Mel always wins""Oh" Not that I'm surprised "I thought it'd be Cream, since he doesn't talk much"Chocola
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7- Vanilla
Vanessa, darling. Where are you? Mommy wants to play.If you tell your Father about our little game, I would cut off your tongue!Stop that blasted crying!I jerk from the bed, panting heavily as I look around the room. The lights are off but the window is open, letting the curtains that are yellow with some Winnie the Pooh characters on them as I stare at the moon.Crescent.I shiver a bit as I realize I've been sweating again but I don't want to stay in this room anymore.I had never liked the idea of staying alone.Mother Superior knew that and when she felt like beating me to pieces wasn't actually going to do much, she'd send me to the cellar, keep me there for days till she knew I was weak from screaming too loud.But of course no one knew.I couldn't dare be ungrateful.Even I, with my big mouth, knew that.I quickly take the yellow blanket on my bed and wrap it around my body then begin to walk outside the room.The whole house is eerily dark and quiet but I don't want to stop
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8- Vanilla
After what had happened last night, all I really wanted was to sleep and not be disturbed.At least, for one more hour.But there's this puppy that keeps drooling on my face and breathing loudly on my ear, doing some licks here and there on mu cheeks no matter how many times I turn and try to push it away.I finally let out a loud groan, taking a pillow and pressing it over my head as I grumble "Who sends a puppy to wake someone up?""Ouuu. Is that my nickname?"I let out a scream as I roll off my bed and land on my butt, my eyes landing on the person that's sitting on my bed with a smile on his face "Good morning!""Chocolate?" I ask, because with that excited look in his eyes, it can't be anyone else "Were you— Were you the one licking me?"He nods and let's out an 'arf'I let out a louder groan "Why is everyone so weird?"Chocolate suddenly falls on the bed, looking at me with his head upside down as he says in a tiny voice "Would you come rub my tummy?"I make a face "Ewww! No!" T
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9- Vanilla
Yesterday, Doc takes me to get some clothes (I had to wear her sweater and sweatpants out but I honestly doubt I'd ever return it) and my uniform.Not that I ever saw it after she bought it.When we returned, she asked what else I'd like to have in my room, as something personal for me since she had been the one who actually made the room and would like it if I left my own signature piece.Chocolate has his personal changing room.Caramel has a mini library.Cream has a water dispenser (turns out he's a fish. Are you surprised? I'm not)And Strawberry has a punching bag in his own room. Obviously, it's a sign of him needing help but I'm not saying a word about it.I, on the other hand, get five teddy bears.Why am I being the creepy teddy girl?Well, I'm glad you asked.Asides from the obvious fact that I'm absolutely terrified of sleeping alone because of the dreams I have, I also wanted to make sure Chocolate never has space to stay on my bed again so I can just sleep in peace.But
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