Werewolf Hunter

Werewolf Hunter

By:  aurum  Ongoing
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Raffi Ambrose is one of the best werewolf hunters and is set to be the next leader of the Guala tribe, the famous tribe of werewolf hunters. Living her life seeking revenge for her mother’s death, Raffi set out on a mission to kill the werewolves to find the one who killed her mother. The mission failed and she was held captive by the werewolves under the supervision of Alarick Blakely, the future Alpha of the dungeon she entered. In this journey, she will find out that the creature she hated all her life is the origin of her very own existence. With a new environment and new identity, how will she face her current situation?

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Nonny Wise
Great book. Keep writing ...
2023-03-22 23:28:23
10 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Hunter
“12 out of 21 deer have been killed by this hunter.”   Holding my spear, I am trying to catch my breath while paying my whole attention to the keeper. Keepers are the one who has the information of how many kills a hunter has in an hour.   “None other than, Raffi of the Ambrose’s!” I saw my father fixing his hunter’s robe while wearing his huge smile.   The whole tribe is excited especially the women of which gender I belong to. I started to walk to the wooden stage created by the tribe for this kind of ceremony. Everybody is happy and I hope this will last forever.   “Any plans to retire, Raffi?” the keeper joked.   That joke, however, was not plausible for the men who I beat in this competition.   “No plans to retire, just beat me if you can.” I shrugged and raise the pint of beer that was given to me by the keeper.   The prize is 300 g
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Chapter 2: Mission: Slaughter
Just about hours when my mother died, my auntie, who is Polo’s husband, and Rendall’s mother died too. Her body was found near the lake and the lower body was also shattered into pieces. I saw Polo grieve and then go back to hunt the one who killed her wife and he also promised to kill the werewolf that killed my mother.   The hunt failed and the werewolves they killed have no idea about what happened.   After a week of grieving, I tried to be useful in the house by bringing woods for the fireplace. Polo and Finn are on the beer stalls and Rendall, who has the same age as mine is still sleeping. While gathering the dried branches, I heard a small rustle.   I pause for a moment as I try to feel the environment that I am in. My heart is beating so fast and my hands are trembling, I think I know what is the reason behind the rustles. When I turn around, I saw a huge werewolf who was about to hit me with its sharp claws when
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Chapter 3: The Hunt Begins
 “So, what do we need to know about Domlur?” Quinn asked while we are eating our breakfast at Rendall’s house. Last night, we decided to plan everything so that we can pull off this mission. It was supposed to be my mission but they used the word “our” and I can’t help but be thankful that I have them. “Well, Domlur is where werewolves live.” Quinn and I scowled at what Rendall said. That is common knowledge for god’s sake. “I mean, they’re the nearest werewolf pack in our tribe.” I nodded and take a sip of my coffee, he’s right about that, and the chance of these werewolves being the suspect of our mother’s murder is highly possible. “Domlur has a dungeon that is rumored to detain humans,” I added. Domlur according to my father is
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Chapter 4: Bad Omen
“Is this what the elders called bad omen?” Quinn muttered as we slowly walked away from the scene. “Bad omen?” I asked, never heard such a word before. “Elders say that bad omen is something unpleasant or undesirable thing that happens before a hunt,” Quinn explained carefully. I can see her nose wrinkling and her eyes being restless, an indication that she is nervous. “Maybe this is not the bad omen they meant,” I calmly butted in which made Quinn look at my side. “These stacks of dead werewolves were made by hunters who also lost their loved ones,” I continued. I admit, seeing a lot of werewolves on that state shocked me. I even sympathized for a second, good thing is I dragged my feet back to where it belongs. “They are werewolves who paid for their sins,” Rendall
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Chapter 5: The Attack
When someone close to your heart died, it will always feel like your heart was cut into a small portion and was given to them. People tell me to move on, live a life, start anew, and look forward. Words that seem to motivate someone to avoid being worse and to be more positive in life. The worst is that those who were left were the ones who has a wound that no one knows when to heal. Death is not something to be accepted easily and words of comfort don’t heal someone completely. I saw my mom’s dead body and I cannot even flinch nor go to her; I couldn’t even feel my breath while looking at the blood that’s scattered all over. “No, no, no, Quinn!” I scooped what’s left with Quinn’s body and slightly tapped her cheeks. My eyes started to heat up, my hands are trembling, and my heart feels like someone smashed it. This can’t be h
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Chapter 6: Who are you?
“Finally,” an unfamiliar deep voice said. I move my head sideways and tried to open my eyes. The back of my head still hurts but I now have a clearer vision and consciousness. “She is an Ambrose,” that voice made me look and I saw two werewolves in human form. The one I met earlier has dark hair, blue eyes, a pointed nose, dark red lips, sculpted jaw, and fair skin. The one whose voice is unfamiliar to me seemed to be more mysterious. He has grey hair, silver eyes, a pointed nose, pale lips, sculpted jaw, and fairer skin than the other one. I coughed and realized that my hands are tied and all I can do is sit. “Just kill me,” I muttered and sit. I now have a broader sight of where I am. Dark, and full of cells, these werewolves prepared these imprison humans. “Don’t worry, we’ll do tha
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Chapter 7: Twisted Minds
After that, I was taken back to the cell. It has been 2 days since that conversation and I wasn’t tortured or anything after that. However, I feel something strange about myself. The werewolves bring me a bowl of vegetable soup today, strangely, I can smell it a few minutes before it entered the dungeon and was given to me. My eyes can see the dark vividly, maybe because I was in this dungeon for days. I touched the back of my neck and noticed that it is not swelling anymore. My hand traced the necklace my father gave me and I was lost for a second. The necklace is gone, it’s gone! “Werewolves,” I uttered when I realized that I lost it by fighting them. The necklace is a precious memento from my father, it is the last gift I received and was the greatest I’ve had. “Always wear it.” I flinched when I heard my father’s voice in my hea
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Chapter 8: The Mate
I woke up with a bucket of water aggressively pouring at me. I saw a woman’s feet, and I slowly looked at her face. She is pale, innocent-looking, petite; her eyebrows are furrowing and both arms are on her waist.“Wake up, hunter.” She kicks my legs and turns her back on me.I finally have a clearer vision of who is inside my cell, the woman, a guard, and Convel who is staring at me. “Do you know the reason Alarick was with her yesterday?” she asks Convel.“I do not know the purpose,” Convel calmly responded, as his eyes were still on me.The woman then turned around and looked at me. I stood up and shook the dust off my dress before looking at her.
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Chapter 9: Unravel
Convel’s POV This is the day every werewolf in our pack is waiting for; the festival of the red blood moon that only happens once every 10 years. Blood moon appears to be the werewolves’ source of strength during the great war centuries ago.    “Convel!” I follow the voice, and it leads me to one of our dungeon guards.   “Do we have any problem?” I take a quick look at the entrance of the dungeon, worrying if something happened.    “Nothing happened, but the prisoner screamed so loud last night.”    I nod at what he said. The prisoner received a lot of wounds from Ylva’s sudden outburst. 
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Chapter 10: Strangely Familiar
Raffi’s POV“Your time has come, Raffi.” I immediately opened my eyes and regretted it after a powerful beam of light blinded me. My body ache is gone, but I can feel how weak it is, maybe from the torture. I slowly adapted to the light and realized that I am sleeping in a soft bed, not on the cold ground?“What the…” I realized I was inside a vintage rose pink room with only a bed and table inside. What is more shocking is that I am - “Naked, yes.” Alarick barged inside and sat at the table. My eyes widened when I realized he knew I was naked and that I was just hiding beneath this huge and thick bl
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