Chapter 10

Chapter 10

After talking with Reginald and signing the contract, he immediately informed me to leave and notary also needed to legalize the contract. I still have a week to get my parents' personal belongings especially some albums of pictures and I need to secure those albums because that was the only memory I had from them. Minutes later Reginald left when Mrs. Marcos arrived at the mansion. I also told them it was only a week and we had to leave the mansion and maybe I can live for a while to Mrs. Marcos residents I had to settle down before returning to Roseville City.

They were a bit sad though I am too it was also my aunt's order to sell the mansion right away. I also hold the cheque that Reginald gave me, I also have to pay and increase the service cost to the Marcos family for being the caretaker of the mansion. I was in my parents' room to pick up important albums. A box full of albums and I was happy to see them again, as well as old pictures of their mom and dad relatives still there. I sat down on the floor and leaned on my back to the bed as I watched each page of the album.

Suddenly, I feel sad when I saw the pictures of us. Those are last pictures of us from eight years ago. This is my eighth birthday, I’m wearing the dress I hated but my mum brought this to me on my birthday so I need to wear just to make her happy and it was pink polka dots laced dress with matching white rubber shoes.

I feel a lump on my throat and I saw how happy we are in these pictures but it ruined one accident. I saw my tears drop to the pages of albums, I wipe my tears and changes the pages until an old envelope was attached to those pages.

I took the little envelope, I felt its roughness because of the oldness of it, it is white already brown and I felt it was paper inside because of the thickness. It was sealed. When I scan the envelope I saw my name written at the back, ‘to Emily LeStrange and from your parents’ is written there too. 

My brows arched and when open another page of the album, I saw another letter again. I was surprised that I almost had my name written on the back of the letter. I scan all the pages and I got almost eight letters from the album. All of them are written to me and sealed from my parents.

“What is this?” I asked myself.

I’m about to open the letter when I heard someone called me. I look up to the door and saw Darius looking down at me. I was slightly surprised when he arrived.

“Have you ever been there for too long?”

He shakes his head, “nope, mum call you, lunch is prepared, let’s eat and we will go to the carnival later.”

I didn't even notice the letters, didn't bother anymore while putting again all of them to the album and I put all the albums in the box before I could stand.

“I don’t if I can go, you know my condition right.”

“Oh, I forgot,” he said while looking at my bandaged feet, “or maybe we can talk about it while eating.”

“Yeah, but before we come down to the dining can you please help to this box and place it to my room.”

“Okey dokey, boss.”

I laughed a little and saw him carrying the box to put in my room.

We're in the dining room for lunch and we're talking about going to the carnival tonight.

“No, I can’t go,” I said again about my condition and they remembered.

“Sorry, I think we should stay for tonight so we accompany Emily,” mister Marcos said.

“No, it’s fine I can stay here alone.”

“She agreed, we can still go that’s our tradition every year,” Darius said.

I feel so guilty about it.

“Stop that Darius is considerate to her.”

“Why not leave Emily to Darius and we can go?” Mister Marcos suggested.



We answered in unison that’s why we looked at each other but a second.

Mrs. Marcos smiled, “that’s a good idea,” she said and put a spoonful of rice to her mouth.

“Okay fine,” I heard Darius sighed beside me, “you can go and I stay here for Emily.”

I look at him again, “it’s that okay to you?”

“Yes,” and he forced to smile.

“I think not,” shaking my head.

Our lunch ended so we decided to agree that the two couples will go to the carnival for some the raffle prize while Darius and I were left in the mansion. We need to be careful about the houses because I’m not the owner of this and maybe we will be liable if something happens to this mansion while us still here. I've done nothing all day long without listening to my music on my phone's playlist while lying in bed. I’m listening to the old song of Avril Lavigne, I’m with you when I feel so sleepy and when I close my eyes.

I was thinking something, like want to do when I come back to Roseville City until it changes what I see. Suddenly, I saw the young man who’s wearing the gold and black mask looking at his deep blue eyes to me. I feel that I’m still awake but it look like I’m inside to the eccentric dreams. It changes again that I saw now the face of the handsome face of Reginald and his familiar deep blue eyes. 

I open my eyes until I realized something, ‘am I imagining them?’ I asked myself. I feel my heart beating so fast and strange feelings in my stomach are in there again. I touch my chest and I feel my heart beating so fast inside. ‘What’s happening to me?’

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